How To Change Battery Colour On iPhone?

Phones today give the best experience of all time. A large number of customization options are available, and they provide us with the best user experience. The same is the case with iPhones. iPhone offers a large set of customization options to the users. From changing font colours, to even changing the backlight colour. But do you know how to change the battery colour on iPhone?

For people who often search about the colour of their battery, it is imperative for you to know that you cannot change the battery colour on an iPhone unless you have a jailbroken iPhone. Jailbroken iPhone allows a larger set of customization, including changing the battery colour. Various colours of the battery are generally the indicator of the battery status; thus, they can only be changed if the setting is changed.

With the increase in the customization options in iPhones, people are looking for more and more customizations. The colour of the battery on my iPhone is one of these common demands. The iPhone uses various colours to indicate the battery status on the phone. This facilitates the user to identify the status of the battery with minimum effort easily. Despite all this, we can change the battery colour, which is why a lot of people question how to change battery colour on iPhone?

Various Battery Colours

iPhone is designed in such a way that it changes the colour of the battery depending upon the current status. Many people wonder why my battery is yellow, or red or black, and here is the answer for it. iPhone has four battery colours, which mean the following.


This is the general colour of the battery in normal conditions.


When the background theme is light, or you want your phone to show the percentage remaining separately or the background is turned to a lighter colour, the battery is coloured black. The percentage remaining is shown beside the visual indicator.


This is one of the most questions as to what does yellow battery mean on an iPhone? Yellow is the indicator for the battery saver mode in the phone. When you have a little charge left and need to last it for a longer time, you can set the phone to power-saving mode. The battery colour turns yellow when power-saving mode is turned on.


Red is generally a warning indicator colour. In the iPhone, a red battery indicates the battery is too low and needs to be charged immediately.

How To Change Battery colour On iPhone To White?

How to change battery colour on iPhone is one of the most frequently asked questions, as it makes the phone look cooler and gives the user a lot of customization options. Well, the battery indicator in an iPhone, in general, is white and black. If the background of your new iPhone is lighter, the battery indicator will be black; however, if you change the background or wallpaper to a darker one, the battery becomes white automatically.

Thanks to iPhone makers who gave these devices the ability to switch between the battery colours automatically. This feature is unique to iPhones, which is why many people often search about the colour of their battery.

What Does Yellow Battery Mean On iPhone?

People often find their battery turning yellow, and then they think, why is my battery yellow? Well, if you too are thinking, what does yellow battery mean on iPhone? Let me tell you that it indicates that the phone has entered a battery saver mode—known as low power mode. Some people complain that the phone battery gets yellow automatically. In these cases, the phone is probably set to automatic battery saver mode at lower charges or all the time.

Every phone today comes with a lower power mode. As the name depicts, low power mode makes the phone battery last longer by consuming less power. You may also ask how it is done? The phone constraints itself from the background and unwanted operations, thus saving on battery.

How To Change Battery colour On iPhone?

You cannot change the battery colour on iPhone unless you have a jailbroken iPhone. Jailbroken iPhone allows a larger set of customization, including the battery colour. However, various colours of the battery are generally the indicator of the battery status, thus cannot be changed.

In such a case, if you wish to know how to change battery colour on iPhone, here’s what you can do –

You can have a chance to manually play between the above-stated colours to change the available colours. Here is what you can do to change colours:

1. Switch to power-saving mode

Power saving mode increases the time of the phone before it needs a charge. This is done by constraining the performance and background applications running at that time. This will change the colour of your battery to yellow. Therefore, if you are wondering what does yellow battery mean on iPhone, here’s how you can do it –

  • In the Home screen, find and click on the ‘Settings’ icon
  • Find the option ‘Battery’ and click on it.
  • You will find a toggle switch to turn on the power-saving mode. Toggle it on, and your battery colour will turn yellow.
How To Change Battery Colour On iPhone

Another method to know how to change battery colour on iPhone to yellow –

  • In the Home screen, select ‘Settings.’
  • Go to the ‘Control Center.’
  • Click on the option ‘Customize options’
  • Now select the lower power mode option under the ‘Included Controls’ option. This will help you reach this option easier, as a swipe down your home screen will get you the option to switch to low power mode.
How To Change Battery Colour On iPhone
  • To test it out, swipe your screen down; there you go! You will get this control in your notification centre.

2. Switch to black colour

As depicted in the previous lines, the colour of the battery in the iPhone is white or black. However, it can change the colour to black if the wallpaper is white and white if the background is dark. Thus, You may need not stress to play between these two colours. All you need to do is to change the backgrounds to get the contrary battery colour.

3. Switch to Green Colour

When the iPhone is being charged, or the phone’s charge is more than 80%, the iPhone may show you a green battery. Having charged or had ample charge in the device is indicated. I have not mentioned this in the previous lines. Because not all iPhones come with this feature. Some models show a green battery while both charging and ample charge remaining. Whereas some models, which are generally older, never show a green battery.

4. Changing Battery colour through Jailbreak

iPhone is known for the outstanding securities that it offers to its users. These securities are implemented by imposing various restrictions to the users on the features it has to offer. You can access all the set of features restricted by the manufacturer by Jailbreaking the iPhone.
Jailbreaking is the process in which the owner gets full access to the features by getting access to the root of the operating system.

This method will help you know how to change battery colour on iPhone; however, JailBreaking is not illegal. Jailbreaking gives the users with a lot more customization options. As a part of it, a jailbroken iPhone gives a good set of customizations options for the battery and indicators.

While it is fun to see different colours on your battery icon, you might as well wish to know how long would it take for your iPhone to charge so that you can see these colours changing naturally.


By now, we hope you are aware of the various colours of the iPhone battery and their significance. So if you wish to know how to change battery colour on iPhone, I hope this article helped you immensely. Among the given colours options, you have a limited set of options to change the colour. Additional customizations can be done if the iPhone is Jailbroken. However, I will not suggest this option to you. Nonetheless, you can make do with the various other battery colour options, making you comprehend your battery’s state better.

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