Best Vocal Microphones (Mic) Under 200 Dollars: Top 15 Picks

When it comes to singing performances or recording purposes, the microphone plays a vital role. A good microphone can bring a huge change in the outcome of your performance. You must choose a mic that includes some of the best benefits, such as eradicating background noises, durability, and multiple-pattern facility. Another top thing to be noticed is the budget. So, we have brought a list of best vocal Mics under 200 dollars

If you are the one running out of confusion about which microphone is the best for you, then here we go with the solutions. We have arranged 15 top picks that will not let you down while performing or recording. Moreover, all the top picks are extremely budget-friendly. Let’sLet’s have a look at some of the best vocal Mic under 200 dollars.

Best Vocal Mic Under 200 Dollars

Shure’sShure’s SM58S – Professional microphone for singing

This Mic was developed in the year 1966. It is one of the best vocal Mic under 200 dollars. The sound clarity of this Mic is extremely good. It is considered one of the world’s most popular performing microphones. This is best to use in live performances, studio recordings, and sound reinforcement. Shure’sShure’s SM58S has been designed as a highly demanding professional microphone for singing.


  • Chiefly designed for stage shows.
  • Background noises are eliminated for their expertise in the cardiac pattern.
  • The presence of the spherical filter blocks the sound of the wind.
  • Durability is efficiently high
  • The frequency response is outstanding
  • This Mic is ideal for recording purposes
  • It is built with a stand adapter that can also resist breaks
  • The rotational feature of the stand adapter is 180 degrees
  • It is unidirectional
  • Moreover, this Mic is not an ideal one for other instruments

Audio-Technica’s AT2020Cheap microphones for singing under 100 dollars

Audio Technica is undoubtedly one of the best and oldest companies, a very well-known name in making musical equipment. Audio-Technica’sAudio-Technica’s AT2020 will surely not let you down. It is considered to be one of the very cheap microphones for singing under 100 dollars. This microphone has a low-mass diaphragm and is above the quality standards of other microphones of this company. It is best known for its output quality. Nuances of vocals and acoustic guitars can be captured with the help of this Mic.


  • It includes an A/D converter with superb quality and lets the audience hear your perfect pitch.
  • This is probably the best Mic for singing, podcasts, voiceover, and studio recording. Definitely one of the best vocal Mic under 200 dollars 
  • It provides a bass response and also comes with a USB outlet
  • You are also going to get the volume control option along with an extended frequency response
  • This Mic also has an inbuilt rotating mount
  • Sometimes, it catches the background noises
  • And the most crucial drawback is its durability factor

AKG P220 – Best Vocal Mic Under 200 Dollars

This dynamic Mic is essentially made for studio use and will produce better sound than a dynamic mic. It can handle anything – be it vocals or be it drums, and it is an efficient choice for recording any instruments or even vocals at project studios. You can also use this Mic while recording at home. It is undeniably a true condenser mic and also one of the best mid-range microphones for singing.


  • It comes with a good frequency response.
  • It is compatible with electric guitars, and it is the best USB-supported mics available presently. 
  • This microphone is tough and reliable
  • It delivers outstanding performance and a vocal reproduction that is crisp yet, warm
  • It has a very high SPL threshold
  • The design is not specifically good hand-held and also does not contain a microphone cable
  • Moreover, it includes only Cardioid polar patterns

Shure’s SM57-LC – Best mic for gaming, recording podcasts, and online streaming

This is a dynamic microphone and also comes with a warranty of two years. It has got a very attractive look and was released in the year 2004. Shure’sShure’s SM57 also comes with an XLR cable and can work easily with loud sounds. It has been chiefly designed to record vocals and is also compatible with recording instruments. This Mic can be used for gaming, recording podcasts, and online streaming. 


  • It has an impedance of approximately 150 ohms.
  • The body of the Mic is strong and includes a power button on the front hand.
  • It is available with an adaptor. 
  • Below the metal grille, there is a foam filter
  • An external pop filter is also available with the Mic
  • It can block the outside noises for the presence of an internal shock mount
  • It delivers a clear and crisp sound quality
  • It offers only a cardioid polar pattern and includes some conventional features
  • Furthermore, the Mic is heavy, and users are likely to face plosives and pop-ups at times

Audio-Technica’s AT2035 – Affordable microphones

This is believed to be another pioneer of affordable microphones, available at a budget less than $170. It is a great microphone with every detail orientation. It is great for both instrumental and vocal recordings. It contains a large diaphragm that enables in getting the best quality sound. Audio Technica’sTechnica’s AT2035 has been designed to record performances – be it live or at home. One can also use it for music and sound projects.


