Is Gas App on Android & Snapchat ? Is it Safe for school students?

Gas App, launched in August 2022, was first called Melt and then Crush. It was a social media app made for high school students in America. Nikita Bier, Isaiah Turner, and Dave Schatz, who used to work at Facebook, created it. Gas was similar to another app called tbh, which Bier and his team had made earlier. It let high school students say nice things to each other anonymously by voting in polls. 

The app became very popular and was one of the most downloaded on the Apple App Store in October 2022. But, even though it did well and was bought by Discord in January 2023, it faced some problems and rumors. These issues caused Gas to shut down in November 2023.


What is Gas app ?

The social media app Gas captured Gen Z attention in 2022 through its anonymous compliment polling features. Users vote on positive statements about people they know like “I think Ronaldo is the best at sports” or “Jim is the funniest person in class.” The person who gets the most compliments wins and gets special flame icons. Gas got very popular very fast because teens liked giving nice compliments secretly.

How students use Gas App ? Understand it with example

Gas App, created a lot of buzz among high school students, as they became crazy while voting each other traits. Here’s an example of how students used it:

Suppose you are in high school, downloaded Gas App out of curiosity. Once you signed up, you found youself in a world of anonymous, positive polls. You can vote on polls like “Who has the best eyes?” or “Who’s the most likely to become a tittok star?” Each vote sent an anonymous compliment to the other student you know in the school.

One day, you saw a poll asking, “Who gives the best advice?” you immediately thought of your friend Jimmy, who had always been there for you during tough times. You voted for Jimmy, and he received a notification that someone thought highly of him, though Jimmy didn’t know it was you.

Similarly, You can received anonymous compliments like “the kindest person” or another one according to your personality.

The app also had a ‘flame’ feature. Whenever  any student received the most votes in a poll, they earned a ‘flame’, symbolizing their popularity in that category.

While Gas App’s intention was to spread positivity, it also faced criticism and safety concerns, eventually leading to its closure. 

Is Gas App available for Android devices ?

Gas App is not available on Android devices. It was initially launched for iOS users and quickly gained popularity on the Apple App Store. Despite the high demand, the developers did not release a version for Android before the app was discontinued. Android users eagerly awaited its launch on the Google Play Store, but unfortunately, it never materialized. 

The app’s journey ended with its closure in November 2023, leaving Android users without the chance to experience it directly on their devices.Still users can access limited functionality on Android currently through unofficial means like apk.

Why the Gas App is trending on Snapchat ?

The reason why Gas App became popular on Snapchat is due to its target demographic. Snapchat’s user base largely consists of teenagers and young adults — the same group that Gas App was designed for. As users started talking about Gas App on Snapchat, sharing their experiences, or discussing the compliments they received, it naturally led to a trend within the Snapchat community. As Snapchat was more popular and has big user base so it helped the Gas App in rapidly spreading its name and become viral.

Is Gas App Safe for school students ?

Gas App, designed for high school students, raised concerns about safety due to its anonymous nature. While it aimed to promote positivity through compliments, the anonymity could potentially be misused for cyberbullying or inappropriate comments.

Gas App could be misused in several ways:

  1. Being Anonymous: The app lets people send messages without revealing who they are. This could lead to some users sending mean or hurtful messages without getting caught.
  2. Feeling Left Out: The app has a feature where people vote for others. If someone doesn’t get many votes or compliments, they might feel left out or even bullied.
  3. Misunderstanding Messages: Sometimes, even nice messages might be taken the wrong way, causing confusion or upset feelings.
  4. Bullies Using the App: Bullies might use the app to bother others without showing their identity, making it hard to know who is causing the trouble.
  5. Sharing Bad Stuff: The app could be used to share harmful rumors, mean words, or stuff that’s not appropriate, all while hiding who’s doing it.

Gas App Controversy and rumors

Gas App also faced significant controversy in October 2022 when unfounded rumors spread on social media platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, falsely alleging the app was linked to human trafficking. These claims originated from a single user review in China, quickly created a lot of panic among students and their parents alerted their child’s about this app. 

Local police departments and schools head’s also issued warnings to not use this app . The rumors done the job, resulting a significant drop in downloads as students starts uninstalling it. And that’s why it closed down on November 2023.

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