Chrome Keeps Opening on Its Own on My Android Phone [Fixes]

An Android device is indeed one of the great options for a smartphone because of the high degree of customization that they offer you. However, there may be a few situations where you may face a few issues. One of such common issues that you may face on your Android can be that chrome keeps opening on its own on android phones. Are you wondering why Chrome keeps opening on its own on my Android phone? The quick tips here can help you fix the issues.

What makes Chrome to open on its own on your Android phone?

There can be several reasons that can make your Chrome browser open on its own on your Android phone. However, here are a few prime reasons that can automatically make Chrome open on its own or Google apps keeps opening by itself.

  • You may have inadvertently installed a suspicious and unnamed app.
  • You may have malware on your smartphone.
  • The malicious third-party app that the normal trackers cannot handle.
  • Too much of browser cache, data, and cookies
  • There may be a few issues with your browser. There may be a few issues such as corrupted system files or even the corruption of the entire browser for some or the other reasons.
  • Your search settings may have a few issues that may need to be addressed.

Google Chrome is definitely one of the excellent choices for a stellar performance. The prime features that would make it one of the excellent options for a powerful browser include the support for the high-end add-ons and extensions, ease of use, a faster speed, and several other features that would make it one of the most prominent choices ever.

However, the browser also comes with a few issues and hiccups as well. One such issue that you are likely to come across would be that it keeps opening new tabs automatically. The new unwanted tabs can make your computer go slow and may even make it stop responding to the actions you perform. Do you want to know how to stop websites from opening automatically in browser in mobile? Or, are you wondering,how do i stop chrome from opening automatically on Android? Let us discover.

How to address the issue if Chrome keeps opening on its own on your Android phones?

Now that we know why Chrome keeps opening on its own, it should instead be much easier and simple to fix the issue.

Here are a few of the tips that can help you address the issue in a more robust and efficient manner.

Fix 1 – Uninstall the unnamed and suspicious app from your device

Check the exact timeframe that you began having the issue. That should provide you with an info on which apps might have caused the issue. Uninstall all the apps that you have installed recently and which does not serve any practical purpose.

Here is how you can do it –

  • Go to Settings
  • Locate and tap on Apps. Depending on the manufacturer of your device, you would find it labelled as Apps Manager or by any other name.
  • Locate the suspicious app, tap on it, and then tap on Uninstall.

You may also long press on the app icon in the app drawer to find the app info. In addition, you should find the option for uninstalling the app from within the app info settings.

Fix 2 – Make use of an anti-malware app to get rid of the rogue apps

If your Chrome browser keeps on opening automatically, it may be ideal due to a malicious app redirecting you to the browser. You can make use of the malware detector app to remove the unwanted malware app.

There are several malware detectors that can efficiently help you out in how to fix the malware.

Fix 3 – Go to the Safe Mode

The Safe Mode can be one of the excellent options for diagnosing the issues on your Android device when chrome keeps opening on its own on your android. In fact, it opens the device with the minimal set of features. But, of course, that would mean it does open with a primary interface.

The option will free you up from all the third-party applications. So, in essence, if you do not face any issue with your Chrome browser, you would find that the issue lies with the third-party apps.

Fix 4 – Clear the Browser cache and app data

The Cache is designed to provide you with a faster access to your apps. However, if accumulated over a more extended period of time, the Cache itself may create a few issues. Nevertheless, it can be one of the excellent options to help you address the issues with your Chrome browser or any other similar issues that you may be facing.

You can simply go into the app info for your browser and select the option for Force Stop and Clear Cache options. This should ideally help you stop the issue of the Chrome browser opening itself without any reason.

Fix 5 – Adjust your Search Settings

If you find that the tab opens for every other search option, it may be due to a few issues with your search settings. You can simply fix a few of the search settings for Chrome and get the problem fixed.

Chrome Keeps Opening on Its Own on My Android Phone

Here are the steps involved in how to fix the search settings –

  • Open Chrome browser
  • Type something in the address bar.
  • Click on Settings right above the results page
  • From the drop-down menu, pick the options for Search Settings
  • Locate the option for Where results open?
  • Uncheck the options for Open each selected result in a new browser window.

Save the options, and you will find the issue fixed.

Fix 6 – Disable the background apps

Chrome browser does come with many extensions. But, a few of the extensions can prove to be one of the difficult tasks. The extensions and background apps can prove to be one of the huge issues. Disable the extensions and check if your issue regarding chrome keeps opening on its own android is resolved.

The background apps and extensions can be a tough choice if you are not sure what affects the problem. First, you can disable the apps and extensions one by one and check when your issue is resolved. Then, you can enable the other extensions once you have found the culprit. This will solve when chrome keeps opening on its own on android.

Fix 7 – Change your Browser

If you find your current browser keeps opening by itself, it can be a great option to switch to an alternate browser. But, first, check if you get the same issue on the other browser.

Most possibly, you would not find the issue on the other browser. You can check out the browsers such as Brave Browser, Opera, and many others. You can even make use of the private browsers and get access to an enhanced degree of experience.

Fix 8 – Reset Chrome to default settings

Yet another excellent option for resolving the issue of chrome keeps opening on its own android can be to reset your Chrome browser to the default settings. This can help you avoid the issues such as unwanted tabs automatically.

Here are the steps involved in how to reset Chrome to default settings –

  • Launch Chrome from taskbar or desktop
  • Go to Settings
  • Choose the option for the Reset and clean up section and click on the Reset settings.

A Few FAQs regarding Chrome Keeps Opening on Its Own on My Android Phone

How do I stop the browser from opening automatically?

Open the Task Manager and then click on More Details. Next, switch to the Startup tab and then disable the Chrome browser. This will stop the Chrome browser from starting automatically and avoid unwanted websites opening automatically in chrome.

How do I stop Chrome from automatically opening websites on my phone?

Launch Settings app on your and go to Google. Tap on the Account Services and then go to Google Play Instant. Toggle the link off on the Upgrade web links.

The Concluding Thoughts on Chrome Keeps Opening on Its Own on my Android Phone

Using the tips and ideas above should ideally be helpful in providing you access to a perfect experience in terms of how to fix the issue where Chrome keeps opening on its own on Android phones. The tips outlined here should ideally be helpful in providing you access to a far higher degree of efficacy in resolving the error about chrome keeps opening on its own on your android.

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