Does Bumble Have Read Receipts? [Answered]

Other than social media that attracts today’s young generation, mostly teenagers, is the virtual dating apps. Since the origin of dating apps in 1995, it has never lost its market. Instead, it has always been in high demand. Especially nowadays, with the world being online, what is a better way to meet the potential love of your life than dating apps?

A large number of virtual dating apps are available nowadays. Among those, a very prompted one is Bumble. Millions of people have chosen Bumble to be the way to meet new people since it first came into existence in 2014. In this article we will know does bumble have read receipts?

It is not a typical dating app, and novice people will find it difficult to find their way around the algorithm. It works in a pretty simple way: a user is shown their potential matches, and the decision is up to them whether they want to take it to the next level. To indicate that you are interested, you will have to swipe right or swipe left if it’s a hard no. 

Contrary to what the ideas are about dating apps, Bumble is not a place for casual hookups. In a survey, it has been found that less than 4% of the men and less than 1% of the women here are looking for hookups. 

The bottom line is, people, take Bumble very seriously. So in case you are a bumble user and are talking to people who have caught your attention, you would not want to mess it up. Hence, we will try to answer what’s going on in your mind – does Bumble have read receipts. 

How the Bumble chat works? 

The Bumble app for all time makes sure that the women are the ones with the reigns. Apart from being a non-hookup app, it also strives to create a safe environment against harassment. In Bumble, like all other dating apps, you are presented with the picture of potential people you can consider. You can swipe right if you are okay with them.

How Bumble works for men?

Bumble primarily works the same for men and women, except that women have more control of messaging. After you have matched with another person, you are presented with the option of messaging them. 

But in Bumble, even after matching, the men are not allowed to text first. The woman will have to send a message. On the woman texting the man first, the two of them will be allowed to chat. Although if it is a same-sex match, both parties will be allowed to text first. 

How to check if someone you like is online?

Are there read receipts on Bumble or does bumble have read receipts? If there was a query that has straightforwardly thrown a yes to you. But can you check if someone you like is online? It is quite natural that when you want someone, you try to encounter them every single step. But Bumble does not allow you to see the activity of any individual. This has been done to maintain the security of every profile. 

After you have got a match with someone, you can be pretty sure that they like you. Yet, it may take some time to reply. It is good that you make the first move if you want to involve yourself; moreover, you know that in Bumble, men are not allowed to make the first move even after matching. It might happen that they don’t reply even after the whole day. If that is the issue, you can again check their profile the next day.

The bottom line is to have patience. You are always advised not to hurry. No one likes to receive 10-15 texts from someone they have agreed to match with. They will surely revert after they think that they are prepared.

How does Bumble match people?

Bumble doesn’t give out the secret about how their algorithm works. We wish it considered our preferences and customized the list of people we are given to make the app more interesting, but it is pretty evident when you check out the profiles that it does not. 

It doesn’t even make a list according to the people you right-swiped before. It shows the people who have right-swiped you for making a potential match happen more quickly. The app prioritizes the people who get a lot of right swipes in general. Though it is considered a shortcoming by many users, it was claimed by the developers as one of the essential features leading to high-security policies.

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A general rule of Bumble is that you shouldn’t swipe right on many profiles in a short amount of time. Spamming without choosing the right match is thus not acceptable here. This will either mark you as insincere or a bot. Either way, you won’t be shown to many people. So the more people you try to engage, the harder you are to find. 

Bumble matches are never one-sided. Even if you like someone and enthusiastically swipe right, you will have to sit there with your fingers crossed and pray that they right swipe you for a match to happen. You cannot irritate the other person by any means. If they don’t, there will be plenty of more profiles to choose from.

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Does Bumble have a read receipt?

Are there read receipts on Bumble or does bumble have read receipts? This is perhaps one of the frequently asked questions. If you wonder about this answer, let me tell you that there is nothing like bumble read receipts. Bumble developers do not allow the app to expose any information about any profile that is mainly tried to keep confidential by most users.

Does Bumble show read receipt?

