Can People See When You Screenshot on Instagram?

Now that Snapchat has started notifying people around the world when you take screenshots of their people, Instagram users are worried as well regarding the question – “can people see when you screenshot on Instagram?” 

can people see when you screenshot on Instagram?

Nowadays, Instagram stories are the best mode of sharing your daily life updates – anything and everything. Millions of people around the world use Instagram stories. Thus, the question, does Instagram notify when you screenshot is a common one to pop-up in your mind. We will answer that and also several questions in our article. 

Why are Instagram stories so popular?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications these days, and though all of its features create quite a hype, the stories still stand out to be the most fun part.

Instagram stories, though they have only one size ratio for uploading images and videos, come packed with numerous features. 

  • You can choose different effects on your photos and videos. 
  • You can add the music of your choice to go with your Instagram stories. 
  • You can add various stickers and elements to make them pop out more.

Besides these, Instagram stories are a great way of marketing and advertising your brand/products. You can showcase your creativity with the stories by taking advantage of the different elements and features on them. 

Can people see when you screenshot on Instagram?

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To answer your question directly, NO – Instagram doesn’t notify the people if you take screenshots of their stories. You do not need to worry about it and can take screenshots without thinking twice. However, you can do that manually if you want to let the individual know about taking the screenshot. 

The trend and unique features of the Instagram stories have made them stand out. The stories remain to live on an individual’s account for 24 hours, and if you want to screenshot their stories, you have to do that within that period.

If you’re still wondering, “can someone see if you screenshot their Instagram story,” then the answer is NO. Nobody can see you when you screenshot their Instagram story unless and until you let them know personally. However, you can also let them know if you share the screenshot on your Instagram profile by mentioning them or tagging them with their username. 

When does Instagram notify you that you took a screenshot?

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When you send a picture or a video to someone through a direct message, and they take a screenshot of it, you’ll be notified about it. However, if you post a story or share a post, and someone takes a screenshot of it, you’ll never know. 

But it’s not the case with every DM, and Instagram only notifies you when you have a conversation with disappearing DMs.

What are the disappearing DMs on Instagram?

Disappearing DMs is one of the latest additions to the feature list of Instagram. It has been initiated keeping in mind the privacy of Instagram users. With the feature of disappearing DMs, you can now chat with anyone and everyone without keeping a history of the chat. 

Instagram does not notify screenshots for stories, posts, reels, permanent DMs, or any other content on the app. So, if you wonder if Instagram notifies when you screenshot a story or not, the answer is NO. Unless you are sharing a story on disappearing DMs, Instagram will not notify you about the screenshot. 

Is there any other way to save an Instagram story without taking a screenshot?

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Indeed there is, but the procedure is complex and illegal. Here’s how you can do it: 

  1. Turn on Airplane mode on your phone, which will switch off all the cellular connections on your phone.
  2. Then go to the Instagram story you wanted to screenshot and take a screenshot.
  3. Quit the Instagram app, and it’s done!

However, to answer your question, “does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story” the answer may be NO now. Instagram keeps changing its features and privacy settings from time to time. So, before you take a screenshot of someone’s story, make sure to check the recent updates. It may be a case that Instagram initiates screenshots on stories as the latest feature in the upcoming days. 

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