60+ Hilarious Prank Call Ideas for Friends & Family When Bored

People get bored sometimes with the monotonous routine and want to try something really funny that can satisfy their childish wants. And what is better than to prank someone who is your close friend or very dear to you. I have mentioned some really hilarious prank call ideas to try on your friends, colleagues, and anyone with whom you want to laugh and end your boredom. So, let us begin this with a smile on our faces and will definitely end in bursts of laughter.

Funniest prank call ideas ever

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Prank Call Ideas for friends to make them laugh like mads

Confuse them with a food delivery

Here comes the first of some good prank call ideas on friends. Call up your friend you want to prank and tell them, “Hello sir/mam; your food has been delivered to your doorstep. Please enjoy your dinner/lunch!” – and that’s it. Wait until they open their confusion and instead find an empty bag. We are sure your peers will be very interested in some free delish food – Lol!

You’ve won a lottery – unique prank call ideas on friends

One thing that everyone loves and falls for is money. So, pranking your friend with it can hardly ever go wrong! Just call your friend and tell them that they are one of the 10 winners of a lottery contest – imagine how surprising would it be? This is the funniest thing to say on a prank call and one of the best prank call ideas for friends.

The Ad Prank – Good Prank Call Ideas

If your friend is someone who always fantasizes about being a celebrity or at least popular, then the ad prank is the ideal one for them. Call your friend and tell them that you just saw them on an embarrassing television ad – and hear them freak out! The best part about the prank is that you can crack it on multiple friends like all of the best prank call ideas.

Say, “sorry, but it’s over”

Do you have a very close friend? If, then, there’s a classic prank you can crack on them anytime, any day. Just call them up with a real serious voice and say, “I’m sorry, but it’s over” – and hear them freak out at once. Once they freak out, just laugh it out!

“I’m outside!” – Best Prank Call Ideas

Call up a friend and say, “Surprise, I’m here, open the door!”. Once they come looking for you, hang up the call. And, they open the door and see nothing – lol. Think how funny and frustrating prank call ideas can be!

“I know you did it”

Call and tell your friend, “I know you did it .”To top it off, you don’t say what they have done. They will get super confused and might as well end up confessing something that they haven’t really done! It can be done best if you can include some more of your friends and make them call the same individual and say the same thing again and again.

Say you’re resigning – Good Prank Call Joke

You can do it at a company or with a friend as well. Call and explain how badly you’ve been treated and explain you quit and that you may receive your payment via mail. If you call a company, don’t direct it to that company name, e.g., If you call Domino’s, explain you’re quitting, and that is one of the most awesome prank call ideas.

Date night prank – best prank call ideas on friends

Check with a mutual friend and start with how exciting it is for you to meet them for the daring night today. Think how surprised will they be! You might even want to throw in details like how you’re wearing new perfume or clothing! Try to come off strong and very excited to not give the person on the other end time to ask who it is. Make sure nobody gets too annoyed with your good prank call ideas to be tried on friend.

“Your package needs to be signed”!

Call a friend whose address you already know and tell them you have a package for them that needs to be signed. You can exaggerate the prank by telling them that they have received 200 pounds of cheese or something random in a ridiculous amount. And once you hear them open, the door quickly hangs up. Haha! Prank call ideas for friends need to be this funny.

Fake Carpenter Prank – top prank call ideas on friends

This one especially works on family members or close friends, but you’ll need to make a fake company name. Give a call to a family member and tell them that you found that their kitchen cabinets or other hardware have some kind of toxin in them that is dangerous to humans and pets. Also, let them know that you have sent people over to destroy and take out such hardware. Now, put them in awe by mentioning the price of approximately 2000$ to 5000$ to get that item replaced – hahaha! Don’t give them the chance to refuse and hang up!

Funny prank phone call ideas for friends to annoy them

You won tickets! – funny things to say on a prank call

Call your friend and pretend to be calling from a local radio station. Use their full name and mention the company they work at to sound genuine. Tell them they won tickets to some concert and then come up with names that sound absolutely gibberish but with a legitimate location. Give details and see if they show up on the day.

You called me – prank call ideas on friends

Call your friend and keep arguing that they are the ones that called you first. They will probably answer the first time with “this is a prank,” so make sure that you are persistent. You get bonus points if you manage to fake cry in the prank call ideas for friends.

You own a haunted house

Call the person and tell them that you need to confess something to them. When you are close to them, you will surely know when and who they bought it from. Tell them that the reason you decided on selling the house in the first place is that it was haunted. Even if they don’t believe it, one of these funny prank-call ideas will surely introduce some doubt in their mind.

