How to Fix Spotify Friend Activity Not Updating Error?

Spotify has become one of the largest music listening platforms around the globe.
You can listen to podcasts, music, stories, and more with the help of Spotify. However, some users of this app are facing an error in which their friend activity is not updating on Spotify. And in this post, we will try to fix Spotify Friend Activity Not Updating Error.

So, let’s get started.

How to Fix “Friend Activity Not Showing” on Spotify?

If you have a single friend whose activities are not visible on Spotify, try unfollowing and following him/her back. This is a simple thing you can do right away to solve the problem. Second, you can try re-logging into your Spotify account and checking it again. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of this problem unless an error message appears on the screen.

Try one more thing: check to see if you haven’t removed the friend from the list. This can also happen accidentally, causing the person to be removed from the friend list. Repeat the steps below once to enable friends’ activity if it is disabled.

  • Go to Settings by tapping the down arrow on the top right.
  • Go to Display Options and turn on Look at what your friends are doing.

Check the Activity Tab to notice if any of your friends have been accidentally hidden. When you unhide the same person, you can see his/her activity. If the problem persists on a smartphone, uninstall the app and reinstall it. You can log in and log out of the desktop.

Finally, if nothing works, there is a problem on Spotify’s end. After some time, try again, and this will be resolved. Spotify Friends Activity missing errors are most common on mobile. On the desktop, very few users have reported it.

Reasons why Spotify Friend Activity is not updating

Below is a checklist of the most common solutions to the missing friend’s problem.

  • Inspect that you are using the current version of the app.
  • Review if your phone has the most recent operating system version.
  • Once, restart the Spotify app.
  • Log out and then back in.
  • Reinstall Spotify to get back to the default settings.

Hopefully, the above tips and steps will be sufficient to get you out of the situation. Still, if you’re experiencing the same issue, it’s because of the app. You will have to wait sometimes for a solution.

What is Spotify friend activity?

Spotify friend activity is nothing but a feature by which you can see which music tracks your friend is playing in the current time.

It would help you easily find quality tracks that you should listen to.

How to enable Spotify friend activity?

To see your friend activity on Spotify, you first have to make friends on Spotify.
You can easily connect your Spotify account to your Facebook account to add your friends to Spotify.

  • Also, to see their activity, you should have to follow them first.
  • After that, you have to enable the friend activity option in Spotify.
  • And here is a short tutorial on how to do it:
  • First, click on the profile dropdown link on the top and click on the settings.

  • After that, go to the display settings and turn this setting on.

And on the right sidebar, you would see your friend’s activity like which track they are playing, when they were last active, and more.

How to fix Spotify friend activity not updating error?

In recent times many Spotify users have been facing the problem that their friend activity is not updating inside their Spotify app. Also, it has been mostly found with the users using the Spotify mobile application, and very few people have faced this problem on their desktop applications. But the good thing is that Spotify has actually responded to this question and given some possible fixes to this problem.

Here are some things that you can do if Spotify friend activity is not updating:

  • If this problem is there just for one of your friends, then unfollow and follow him/her back it would surely solve the problem
  • Uninstall and install the Spotify smartphone application again, and if on desktop, try to log out and then log in.
  • You might have hidden the friend whose activity you can’t see on Spotify. If this is the case, then unhide him/her from settings, and you will surely start seeing their activity.
  • Do verify if the Spotify application is updated or not, and also check if your smartphone or desktop OS is updated or not.


Q1. Does Spotify friend activity show a private playlist?

Ans. No private playlist won’t be shown in the friend activity on Spotify. You would just get the songs that they are playing but won’t get the whole playlist.

Q2. Does Spotify friend activity show podcasts?

Ans. No podcasts are not shown in the friend’s activity feed.

Q3. Is Spotify friend activity accurate?

Ans. Spotify claims that their friend activity is updated in real-time. However, I think that there would be some delay in updating.

Q4. Is Spotify friend activity only for premium?

Ans. No Spotify friend activity is both for Spotify’s free and premium users.

Over to you!

The issue of friend’s activity not updating in Spotify has been there for a long time. Recently it was encountered in the Spotify desktop app in September. However, that problem is now fixed. Tell me in the comment box do you face the problem of friend activity not updating in your Spotify app? Also, please share this blog post on social media so it can reach more people. Thanks in advance❤❤

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