Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone

Spotify has become everybody’s go-to app for music. There have been other go-to apps, but ever since Spotify got launched in India, the number of users for regular and premium subscriptions has been growing every day. Spotify is not just about music, and there is more to it than you can imagine. Some features have made the application so popular that it is a retreat not just for music lovers but for all those who like to sit and listen to content. But along with its many features, does Spotify notify when you follow someone?

Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone

Right now, Spotify isn’t just a place for artists to launch their songs; but it is an open platform for podcasters and audio showrunners. Before the pandemic, the hustle of travelling to work and returning tired kept many of them away from consuming shows. Music was their only option to relax, but ever since Spotify, there has been a rise in podcasters making more and more shows on the platform because there are an equal amount of consumers.

There are several features and know-hows about Spotify which not everyone is aware of like does Spotify notify when you follow someone? In this article, we will be looking into those features which will give you a better experience using Spotify.

How Can You Get Full Access To Spotify?

Spotify has two versions, and they are entirely optional. You can either keep your account free and enjoy the music and take advantage of the free trials on one or two podcasts and shows. Or else, you can subscribe to premium and get full access to everything you are interested in. Premium has many features which you won’t get in the free version. But you can indeed measure your needs from Spotify, if your purpose of using is just for the sake of music, then maybe you don’t need a premium upgrade, but if you require more, then there are certain things you might want to look into:

The Audio Quality:

Using the free has an audio quality of 96 kbps, and the premium has a bitrate of 320 kbps. But to be clear, the 96 kbps is enough compared to the 320 kbps quality, which demands more internet usage if you are on mobile data. Using this on your wifi isn’t a problem. Still, if you are listening to a show that is 40 minutes long on a premium account with a bitrate of 320 kbps audio quality; then your mobile data is likely to end sooner than you expected. The free version with 96 kbps gives you enough quality to listen to songs which is satisfactory.

Online Advertisements:

Any online selling app has advertisements because that is the primary way of generating revenue for the application. If you are using the free version, you will get an ad after four to five songs. If you are using a premium version, you can experience total personal screen time without any disturbances.

Unlimited Music Library:

In the premium version, you have access to all 35million songs which are on Spotify. Saving them in your library will keep them there forever. Whereas in the free version, there are only many songs you can add to your library as your favourites. Once that limit is crossed, your new tunes will be added; but every piece from below the list will automatically be removed.

Download your Music:

At a premium, you have the benefit of listening to music offline. Every song and show you can have it downloaded and then listen to it even when you aren’t on mobile data. This advantage is why many of them subscribe to premium, so listening to songs or a podcast while commuting to work becomes more accessible.

Spotify Connect for Cross-Platform Connections:

Connecting your Spotify to Desktops, laptops, smart TV’s, Xbox, Playstation, Apple Carplay, or Android Auto can be done when you own a Spotify premium account. The Spotify Connect feature lets you make cross-platform connections and play songs or shows from your account while driving with your friends or family or having a gathering at home.

An added benefit for students is that a premium amount of any plan is available at a 50% discount; which is a great advantage for those who are still in college to get the yearly subscription at a discounted rate. While there are these amazing features, there are some technical aspects about Spotify that every user should know.

Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone?

The follow button was a feature that was recently added to Spotify as it allows you to follow your favourite artist or band. But here stands the main question, does Spotify notify when you follow someone? Now, these artists you follow have a huge number of followers on Spotify as it is an exclusive music app for musicians and singers to reach their targeted audience. When you are following someone, you will always receive notifications of their new albums or songs. And Spotify also notify when you follow someone.

When you follow an artist, a notification is sent to them about your ID if you follow them for the first time, but if you unfollow and then re-follow, there won’t be any notification sent. So, Spotify does notify the artist you are following.

Is There A Way To Maintain Secrecy On Spotify?

No, there isn’t a secret way to follow someone on Spotify. If you are a premium user, your followers can see your activity in real-time, so they know what you are listening to. You can turn on a private session to keep it a secret from your followers. Also, if someone has created a playlist and you as a user like a song from that playlist; the creator won’t get notified about it. So, pretty much every other activity can be a secret; only you can opt for a private session if you want your privacy.

Does Spotify Notify You When You Like Someone’s Playlist?

You might be thinking, can you see who liked your playlist on Spotify? Well, Spotify does not notify you, nor the person who has created the playlist when you like it. Like the song that you like gets added to your library, all the playlists you like get added to your library without notifying you; all you have to do is personally check it.

How to check your library:

At the bottom of your mobile app, you will see an option called the library.

In here, you will find all those songs you have liked as the first playlist; and then below that will be all the playlists you have liked.

Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone

Can I Check Activity On My Spotify Playlist?

If you are wondering how to see who follows your Spotify playlists? Spotify is a music-only app; there are certain things you cannot do as you can on other social media apps. For example, there are no benefits, such as an activity log which is available on Facebook. Hence, if anyone likes your playlist, you won’t be notified. But you can see how many followers you have on your Spotify account. If you are wondering how to see followers on Spotify, then create your Spotify profile; and if it is premium, you will know your followers. And you can also see how many playlists each of your followers are following.

Once you have created a profile, tap on the cogwheel at the top right corner of your Spotify homepage, and you will be easily directed to your profile.

Can Anyone See My Secret Playlist?

Among all other Spotify features, this one is the most used. In a premium account, your playlist can become public as you share it with your friends. However, there will be times when you want to have a personal playlist of your secret songs suitable only for your mood. In this case, create a playlist; which will get added to your playlist library and everyone who follows you will be able to see it. Then, you can open the playlist and find the three dots right on top of the playlist; where you will find an option “Make Private”.

This feature is available for premium and non-premium users as well. Whereas premium users have more followers, they might want to maintain more private playlists of their own, and the non-premium users need not worry much about any activity on their profiles.

Does Spotify notify me When someone downloads my playlist?

No, Spotify does not notify when someone has followed or downloaded your playlist; and neither does your activity get notified if you follow or download someone’s playlist. But, downloading a song or playlist is only possible with a premium account.

Is There A Possibility To Know When Someone Is Listening To Your Spotify?

Having a premium Spotify account gives you the benefit of sharing your playlists and songs with your friends; and forms a community that can be accessible to all your friends. So, if you are wondering, can you see who views your Spotify? Then yes, having a shared Spotify account notifies you of other users on your account. In addition, you can always check your friend’s activity, go to settings on the top right corner of your screen, go to display options, switch on Show Friend Activity, and you can see who is active on your playlist.


Using Spotify is a fun activity for premium and non-premium users alike. The usage gets better with premium subscriptions but also for those who aren’t going to use the app to the fullest, switching to premium is unnecessary. Out of 35 million songs, there will be several artists you can find using a free account. Also, some podcasters who are already using a free account to upload their podcasts will be accessible for the free users. Well, if you still stand with the question on how to see followers on Spotify? Then it is as simple as creating a Spotify account and checking every activity in your profile.

With premium subscription indeed comes premium content, and we know this from all the other OTT platforms we use. Spotify has a pretty solid community reach, and maintaining a community of friends helps discover more and more songs. Shows that are only on Spotify premium are exceptional, so they are strict on a subscription basis. Listening to concerts with your community is an enjoyable time.

You can do everything with a free account, apart from accessing the exclusive content and downloading all the audio shows, podcasts, and songs. Apart from that, the free version gives you enough access to good tunes and performances. And if you are wondering, does Spotify notify when you follow someone, then I guess that it is pretty much concluded that it does notify the user you are following.

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