  • It is a highly sensitive microphone.
  • You need not stand at a particular angle as it has the presence of a cardioid polar pattern.
  • Though the front is in focus, the side and the rear part of the Mic can also hear you.
  • It contains a large diaphragm and is highly durable
  • The high SPL facility of AT2035 is appreciable
  • It has an inbuilt custom shock mount and helps in forming less noise
  • AT2035 comes up with low-quality accessories
  • Moreover, it has got only one polar pattern

Blue’s Yeti – Best & cheap microphone for singing

Blue’sBlue’s Yeti is one of the best microphones for singing. It has got a unique and retro look which is quite impressive. It is also available in a wide range of color collections. You can grab a Blue Yeti with a budget of fewer than 170 dollars. Millions of streamers and creators trust it. This microphone enables twitching and podcasting purposes, and Gamers are also likely to use it for gaming purposes. It is compatible with Mac, PC, or laptops.


  • Blue Yeti fear modes- Cardioid, Stereo, Bidirectional, and Omnidirectional from which you can make the selection.
  • It is undeniably a perfect one for duet singing or podcasts. 
  • It has a muting button, an USB outlet, a volume button, and also headphone jacks
  • It can be adjusted according to your desire and foldable and does not have any latency
  • The sensitivity of Blue Yeti is low and comes with a limited frequency
  • Further, it breaks down easily

Rode’s NT-USB – Cheap & best vocal Mic under 200 dollars

Even being a condenser, this is of extremely high quality and does not catch any background noise. It is undoubtedly one of the best vocal Mic under 200 dollars. It is a cardioid condenser mic that is perfect for gaming purposes. It is a highly versatile microphone, and it is ideal for recording singing and musical performances. It comes with a zero-latency monitoring system and is worth the cost.


  • The presence of pop-filter in the Mic assures an undisturbed clarity of the vocals.
  • The box also contains a stand mount, a pouch for storage, and a tripod stand.
  • It contains a perfect USB outlet.
  • Rode’sRode’s NT-USB is compatible with IPads, Windows, Mac, and also applications.
  • This Mic contains a large diaphragm
  • It also comes with a headphone jack and allows mix control which is a major benefit
  • It has only one polar pattern

MXL 770X – Best Vocal Mic Under 200 Dollars

This microphone is an excellent choice that also falls under the price range of $200. It is notable for its upgraded diaphragm, premium design, and high sound quality. It includes a wide range of features in itself. It is unbelievably an all-in-one recording package that delivers flexibility in the recording. It is a bit more costly than the other cheap microphones for singing, though within 200.


  • It contains a metal body and mesh grill.
  • There is the presence of a metal pop filter and a shock mount which makes a mic a bit more durable.
  • It does a great job in capturing a well-balanced sound and musical instruments. 
  • It contains a low-end cutoff switch and a pickup pattern switch
  • It is incredibly versatile and helpful in doing voiceovers and podcasts, and these mics are also easier to clean
  • You should not expect a lot from the high-end

AKG P420 Professional microphone for singing under 200 dollars

This microphone comes with a robust design. Therefore, it is held up for heavy use, for which it requires to be handled with intense care. This is a professional microphone for singing purposes, and it is highly suitable for ensemble recording and compatible with grand piano, drums, and woodwind. AKG P420 is a dual-capsule true condenser microphone, and it offers a high dynamic vocal performance.


  • This Mic goes well with pianos, guitar, acoustic, and brass instruments.
  • It contains a large diaphragm.
  • For recording at home, this can be the best choice. 
  • It is a great choice for vocals
  • The sound captured is immensely flat and comes with almost zero coloration, and it is worth its look and performance
  • This budget-friendly Mic can be grabbed at an affordable price which is under 200 dollars
  • Since it is a condenser mic thus, it is not always particularly durable

Shure SM7BBest microphones for singing Professionals

It is one of the best microphones for singing but professionals. Shure SM7B is incredibly good for recording sounds, and it is appropriate for recording music and speeches. Moreover, it comes with a vocal and close-proximity studio application. Professional or even non-professional can trust this Mic, and it is a certain fact that it will never let them down.


