Basketball slam dunk Unblocked: 2024 Guide To Play

Want to play Basketball Slam Dunk (BSD) but are facing blocked access? You can try 2-3 tricks that will help you unblock the basketball slam dunk. Basketball Slam Dunk is inspired by regular basketball games that we play or see in our daily lives. It’s a 2D game, and you can play it in single-player mode against computer or two-player mode with your friend. But networks and firewalls often block the basketball game. Here we will discuss methods for getting unblocked access to enjoy Basketball Slam Dunk anywhere.

Using Proxies and web browser platforms to Unblock BSD

School networks admins generally block gaming content. But we have mirror sites called proxies channel which remains undetected by simply forwarding traffic anonymously. Basketball Slam Dunk is a desktop-exclusive title built with HTML5 technology so web browser platforms like,, and and others also make this game available to play it onlne.

Using VPN extensions to Unblock BSD

For a universal tactic, install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) browser extension like TunnelBear or Hola. VPNs encrypt network activity, letting you use the internet freely without showing that you’re playing games..Unlike proxies, VPNs are more reliable on any site. Just enable the extension, load Basketball Slam Dunk directly, and play without worrying about being caught.

How to play tips for Basketball slam dunk

This game is very easy to play. You have to make use of just three keys.

You control cartoon lookalike basketball players, engaging in singles or doubles matches.

for Single player mode – Use keys W for Up, A for Left, and D for right move. Computer will play automatically against you in this mode.

for Two player mode – Use above keys for player 1 and upper arrow, right arrow and left arrow for player 2.

if you want to beat computer in single player mode then practice some matches, after few matches you will give a tough competition to computer.

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About Basketball slam dunk

Basketball Slam Dunk launched in September 2019 and became popular in online gaming. It’s made by FreezeNova an indie game creator, and it’s like a fun, wild version of traditional basketball. FreezeNova used the HTML5 language and Unity engine to develop BSD. and It’s a 2D arcade basketball game you can play on your computer. You use simple keyboard keys to control players, like passing the ball, stealing, moving, and making big jumps and dunks.You can play it only on web browser so no app is made to download and play it.


How can I play Basketball Slam Dunk if it’s blocked?

You can unblock Basketball Slam Dunk by using proxy sites or VPN extensions like TunnelBear or Hola. These methods hide your internet use, making it seem like you’re not playing games.

Why is Basketball Slam Dunk often blocked on networks?

School and office networks usually block gaming content to maintain focus and productivity, which also include games like Basketball Slam Dunk.

How do I play Basketball Slam Dunk?

For single-player mode, use W to move up, A for left, and D for right. The computer plays against you in this mode. In two-player mode, the second player uses the arrow keys.

Can I download Basketball Slam Dunk?

No, Basketball Slam Dunk is a web browser-exclusive game and cannot be downloaded. It must be played online.

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