Discord Using Too Much CPU- How to Fix?

Discord is one of the most widely used for gamers and their streaming requirements. While the service offers several advantages, it has been noticed that you are likely to run into a few of the issues with the proper usage of the streaming software. One of the problems normally observed would include the high CPU usage on Discord. If you are facing the issue of Discord using too much CPU, the tips outlined here can be an excellent option for most of the expectations that you may have.

What is the high CPU Usage on Discord?

It is quite common to find that Discord may cause high CPU usage. It has been observed to be a common issue one may face with Discord. What exactly is the reason for the Discord using too much memory or CPU?

Discord is a VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol service. It is also a platform for instant messaging and a digital distribution platform. That would make Discord need more CPU power and hardware resources.

Why is Discord using so much CPU: How to Fix?

Having understood why Discord uses too much CPU, let us now check out the best options and fixes to help you address the concern where you would be able to make Discord take up less CPU.

Fix 1 – Turn off hardware acceleration.

Turning off hardware acceleration can be one of the excellent options that can prove to be quite impressive in resolving the issue of Discord using too much CPU. The steps should be quite straightforward.

  • On the Discord app, go to Settings
  • On the left pane, go to Appearance.
Discord Using Too Much CPU
  • Scroll down to find the option for Hardware Acceleration.
  • Click on okay to confirm your preferences.

Fix 2 – Change the cores used by your computer.

Yet another option that can be useful in letting you resolve Discord slowing down PC can be to change the cores used by the computer you use.

Here is how you can do it –

  • Type in MSConfig in the search bar and press ENTER
  • On the System Configuration dialog box, go to the Boot tab.
  • Under the Boot Menu options, locate the settings for Advanced Settings.
Discord Using Too Much CPU
  • Untick the option before the Number of processors.
  • By default, most of the devices come with this box unticked. Click on OK and save your changes.

Fix 3 – Turn off voice processing features.

Filtering the noise cancellation in your Discord calls is one of the unique concepts of voice processing features on Discord. These features can consume a considerable amount of CPU. If you do not need these features, you may turn off the voice processing features.

Here are a few of the options that can be used for turning off the voice processing features:

  • Go to User Settings on the Discord app.
  • Go to Voice and Audio on the left-hand pane.
  • Scroll down to the Voice Processing section.
  • Turn of the features that you do not want to use.

Fix 4 – Update your device drivers.

Having the updated drivers should be one of the excellent options to help you resolve the issues with Discord. If the driver is outdated in any way, it can perhaps play havoc with your system. It is a good idea to keep checking your system drivers and keep them updated.
One of the best options would be to go with the manufacturer’s website and find if you have any latest driver updates pending.

Fix 5 – Change the graphics preferences.

  • The steps involved in how to change the graphics preferences can include
  • Click the Start button and then select Settings.
  • Select System and then select the option for graphics.
Discord Using Too Much CPU
  • Click on Graphics settings.
  • Select Desktop app under Graphics performance preference and hit the Browse button.
  • Find the Discord file.
  • Now set the Option/Graphics preference to High performance.
  • Save and exit, then restart your PC.

Fix 6 – Uninstall and reinstall Discord.

In certain cases, the Discord app in itself may have a few issues, which can be why Discord uses too much memory. In such a situation, it may be good to uninstall the Discord app and reinstall it once again.

When you uninstall Discord, make sure that you have removed all the leftover files for the app from your device. While you can do it manually, that would ideally require a good knowledge of the technicalities and complexities thereof. That is exactly why we advise you to make use of the tools designed for the purpose, such as Revo Uninstaller. This will ensure that your Discord app will be installed as a clean install and will work rather effectively.


Is Discord hardware acceleration good?

The choice of hardware acceleration would be dependent on several factors, and it may need to be analyzed according to your individual needs. Check your preferences and get access to suitable options.

Does Discord streaming use CPU or GPU?

It would be based on the actual performance and functionality of your game. Under ideal conditions, Discord is likely to use just around 2 to 3 per cent of the CPU.

Can high CPU usage cause damage?

Even when the CPU usage is high, effects would not necessarily be creating lasting damage. But your computer begins to slow down and may start working too slowly.

The Final Wrap Up

Well, the Discord app has been one of the prominent options for providing you access to one of the excellent operations in terms of gaming streaming performance. However, it is likely that you may come across a few issues when using Discord. One of the issues you may face is that Discord is slowing down PC or even Discord using too much memory.

The tips outlined in the above discussion can perhaps be a good option in helping you assist in an efficient Discord CPU limiter. If you are wondering, “Does discord use a lot of RAM” the tutorials here can prove to be quite an exciting option in providing you with an enhanced experience.

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