  • This Mic comes with three frequency response settings, and it does a great job in covering a poor recording environment. 
  • It has a rugged construction with classy aesthetics
  • It delivers a smooth and warm sound quality for speech and vocals
  • This Mic makes very low noise and is a natural reproduction
  • It is not an ideal one for novices
  • For gain boost purpose, it needs a capable preamp. It is also not well-balanced and smooth throughout

MXL 990 + 991 – Best mid-range microphones for singing

This is one of the best mid-range microphones for singing and is perfect for recording vocals. Buying this microphone is a great deal and an all-in-one package. It has a metal body and is perhaps the best professional microphone for singing. XML 990 can be used for recording vocals and offers a sweet high end along with solid bass. XML 991 is designed for recording drums overheads and acoustic guitars.


  • It focuses on the primary source of sound.
  • It has a fixed pattern which is the Cardioid pickup pattern.
  • This Mic is overall a solid build. 
  • This Mic can serve with clear and nice sound quality, and it helps in the complete reduction of background noises while recording
  • This Mic comes in a vintage body style
  • No notable drawbacks

AKG C414XLII – Multi-pattern microphone under 200 dollars

This multi-pattern microphone is perhaps one of the best picks for microphones under dollar 200. It was designed in Austria. It comes with a pre-attenuation pad. It furnishes an outstanding voice quality for the lead vocals. Solo instruments are the best-suited performance for this Mic. This microphone can surely be used for a variety of applications. AKG C414XLII can leave behind any other technologically stable microphone.


  • It has nine types of polar patterns.
  • It provides a perfect sonic capture, and this Mic includes detecting peak overloads and clipping.
  • There is also the availability of a lock mode and a mid-side recording. 
  • It can go well with acoustic guitars and pianos
  • It is best for recording vocals
  • It has got the implementation of elastic mounting for the minimization of vibration
  • It has a low-cut filter on the rear panel
  • The base of this microphone is solid and heavy
  • The grill is likely to get a dent if you are not caring enough

Shure Super 55 – Best Vocal Mic Under 200 Dollars

Shure Super 55 is considered to be the right choice for standardized karaoke performance. It comes in the market with some of the most outstanding features. It has a very attractive vintage design with an audio upgrade facility. It contains a blue foam and super-cardioid foam pattern.


  • It surely delivers the highest vocal quality.
  • Tilting is allowed on the mics.
  • Due to the presence of shock-mounted cartridges, it offers a noise-free operation.
  • This product is worth the money.
  • It gives a consistent response throughout the vocal frequency range
  • This microphone has good durability, and it offers a distinctive tone that showcases the original voice
  • This Mic is not very sensitive, and the volume output shall be a bit low, specifically in the crowd
  • XLR cable plugging is not supported by it for its design defects

Rode NTKCheap and best vocal Mic under 200 dollars

The success of this microphone is visible as we see it in the top listed microphones under dollar 200. It is one of the very cheap and best vocal Mic under 200 dollars for singing. For rapping purposes, this Mic shall be the ultimate choice. 


  • It delivers the best sound quality when compared to the market.
  • Rode NTK can handle high sound pressure, and it has a simple and classic design that is also very eye-catchy. 
  • It is the quietest microphone in the market, and it offers a proper balance of low end, warmth, and articulation
  • It does not require any phantom power and is the best pick for home recording purposes
  • It does not include multiple polar patterns and is a bit more sensitive

AKG Pro Audio CS1000SProfessional microphone for singing

It is inherently a more complex microphone that can be considered one of the best vocal Mic under 200 dollars and a good professional microphone for singing. It is majorly used in live performances and is a good choice for recording vocals. Though beginners are not recommended to start their recording session all of a sudden using this Mic. It offers a great balance between cost and quality.


  • It is a multilayer protection system.
  • This microphone has a specially designed suspension and a grille for the capsule, and it is perhaps the worlds world’s first double shock suspension system.
  • It is successful in avoiding unwanted sound reflections
  • AKG C636 provides a plosive-free vocal performance to the audience
  • The three-layer protection is virtually very unique, and the product is highly durable
  • Though under 200 dollars yet, it is a bit higher priced than the other microphones on the list


Now that you are completely acquainted with all sorts of features that microphones under $200 possess, we hope that you will not face the need to browse it further. Just go and grab the best one for you. Keeping in mind all the pros and cons, you are now ready to rock your upcoming performances.

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