We have previously mentioned that there is nothing like a Bumble read receipt. Now, many of you might be wondering that does Bumble show a read receipt. If you are someone with this question, let us remind you that its presence is required at a minimum to show a feature. It is obvious that when the feature itself is not available, it is never possible to show it.

Bumble read receipts

Before a match is made, all people get to see is your profile picture, and you have already made sure that you look gorgeous. But now that you have matched with a person, you will have to be not just pretty but exciting. 

This truly means you will have to hold your fort when it comes to texting. Naturally, a lot of us are nervous about it. And don’t we get more nervous when we know that the other person has read our messages and there is no backing out now. 

Are you stuck here? Does bumble have read receipts? Let me help you out with the answers to this question

If a message has been sent to you, then be thankful. Now, does bumble show read receipt? As mentioned earlier, the Bumble app does not come with a read receipt option. This means that they won’t know even if you have seen their messages and have chosen not to answer them. Even if you want to screenshot the chat and send it to your group asking for expert opinions, Bumble won’t send that notification. 

On the downside, if you are the one who has sent the message, you will be left hanging there with no way to know whether the person has been inactive or has chosen to ignore you completely.

Does Bumble Show Your Activity Status

Bumble takes respecting the privacy of people to the next level. The transparency is thoroughly maintained in terms of user activity. In Bumble, unlike other social media, you are presented with no way of knowing whether the person is active or not. There will be no green dot next to the profile to the user to indicate their activity status. 

This is not always a bad thing. Well, if you are waiting for someone to reply to your messaging, then sure, you will be cursing Bumble for not having an option to tell you when a person will be online. Still, if you’re the one who is trying to avoid having an inappropriate conversation or want to ignore someone while being on the app, you will love this feature. Other people seeing you online is bound to make you feel obligated to reply to them. 

So, Bumble has indeed put some thought into it and decided not to include the feature of knowing when someone’s online for a reason. This makes it harder for creeps and stalkers to keep a tab on you. The lack of activity status in Bumble has led to more people being active, so in the end, they are the one who is on the right side of things. 

The Snooze mode in Bumble

The developers have created the snooze mood in Bumble with a definite purpose. Here, it has been made so that the users are not distracted by the constant notifications from the bumble app. The snooze mood is an in-app feature that primarily allows the users to concentrate on their work and mental health. It completely silences your activities in Bumble. The main aim of this mode is to help you take a break.

Isn’t it upsetting when you notice the person you like is not interacting back with you? But they may be in a snooze mood and therefore cannot connect to you. Hearing about the snooze mood for the first time? Follow the below-mentioned steps to activate this feature in your bumble app:

  • The profile icon on Bumble is positioned at the lower left-hand corner of the app. Click it.
  • A page will appear on your screen. Click on the settings cog that is positioned on the left-hand corner of that page.
  • You can see the “snooze” option now. Tap that option to put one step ahead towards the activation of the feature.
  • Choose the time limit for which you want to stay out of this toxicity. There are four options in the menu- 24 hours, 72 hours, one week, or indefinitely.
  • Again a menu will appear asking you why you want to switch on the snooze mode on your app. Choose anyone from them as per your choice.

Now that you have switched on the snooze mode, your possible matches will not be able to see your profile anymore. To Deactivate the snooze mode, follow the steps mentioned above and tap the deactivate option. 


Bumble undoubtedly is one of the most rapidly upsurging virtual dating apps. There are numerous features, and at times it might not be evident. You might have issues in finding the solutions. But we hope that we have been able to provide you enough information about bumble read receipts and some other related queries like does bumble have read receipts. 

Teenagers are generally more likely to indulge themselves in apps like bumbles. In this highly hectic schedule, these types of apps can provide them a bit of relaxation. But along with a bit of peace, a high amount of risk is also associated. 

It is always suggested to use any dating app with ultimate safety. You can never predict the consequences. Though there are ample security policies, yet a single unawareness can push you towards danger. Thus you must always be alert and careful. Try to avoid these virtual dating apps as much as you can.

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