Scorned lover – funny prank ideas for friends

This is one of the funniest prank call ideas. Start with crying and tell them that you miss them more than anything. When they can’t recognize you, that is just more reason for you to start crying. They will be super confused when you keep using their real name and personal details. Record the call for future reference.

You ran out of toilet paper

Act like they are the person in a hotel lobby. Pretend you are in one of their rooms and tell them you have run out of toilet paper. Focus on the acting and sound like the world is on fire. They will sure be distressed, if not anything else.

It has been a long time

Find details of the school or college life of the person. Call them and tell them how much difficulty you went through in getting their number. Tell them that you want to catch up with them in person and set a time and a date. It will be fun, of course, making it one of the cool prank-call ideas.

You are the mobile operator

Pretend that you are from a phone company and that you are conducting a checkup on their phone. For confirmation, they will have to repeat a few phrases. Make them believe you up to this point. Tell them the silliest of phrases and watch them slowly figure out who they are.

Where is my tip? – funny things to say on a prank call

Need good prank call ideas? Make sure you know what restaurant your friend visited last. Now call them and sound like an angry waiter. Keep telling them how rude they were for not tipping them and continue to lecture them on the importance of tipping. Just when they are guilty enough, reveal yourself. Below is a hilarious video on how to prank anyone.

Funny things to say on a prank call

Something is in the backyard

If this friend of yours owns a backyard or a garden, this will work for them. Call them from an anonymous line and make sure you change your voice. Now tell them that you had buried something in their garden or your backyard when they were absent and that the police may come looking for the goods. You can then go help your friend dig that backyard or garden of theirs before you come clean. Now you have the best prank call ideas.

Wake-up service – funny things to say on a prank call

Among prank phone call ideas for friends, this one will annoy your friend the most. Call them just at the crack of dawn. It will be easier to sell your story since they will be too groggy from being woken in the prime time of their sleep. Tell them you are from a wake-up service and they have signed up for your program, which includes waking people up at a certain time. Be polite to get on their nerves further.

Hilarious prank call ideas for irritating friends

Restaurant Prank

It can be a great prank to play on your friend, especially if they work in a restaurant. Just call any Chinese restaurant near you, and order some food. Once they note down your order, you go ahead and ask for a pizza or pasta (which isn’t Chinese). And see how they freak out! When you can’t order any such dish here, start to throw a fit and make a scene! Restaurant prank call ideas are not all over.

Long-Lost Friend

You probably have a colleague with whom you’re not much in touch now. Call them up and act as if you’re their long-lost friend and keep saying, “Remember?” Imagine how fun and hilarious it will be when they can’t really remember you and feel bad for forgetting you! Make sure you don’t lose momentum on the go.

“You’re adopted!”

You cannot probably make this prank on your friends, but your siblings will be a great catch. Just go to them and say, “Did you know that you were adopted?”. Once they look confused,

Good Prank call ideas for boyfriend for teasing him

You called me

Call your friend and keep arguing that they are the ones that called you first. They will probably answer the first time with “this is a prank,” so make sure that you are persistent. You get bonus points if you manage to fake cry in the prank call ideas for your boyfriend.

I am pregnant – Good Prank Call Ideas

You can apply this prank call idea to your boyfriend by calling him up and informing him that you are pregnant with his child. It is very obvious that he will be immensely shocked and do not expose the truth unless he becomes impatient and tense over the fact.

Act like you don’t know him

Wait for the moment when he calls you. Once he calls you and tries to say something, just ask him whether you know him or not. This will undoubtedly confuse your boyfriend, and you can make fun of him as he showcases his weird behavior. This is one of the best prank phone call ideas.

You have won a competition

Make a call to your boyfriend from any telephone and pretend to be a local radio station by disguising your voice. Then tell them that they have won a competition and have gained some gifts. Then ask him to come to the radio station with a pre-planned address where he can get his gifts. As soon as he arrives there, you can reveal that it was a prank call and that it was you who did it.

Pretend to be his ex

This is going to be real fun. Pretend to be his ex and tell him that you still love him. Make him believe by showing some fake cries. If he asks you about your identity, cross him by replying to whom he is expecting it to be. Then just say yes to whom he says. This can go the other way if your boyfriend is still in love with that very ex he is expecting to be over the call.

Tell your boyfriend to bring you toilet paper.

