What is Googpt ?

Googpt which is now named GPTGO is a new search engine that combines traditional Google search with AI chatbot capabilities powered by ChatGPT. I think the makers have smartly named their product by taking “Goo” from google and “gpt” from chatgpt.

You will get google web results plus intelligent chatbot answers when you search anything on Googpt but google is already providing search results with its already inbuilt ai called Bard so if you need chatgpt based results along with google then Googpt is for you. Let’s check how Googpt works and what makes it different.

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What is Googpt and How Does it Work?

Googpt operates just like a normal search engine, but with the added bonus of providing relevant ChatGPT responses alongside regular search results. There’s no need to sign up for a separate ChatGPT account, as Googpt has integrated premium access to ChatGPT’s API for free user queries.

Googpt features

Ease to use – Googpt is really easy to use. You don’t need to make a special ChatGPT account or sign up. Googpt has already put a special ChatGPT account in it, and you can use all these cool features without paying anything.

Cost-Effective – Googpt is totally free. You can use it like a search engine and get unlimited ChatGPT help without spending any money.

Device Compatibility – Googpt works with almost every device. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, Android, computer, or tablet. As long as you can get on the internet and have a web browser, GPTGO will work.

Accuracy and Reliability – Googpt is really good at giving correct and trustworthy answers. It uses Google Search and ChatGPT together, so the information you get is double-checked and reliable. You can trust what GPTGO’s chatbot tells you.

Distinctive Features – What makes Googpt special compared to other search tools is that it mixes Google’s search results with smart answers from ChatGPT. This means you get really fast and right answers when you ask something.

Accessibility and User Privacy – Googpt is also easy to use on your phone. They have an app called UniChat for Android and iOS phones. You can download it from their official website. GPTGO is also safe because it doesn’t keep or track any of your personal information. Everything you do is private and secure.

Universal Web Browser Compatibility – Googpt works with all the big web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. This means no matter what kind of computer or phone you have, you can use GPTGO.

Is Googpt Free to Use?

Yes, Googpt is completely free! You can access its AI-enhanced search features at no cost without any subscription or fees. The creators have handled integrating paid access to ChatGPT in order to allow users to benefit from its capabilities for free.

What Devices and Browsers Support Googpt?

One of the best things about Googpt is that it’s accessible across all devices and browsers – anything that can run a search engine! Whether you use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge, and whether you’re on desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile, you can use GPTGO thanks to its standard web app format.

How Accurate Are the Chatbot Responses?

Googpt taps directly into ChatGPT’s API, so you can expect the same level of accurate, high-quality responses that ChatGPT is known for providing.

How Does Googpt Protect User Privacy and Data?

No user data, including search history and queries, is tracked or stored by GPTGO. Interactions remain completely anonymous, so you can get AI search assistance without compromising privacy.

Why Use Googpt Over Other Search Engines?

The key differentiator is the addition of ChatGPT-generated responses alongside traditional web search results. . If you love ChatGPT, you’ll appreciate the extra context Googpt offers!


Googpt or GPTGO is a big step forward in how we search for information online. It combines normal search engine results with smart ChatGPT answers.

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