How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Organically?

There’s no denying that video content has been gaining immense popularity over the past few years. As a result, YouTube channels are now more accessible to brands and are growing more popular than ever in their own right. Why not? YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. People are flocking to get information and be entertained. More audience means more brands and more revenue. So how do you get a piece of this giant pie? This article shows you five smart ways to thrive on YouTube. Binge on!

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Organically

Write click-worthy titles

No matter how useful or stunning a video you have created, the entire video is worth nothing if no one clicks on it. So it’s extremely important to optimize the titles of your video to draw users in. Here are a few tips to get you started on creating the perfect YouTube titles for wider reach-

Include the right keywords

Google crawlers use the keywords in your title to understand what your video is about. Also, from the audiences’ end, relatable keywords tell them what they can expect. So adding keywords to the title creates a win-win situation for you.

Keep the title short

Ideally, the length of a video title should not be greater than 60 characters. This is because the whole title should be shown to the viewer at one glance.

Pen down clear and descriptive titles

With confusing titles, don’t keep your users guessing what the video is about. Be clear and let the viewers know the content of the video.

Give your viewers a reason to watch your video

They will spend precious time on your video, and they need a solid reason for it. Include that reason in the title. Let them know how they would benefit from watching your video.

Use the following steps to create an impactful title.

  1. Figure out the main idea of your video.
  2. Search for keywords that people are searching for related to that idea.
  3. Craft 2-3 titles and choose one that directly answers your viewers’ questions.

Create the perfect thumbnail

Impactful thumbnails make viewers click right away. Thumbnails should be click-worthy and in line with the video’s content and title. The best way is to include a relevant image and a short description on the thumbnail to get higher views. You can easily create a thumbnail like this using a YouTube video editorwith pre-made templates and many more features to hit the right note with your thumbnail.

Follow these tips to create thumbnails that tell a story-

  • Put only high-quality images on your thumbnail.
  • Adhere to the standard thumbnail size, which is 1280×720 or 1920×1080. Avoid any smaller size than this, as your thumbnail can end up looking blurred.
  • Write the title of your video on your thumbnailas this attracts more views.
  • Keep the format of the image either JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, or BMP.
  • The aspect ratio of the thumbnail should be 16:9, which is what works best for YouTube players.
  • Maintain consistency in your thumbnails so that all your videos look on-brand.
  • Make use of emotions in your thumbnail. Use exciting faces instead of no expressions.

Keep the video length under 5 minutes

According to a survey by Comscore, most YouTube videos are about 5 minutes in length. If you try to elongate the video by repeating the same points, it will hurt your channel. Viewers need a strong reason to invest those 5 minutes in your video. You can experiment with the length of the video according to your niche, but keep it short and to the point for maximum engagement. Here are a few tips you can follow-

  • Make sure every video delivers high-quality content.
  • Edit your videos using a YouTube video editor in such a way that it stays under 5 minutes.
  • Make those 5 minutes interesting and informative for the audience, so they come back for your other videos as well.

Include call-to-actions (CTAs)

It’s not a hidden secret anymore that adding a call to action to your videos can bring in more engagement on YouTube. However, you need to place them right, or they can quickly become annoying to your users.

Whether you want viewers to like the video or subscribe to your channel, be clear of the key actions people need to take. Keep giving them a gentle reminder throughout the video. The keyword here is gentle, and you don’t want to give them in-the-face reminders.

You can add a link to your website or the subscribe button to your channel, and these could be your CTAs. Here are a few smart tips to follow around your CTAs-

Make sure the CTA you use aligns with the context of the video.

  • Use powerful, action words like shop now.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Carry out A/B testing to check which CTA does better.

Promote your videos via social media

If you wish to grow your YouTube channel, you need to have an audience on social media, and you have to share your latest videos with them. As a clever marketer, you cannot stop at just sharing your video links. You have to be actively engaged in social communities and groups on social media channels.

Each social platform operates on its own set of cultures. It is up to you to figure out which channel aligns with your niche and will likely get you the best results for your efforts. Use the following tips to promote your videos across channels effectively-

  • Transform YouTube clips into Slideshare presentations.
  • Share your video thumbnails with a backlink on Pinterest and Twitter.
  • Add your videos to your blog content.
  • Create short promo clips from your YouTube video and publish them on Facebook with a backlink to the original video.
  • Publish your videos online.
  • If you are active on subreddits, you can use those to get YouTube views.
  • Integrate your videos on blog content that will be guest posts on external websites.
  • Add a link to your YouTube channel in your Instagram bio.
  • Publish your video links to relevant communities on Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+.

Over to you

If you want to grow your presence on YouTube:

  1. Stick to the techniques mentioned above, experiment with what works the best for you, and learn from those experiments.
  2. Don’t forget to promote your channels on different platforms.
  3. On top of all, create high-quality, interesting videos for your viewers.
  4. Edit stunning thumbnails and catch their attention, hook them in and deliver what you promised in the thumbnail.

That’s how you grow your YouTube channel.

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