Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Losing Internet Connection- How to fix: 14 Fixes

You are watching a movie. You’ve been counting days, scheduling and rescheduling your time to watch that movie in one go. Your phone’s put away, and the door locked. Warning issued to everyone to not disturb you unless the house is on fire. You recline back on the couch and press play. Swoosh. It’s stuck. Why? Does your amazon fire stick keeps losing internet connection? Does that make you want to hurl the glass jar at your wall?

Resist the urge, as we’ve got the fixes for you. It is a common issue for the Amazon Fire Stick to lose internet. And the only good thing about it is that you can fix it easily. Well, most of the time.

FireStick is a home entertainment device that provides users easy access to their favorite Tv shows, movies, and subscription services.

Amazon fire stick keeps losing internet connection: How to fix?

There exists several reasons why your firestick keeps abandoning the internet connection. If you locate the problem, you can proceed ahead with solving it. And even if you can’t, we’ve given you some general fail-safes that should help.

Know The Enemy

I couldn’t help using that line. Before we delve into solving the issue of amazon fire stick keeps losing internet connection, let’s look at the issue’s root. Sometimes a mere weak connection could be the reason why your internet keeps getting dropped like all your dates before Valentine’s Day. Burn! (Couldn’t help that, either)

A WiFi connection that is not up to par can be an often overlooked issue that might cause the malfunction. If your FireTV isn’t receiving a proper signal that is needed for its streaming, there is a high chance the video is going to buffer or refuse to play.

The presence of any obstacles between the connection of the TV and the WiFi Router can cause the dropping of the internet. Unsupported settings selected in the router and the usage of HDMI cable in an unsupported manner are yet other common errors.

Bugs in an App or Fire TV Software can also rise to problems. And possession of outdated firestick software leads to issues.

Checking the Internet Connection

The mother of all fixes. The first and foremost thing to do when any device gets stuck is to check its connectivity and settings. Check your network connection before you start to look at other options when amazon fire stick keeps losing internet connection.

Switch it off and switch it back on; this should solve the problem if you had a poor internet connection or hadn’t even switched on the router yet.

The problem could lie within the issues on the ISP side, which makes the constant Wi-Fi disconnection by the Amazon Fire TV stick. Run through the inbuilt troubleshooting feature on the internet connection.

And if you’re lucky and the problem’s minor, you can get back to your bowl of popcorn right away.

Change Router’s Default Setting

The next go-to option to fix the problem is changing the default setting pre-selected on the router. This could be the cause of concern, and all you have to do is enable the dual-band on the router in question if it was disabled.

  • The first step is to locate the Default Gateway address of the router. (Written on the back of the router, like
  • Key in the Gateway address on the web browser.
  • Click Enter and access the Router Preferences.
  • Log in with Admin credentials.
  • After logging in with the admin account, click on the Wireless Settings in the top menu on the left panel.
  • This would show settings that are related to WiFi.
  • Choose the WiFi band as 5GHz (by default, 2.4GHz) and disable 802.11n Client Only.
  • Click on the Apply or Save button. This would save the newly selected settings.
  • The saved settings are shown. Post this, reboot the router.
  • Now, cross your fingers and connect the Fire TV Stick to the WiFi network.

If the process works, you should face no further problems with the internet connectivity.

Ethernet Adapter

An ethernet adapter is suggested to be used in the place of a WiFi router. This is an effective solution as Ethernet adaptors are a sound choice. The connectivity in this adapter is a lot faster and highly reliable due to the tangible presence of the wired connection.

The problem with using a WiFi router is the distance between the router and the Fire TV Stick. The closer the distance, the better your connectivity. However, placing the router nearby might not always be ideal.

Therefore, using an Ethernet Adapter can help neatly solve the problem. Amazon also provides individual ethernet ports to ease the experience further.

Distance Between Wifi Device And The Firestick

Sometimes, the simplest and most obvious solution is the least used one. And the distance between the Wifi device and the Firestick might be the root of your worries. If the Wifi device is too far from the firestick, there are high chances of weak signals being fed to the Firestick. This could be the reason behind the dropping of internet connectivity. Just move the router to a nearby place and try working the Firestick. The users are also encouraged to try using Wifi boosters to resolve the signal strength issues.

Run A Speed Test

Maybe, the connectivity speed of your internet is not quite right. By trying out the speed test, you can know if the speed of the internet connection is interfering with the stream settings.

  • Unplug the WIFI router.
  • After a couple of minutes, insert the plug inside the socket.
  • Let the router power-up.
  • Open the browser and navigate to the Speed test site.

