How To Change Shipping Speed On Amazon?

The speed of the shipments is often a barrier for the buyers while shopping for an item. Many people complain about the speed of the package shipped. I missed many offers and deals due to the shipping delay. But do you know that there is an option through which you can change the shipping speed of the package on Amazon? Hearing this, you might wonder how to change shipping speed on amazon?

The shipping speed of the product can be changed through the amazon track package option. Online sales of various products have improved a lot in recent years. However, the shipping time is often a constraint for the sales. The amazon shipping delays might be a turn off for a lot of people, but when you change, the shipping speed option comes in handy and is helpful in these scenarios.

In this article, I will tell you all about how to change shipping speed on amazon.

How To Change Shipping Speed On Amazon?

The shipping speed of the product can be changed on Amazon. For this, you need to go to the order page and click on the option, “Change shipping speed”. You can change the shipping speed by clicking ‘confirm’ on the later page. Note that not all products are provided with these options.

Amazon introduced the change shipping speed option in the peak time of the corona outbreak to facilitate the buyers with early offerings. Let us look into the steps to change the shipping speed of the product on Amazon:

  • After ordering the product, go to the summary and check for the estimated delivery date.

You can see here, the order was placed on 31st October 2021, and this page shows that the order will be delivered on the coming Sunday.

  • Now, check for the ‘Change Shipping date’ and click on it.
  • Click on ‘confirm’ on the best page that appears.[/su_list]

Is it possible to change the service type or the delivery type of the package?

Once the product is ordered and dispatched, the service type and delivery type cannot be changed by any means. This answer is contrary to the previous lines. It is essential to understand this in the larger view. In general, the shipping speed, type and delivery type can never be changed.

These are the factors that are decided while or before the order and dispatching of the product. Once the product is shipped, it is no more in the hands of the buyer or the seller. The ‘change shipping speed’ option is added to Amazon in the peak pandemic time to ensure the product is not delayed due to the outbreak; this cannot be the permanent option or solution to change the type or speed of the product.

It is thus essential to understand that one cannot change the service and delivery type of a product unless Amazon provides a particular option. However, all the products do not give you the option to do so.

Reasons for Amazon Shipping Delays

A lot of people might wonder where my amazon package is? Well, amazon shipping delays are common. The only factor that constrains buyers from online purchases is delays in delivering the packages. It takes at least a couple of days for the delivery. Sometimes it takes more than the scheduled time. Buyers have turned aggressive and frustrated, leading them to complain about the same.

It is essential to understand that a package can be delayed due to many reasons. These reasons not only lie with the seller but also on the side of the buyer too. Some reasons why Amazon shipping delays happen are –

Incorrect address

During the order of the product, the buyer believes in giving a perfect shipping address; however, sometimes, the address turns out to be inaccurate. In most of these cases, it is found that the delay happens due to the error in the address provided. For instance: Wrong spelling or number provided.

Missing apartment, building, floor, or unit number

This postulate is related to the previous one. In some cases, the delivery team couldn’t find the building number or the flat number of the buyer; this way, the delay may happen.

Severe weather conditions

Weather is one of those few unpredictable things. This affects the delivery system too. Bad weather implies a delay in the work and thus delays in the delivery.

International customs procedures

International procedures seldom take a long time to complete. This is the place where rejections happen quickly. Thus these procedures are volatile and are pretty unpredictable. Thus international packages may get delayed.

Hence, if you are wondering where is my amazon package, these can be the few reasons why you haven’t got it yet.

Amazon Check My Order

You can track your package in many ways if you have ordered it from Amazon. The company offers multiple ways to track your package. The amazon track package option can be accessed in the following ways

  • Text Trace Alerts - These options are made for the store owners that ship that product. The text updates are given to the registered mobile number of the sellers.
  • Amazon Track Package, via the Track your package Option - This option is provided to both sellers and buyers. You can check and track your order after logging in to your account on the Amazon site from any device.
  • Tracking app - This option is generally for those users, generally sellers, who want to track a large number of packages at a time. Store owners are given tracking apps that facilitate:
    • Receive and scan packages at the store
    • Confirm if the package is available.
    • Ensure that the correct package is handed over to the customer.
    • Receive the cash from the customer and update receipts with signature.

Where Is My Amazon Package? - Amazon Track Package

After having ordered a product, you might often look for the estimated date and other options. Amazon track package options come in pretty handy and are helpful in this scenario. Once you have ordered your product, you can track your package to know the current status of your shipment.

Where is my amazon package - how to track packages?

Here is what you can do:

  • Step 1: Go to 'Your Orders'
  • Step 2: Go to the product you want to track and click on it
  • Step 3: Select the option- 'Track Package' to check your shipment's current status.
How To Change Shipping Speed On Amazon

However, if you wish to track international packages, this might not be possible.

How To Change Shipping Address On Amazon

You can change your shipping address while you place the order. Amazon also allows you to change and edit the address after the order. All you need to do is update your address from the Amazon account homepage. It is imperative to note that you cannot change the address once the product is shipped.

It is always suggested to ensure the correct address and other credentials like phone numbers before placing the order. This way, you can ensure that product will be shipped to the correct address hassle-free.

If you need to change the shipping address after you have placed the order, you can follow the steps below -

  • Open the Amazon website and log in to your account if not logged in.
  • Go to 'Accounts and Lists' and click on 'Your Orders'
How To Change Shipping Speed On Amazon
  • Navigate to the order whose address you want to change
  • Go to 'View Order Details'.
How To Change Shipping Speed On Amazon
  • Now, click on 'Change'. Now you can modify any detail, including the shipping address.


By now, we hope you are clear about How to change the shipping speed on Amazon. It is not difficult to understand and go for, however many buyers are unaware of this option and wait for longer durations. The amazon shipping delays are common; however, accessing the amazon track package page gives you the leverage to see all the details regarding your order.

The change shipping speed option added to specific products in Amazon has increased the utility and made the experience even better. Don't forget to check for Change Shipping Speed for you to buy every time now on Amazon. Happy Shopping!

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