This can work best if you have a long-distance relationship. Tell him to bring new toilet paper as you are in urgent need of that. As soon as I remind you that he is far away from you and it is not possible for him to bring it for you now, I get angry and annoyed with him. Continue this for several hours unless she keeps on apologizing to you for not being there.

Act like a cop – Good Prank Call Joke


Pretend yourself to be a cop and tell your boyfriend that he is the prime suspect in a murder case. Though a bit risky if your boyfre=iend has a weak heart. Yet it is one of the best prank call ideas you can opt for. Fear him by saying that he has to come to the police station for investigation and cut the call by leaving him in suspense. Reveal him the truth when he calls you later on.

Text him that it’s urgent

Ask your boyfriend to meet you immediately as it is something urgent which you want to tell him. He might get a bit tense about what is so important. It is better if you choose a late night to do this prank. Let them take the bother in the late night to come and meet you up. As soon as he meets you, just hug him, start laughing and tell him that it was a prank.

Wrong number

You can call your boyfriend and ask them to give the phone to the person you are looking for. (say, Sam). Call him and ask him about the same person repeatedly. Irritate him by calling him multiple times. Isn’t this one of the best funny prank call ideas?

Funniest prank call ideas for teachers to have some fun

Most funny prank call ever

Passing the note of kindness

Write something good about the teacher and intentionally show it to him or her and pass it to one of your friends. When she or he asks you to read the message aloud, it is going to leave your teacher in utter surprise. It also has a side effect that your teacher starts liking you as one of the students likes his or her teaching.

Cake surprise – Good Prank Call Ideas

It is a very traditional prank where you just need an MT cereal box which is quoted with some flavor of your choice. Make the teacher cut the cake and shout out, “Surprise .”Notice his or her reaction after cutting the cake. It will surely be a very funny one.

Chocolate prank

Wrap chalk with the wrapper of chocolate and give it to your teacher. Her reaction to opening the chocolate while attempting to eat will be really fun to see.

Class Shuffle – Funny Prank Call Idea

This will require the support of the whole batch. All of a sudden, one day, just exchange the classrooms and leave the teachers guessing about the sudden arising problem. It will be a real mess for them to find out the classes without prior notice. Though it is a bit tough, the consequence can provide entertainment.

Drop-dead prank

One of the students shall stand with a placard and ask the teacher to read whatever is written on it. Write the word drop dead on the placard, and as soon as the teacher spells it out, the whole of the class shall fall to the ground. The teacher will surely get shocked by seeing the whole class together dropping down on the ground all of a sudden.

Class suspension call

By changing the caller ID, just call one of the teachers and tell them about the suspension notice of the class. Make the caller id that of a local official secretary. If the teacher verifies it with the other colleagues, then you can have fun till she or he finds it out. If the teacher is unable to crack the prank you have done, then hurray it’s a holiday.

Chalk and Duster prank

Rub the chalk on the duster and make the duster full of chalk powder. As soon as the teacher tries to rub anything on the blackboard, it will make the boat event dirty instead of making it clean. This is going to annoy the teacher and entertain you to the fullest.

Petroleum jelly on water bottle

It required just two things- petroleum jelly and a water bottle. Copper bottle the teacher is going to use with a nice coat of petroleum jelly and wait for the fun you are going to get when the bottle slips out of his or her hand. It will be more funnier If a teacher gets wet.

The test prank

All of a sudden, you can shock your teacher by saying that she or he was supposed to take a test on that very day. They will immediately start searching for the schedule and the notice to check whether they were supposed to take a test. It will make them go crazy if they are someone who is very serious about studies and commitments.

Prank call ideas for the family to cure your boredom

Congratulation, you have won!

This prank call Idea is one of the best prank phone call ideas for the family where you can involve at least two to three other members to carry on with the prank call. You just need to call them up and tell them that they have won something, which is hard to believe for them. You like to make sure that your sound seems to be as professional as possible.

I am pregnant with your baby

You can apply this prank call idea to your brother or any male family member by calling him up and informing him that you are pregnant with his child. It is very obvious that they will acquire the name in reply to which you can ask about the number of women he has been with and blame the person unless he becomes impatient.

The birthday prank

Sure any one of your family members’ numbers with some of your friends, making sure that you have shared the same number with all the friends. Tell your friends that it is the birthday of that family member. Do not expose the truth until the member gets annoyed by the phone throughout the day.

Wrong number

You can call one of your family members and ask them to give the phone to the person you are looking for. (say, Jack). Call that member and ask him or her about the same person repeatedly. After a few days again, call the person and introduce yourself as Jack by asking whether there has been any message for you or not. Isn’t this one of the best funny prank call ideas?