  • Select the Go button and check if the internet speed is up to the mark.

amazon fire stick keeps losing internet connection

If yes, then proceed to other options. And if not, you have to make a call to the internet provider.

HDMI Adapter

The problem could also be solved using an HDMI adapter apart from Ethernet adapters. The Firestick comes with an HDMI extender and can be used with the Stick. However, the popular option is directly plug in the stick with the TV’s HDMI port. Instead of doing so, try making use of the HDMI extender. This could make the connectivity problems disappear. The customer can also try purchasing a different cable from a local electronic shop or even the  Amazon website. The compatibility is checked later. Most of the cables that are not compatible or do not work don’t support 4K resolution.

Using a VPN Connection

This solution is used by customers who use a VPN connection with the Amazon Firestick. The VPN protocol option is default set to automatic. The users are asked to change it from the automatic to recommended option. VPNs are typically provided with an off switch that is asked to automatically disconnect the internet connection when they receive a poor connection. This could be the reason for your problem. Change the setting and run your streaming again.

Reset The Television

An easy and effective solution, you can try resetting the television settings. It must not always be the fault of the Amazon TV Stick, right? If the problem persists with the television connectivity, resetting it would likely solve the problem.

  • Remove the firestick from the television.
  • Go to the Main Menu of the TV.
  • Select settings.
  • Choose the Reset option from the menu.
  • This would cause your television to be reset.
  • Once again, connect the Amazon TV Stick and check for its working.

Changing IP settings

The IP of the television can be reset by changing the IP address of the device. This can help resolve the connectivity issues being faced.

  • Select the menu option available on the remote control.
  • Press network.
  • Navigate your way through to network status using remote buttons.
  • Click the three buttons that appear at the end of the window.
  • Choose the IP settings option.
  • Go to the window and select the DNS settings option.
  • Press enter.
  • This will allow you to enter the required IP address. Click select.
  • This will help establish the connection with the internet.
  • Now, check if your FireStick is functioning properly.

Upgrading your Amazon FireStick or the Router

Though it might seem like you had bought the Amazon Fire Stick or the Router just yesterday, the truth is, technology is a fast-changing dance. Outdated devices perform at a much slower pace due to their software being obsolete. In some cases, the devices might not function at all. If you are using a router or a Fire Stick that is outdated, the only thing to do would be to upgrade them to a later version.

Check for System Updates

This rule goes for all gadgets; always check for system updates. Be it your phone, applications, or anything at all. Constantly check for updates. Amazon is one of the pioneer applications that serve multiple purposes, and they have regular updates offered to the users to keep their performance on point. Amazon systematically updates its devices and applications to fix bugs, glitches, or any other issues they could be facing. Therefore, there is a big chance that the reason behind the frequent connectivity issues faced could be that you missed an update. And by updating the device, the bigs, glitches, or issues would be fixed and allow for improved features. So check for updates! Amazon allows you to do this by going to Settings->My Fire TV->About->Check for Updates. And now reboot the device.

Reset FireTV Stick

An effective solution is highly successful. But clears all the pre-saved data in the application. Usually saved as a last resort, this method works in most cases as it removes all the settings and fixes most glitches. This option restores the device to its official state.

The drawback to this procedure is resetting the FireTV Stick to its factory settings. This would remove the downloaded apps, chosen settings, and all data stored in the device. It is vital to thoroughly back up all the data before pressing the reboot button.

  • After backing up the data, go to Home Screen.
  • Press and hold the button.
  • Select Settings.
  • Open My Fire TV.
  • Scroll down at the bottom and then click on Reset to Factory Defaults.
  • Select the Reset button.
  • This would display a message stating that “Your Fire TV Stick 4K is Powering off”.
  • And when the device is rebooted, all the data is deleted, and settings are reset.

Use Forget Network

We’ve done with our systems and mobile phones. The same goes for the Amazon Fire Stick when amazon fire stick keeps losing internet connection. Click on forget existing WiFi network on the Amazon Fire TV Stick and reconnect it from the first. Key in the password and connect it to your internet.

In the Amazon Fire TV Stick,

  • Select Settings and choose Network.
  • Choose the existing Wi fi network and select the option to “Forget this network.”
  • Click on Select.
  • This would send a notification about the WiFi being disconnected.
  • Now, select the network back and enter the username and password.
  • Press the Play/Pause button to connect the Amazon Firestick to the chosen network.


Facing problems with your Amazon Fire TV Stick can be frustrating. The positive side is that most of the time, the issues are minor and can be solved by changing the router’s location resetting the Amazon device, the router, or your TV. The above solutions should most likely solve your woes related to amazon fire stick keeps losing internet connection.

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