11 Best Prank Links to Send to Friends in 2024

The world is going fast forward because of the competition in every aspect of life. This brings a lot of stress to everyone, which needs to be reduced because stress is the main cause of many modern-day diseases.

Specifically, in this pandemic time, we need to stay happy and cheerful so that others living around us would be happy too. Moreover, when we are happy, our immune system gets stronger, which is important nowadays. So, why not stay happy and make others happy too.

Never miss a chance to cut jokes and play pranks to make the mood lighter. So, in this article, I am going to talk about the best prank links to send to friends or just use those links to play pranks directly on your friends and enjoy.

At times, some people may take pranks on their hearts but, what I think is we play pranks or cut jokes about people we actually love and care for. So, try playing pranks with such people who take these things lightly and positively.

Before we go ahead, I would highly recommend that jokes and pranks must be within limits, and they must not cross the limits. Make sure you are not hurting anyone’s sentiments while pranking.

So, let’s check the list of those Nasty Prank Links to Send to your friends and to play pranks on them.

11 Best Prank Links to Send to Friends in 2024

1. FakeWhats

WhatsApp is so popular nowadays that this would be the best link to use to prank your friend. All you have to do is to open the website, and, based on your needs, you can create a conversation that will look real, but actually, that will be fake and created by you.

And, later you can show it to your friends to prank them. Now, how you can make use of it is up to you. Yes, your smartness will prove how good you are at pranking someone.

Prank Links to Send to Friends

As you can see in the above screenshot, I have tried creating a fake conversation, and it worked pretty cool. You can even change battery charge percentage and Wifi Signal Strength by going to various options, as I marked in the screenshot. This is a fake WhatsApp chat generator tool actually which you can use to prank your friends.

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2. Shit Express

You probably might not have heard about this website because this is something different. Yes, this is quite different and smelly too. “Smelly” in the sense that this site allows you to order poop of some selected animals.

That’s right; you can order poop online and get that delivered to your friends to prank them on certain occasions. I am sure your friend won’t love this smelly surprise. It will be fun to do that.

The best thing is that you can stay anonymous. This is probably the nastiest link to send to friends to play the prank on them.

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3. Greatbigstuff

This is another great funny prank link to send to friends. In fact, rather than sending the site link, you can order something for your friend to surprise them. Let me tell you how it could be a great, funny surprise. The thing is, from this website, you can order anything in its irregular size.

Prank Links to Send to Friends

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4. GeekTyper

GeekTyper is a website that enables you to show that you are typing like a hacker that you see in Hollywood hacking movies. In fact, you just have to press buttons, and it will type itself and pretend like you are typing.

This is a great way to prank your friends in the office while they are coming to your seat, and you show it like you are trying to hack into something. That looks awesome. Right?
This website has different themes that you can use for the screen look & feel as well.

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5. Hacker Typer

Hacker Typer is a Geek Typer website only, but this is more of a plain site, and I love it. Nothing much to explain for this site. Just visit the site, and start typing. And, it will look like you are typing the commands so fast like a hacker that you actually see in movies.

From settings, you can change colours, all to customize the look & feel of the page a bit. I would advise not to customize as the default look that you can see above is great and geeky. This is one of the links to scare your friends. Although it is a prank, it can scare someone for a few seconds at least.

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6. ShadyURL

ShadyURL Could be a great addition to the list of the prank links to send to friends. This is one of the simplest funny sites which turns your normal website link into a shady-looking URL that can look spammy, but in actual that is not at all spam.

For Example, if you put https://google.com in that and submit, it will turn it to this.

This will turn into this:

It also has an option to make the link look less shady. So, if you select that option, it will make it look less shady.

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7. Love Calculator

This particular website is for the college guys to prank their friends by tricking them into something that they don’t want to share. But, due to this prank site, they get tricked to reveal.

All you have to do is go to the website and create the prank link to send to your friends.

Once you fill in the details, you will get a link to share with your friends using WhatsApp or any other medium. Once they get that, they will see it as a love calculator link.

Few Other Websites like Love Calculator:

  • love calculator.site
  • love calculator.ws
  • getlinks.info/love
  • prank.love-calculator.site

Here is the prank! As someone enters his name and his girlfriend’s name and submit, you will get their names. So, if someone is hiding his relationships, you can get to know that by pranking them using this website.

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8. Facebook Status Prank

This is one of the funny prank links that you can use to play pranks on friends. You can generate a fake Facebook status using this tool. The best part is, you can use any name, Photo, or other details such as how many likes and shares to show. You can even write comments. For Example, I have created one here.


You can see it looks like Bill Gates himself is praising the site. Although it is fake, it may help you fool your friends, at least for some time. They will be amazed to see such status. So, why not give this link a try. So, this is one of the funniest prank links to send to friends as well so that they can prank others too.

Apart from Facebook Status, you can generate fake Facebook Chat, Tweet, and Tweet Messages as well. You can use these tools using your own intelligence to play pranks.

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9. Joker Greeting Card

This is one of the most annoying prank websites out there. All you have to do is to go to the website and select a greeting card. Then order it to deliver to anyone you want. When that person gets the card and opens it, it starts playing annoying music. The best part is it doesn’t stop until the battery dies.

You can choose any card as per the occasion. You can send a birthday card to your friend on his/her birthday and let him/her get annoyed with the annoying prank music until the battery dies. It’s real fun!

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10. Fart Attack {Chrome Extension}

This is another annoying prank link to send to friends to give them a chance to prank others. But, before that, you can prank them. To do that, you have just to wait for your friend to leave his chair, and in the meantime, you just install this chrome extension. This will make his all clicks on every link and button Fart continuously.

This will surely annoy him for some time.

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11. Fake Update

This website has some really cool videos that will look like your computer is actually getting updated. You can prank your non-geeky friends with this.

Not a great prank website, but good enough to make it to this list. It has a few different videos that you can try out.

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Final Words

Although there are tons of such scary, tricky, and funny prank links online that you can try out to prank, I have listed only those which I have tested and tried.

I am sure you will enjoy these prank links to send to friends and play pranks with them.

Disclaimer: All the prank website recommendations are for fun purposes only. I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments, and I would highly recommend you prank only those who can take such pranks lightly.


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