Durable products running prank

Just randomly call one of your family members and ask them about any of the durable consumer products and whether they are running properly or not. The defeat answer is going to be a yes in reply, so you can ask them to run off the product before it gets out of their sight. Prank call ideas cannot get better than this.

Why did you call me?

Though a simple one but can be extremely funny if you can do it the right way, call one of your family members and enquire about the reason for calling you. You need to make sure that your call has been made by some unknown number and that you have called multiple times asking the same question.

Scare family members with random statements

Call any one of your family members from an unknown number and scare them with some random statements such as “you are a liar,” “you ditched me,” or “I like you .”Do it multiple times until the person gets irritated. The funniest prank call ideas just got funnier.

Do some fake surveys

It is a very good prank where you can engage one of your family members by asking some m.s. Questions such as ” are you willing to subscribe to Netflix” or “are you a supporter of Manchester United”? If they answer you, then the answers will make you laugh for several hours, and if they have not answered, you then continue the prank until they get irritated. This is one of the harmless and cool prank call ideas.

You have won a lottery

Make a call to one of the family members from any telephone and disguise your voice. Then tell them that they have won a lottery for a huge sum of money. Then ask him any hilarious question which is not at all possible to answer. When they answer with some weird reply, just tell them that they have not been able to win the lottery just because of the wrong answer they give you right now.

Tell them that you have their wallet

Call that family member who is concerned about money and tell them that you have their wallet, which they lost sometime before while being on the road. This will make them go mad, and trust me that it is going to be real fun and so had to be included in prank phone call ideas for family and friends.

April fool prank call ideas for family and friends

Harmonica in a car

This is for pranking a friend of yours who has a car. You need to get hold of a harmonica and then tape it under the front bumper of the person’s car. The result will be a wheezing sound that will seem to come from the engine of the car. After a very long inspection of what is going on under the hood, they may even have to take the car to a mechanic.

Urgent request – Prank Call Joke

This may be the simplest and thus most appropriate. Handwrite a note saying that you need to meet up immediately and then sign a random name. Make it sound so urgent that they go into an instant panic mode. Remember to come clean in time.

Caramel onions – best prank call scripts

Who doesn’t love caramel apples, right? And for the people who love carnivals and fairs, this one thing is held very close to the heart. Such people like them won’t even guess that you are pranking them by replacing the apple with an onion. Just think of what their taste buds will go through.

Cracked phone screen

There is an app that, if you can sneakily install in the victim’s phone, change the wallpaper to resemble a cracked screen. We all love our phones a little too much, and this one will hit home for sure. As an extra effort, act like you just dropped their phone and then handed it to them.

Switching keys

The keys M and N on a computer look similar and are neighbors. So grab a screwdriver and switch them. Make sure you don’t ruin the keyboard, and this will frustrate your victim the most with repeated typing errors.

Birthday wishes

If you have access to their Facebook, sneakily change their birthday to 1st April. They will figure this one out quickly for sure, but they will surely be riddled for a solid hour or so about why their whole friend list is pranking them jointly.

Fake egg for breakfast

What is a better way to prank someone on April fool’s day than to greet them with a prank at the breakfast table? You can make a very appreciable replica of a fried egg with yogurt and peach halves. You have to be really creative to pull this off.

Bubble wraps – Best Prank Call Joke

Under the rug of a hallway, they walk through often, keeping enough bubble wrap. When the person steps on it, the sound will surely make them run for cover. This harmless prank will be quite effective as they come out of their bedrooms in the morning.

Non-lathering soap

If you add a layer of clear nail polish to a bar of soap, you have made it officially useless. The polish waterproofs the soap, and so now it won’t form any lather. Although easy, this trick is unknown to most people and blows their minds off. Wait a considerable amount of time before wishing them a happy April fools’ day.

Push or pull – Funny Prank Call Joke

Find a door that can only be pushed or pulled. Now write the opposite on paper or print it out and stick it on the door. This is not only very creative but will make people question their literacy and the sanity of their minds. With the infamous push/pull jokes being evergreen, this may be the most hilarious of all April fools’ pranks.


I hope you must have enjoyed reading all the call ideas related to pranking your friends and relatives. These ideas are tested and work amazingly. But you should be aware of the nature of the person with whom you are trying these pranks(sometimes it is quite risky to try with a serious person). So, my dear friends try these good prank call ideas for friends and family members and share your experience in the comment section. Happy Prank Day!

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