How To Find Clipboard On iPhone?

Clipboards are generally the internal structure of a device. Thus they are not visible all the time. iPhone, despite giving various options to users, steps back in access to its Clipboard. Therefore, a lot of users end up asking the question, How to find the Clipboard on iPhone?

The Clipboard in iOS is an internal part of the structure, just like any other OS. If you want to access the Clipboard of an iPhone, you need to select a text and long press on it to see a pop-up box, which is the Clipboard. Now you can paste the text in the box to the selected area. Note that the iPhone clipboard can hold only one text at a time.

How To Find Clipboard On iPhone

The answer to the question; of how to find a Clipboard on an iPhone is complicated. A clipboard is not a working area. Thus it is not visible to the users all the time. The iPhone is not an exception in this area. All the iPhones come with a clipboard in them that helps the copy-paste functionality; all you need to know in the first place is how to open Clipboard.

Where Is The Clipboard On My Phone?

Before you ask, where is the Clipboard on my phone? It becomes imperative that I tell you that a clipboard is a small text storing area present in all phones. A clipboard stores a message that is copied in one area or application to be pasted in another location or application. To be precise, a clipboard is a virtual location in the device’s memory. Thus, whenever you ask: where is the Clipboard on my phone, understand that there is no dedicated location in the device from where you can access the Clipboard.

Here is what you need to know if you ask how do I get to my Clipboard? Initially, a lot of people have the same query, and they too end up asking how do I get to my Clipboard? It is essential at this level to understand that you can access the Clipboard of your Phone by long-pressing any text you may want to paste. When you long press on the text, a bubble pops up. This is nothing but the Clipboard. If you have copied something in the recent past, you may get to see the same in the bubble. So, you now know the answer to your question where is the Clipboard on my phone —actually any phone?

How to paste a clipboard on iPhone?

The process of how to paste a clipboard on the iPhone is almost elucidated in the previous lines. Pasting on an iPhone is simple, just like any other device. First, you will have to copy something that you need to paste in a particular location. Later, you can go to the location where you want to paste the copied text. Now long click on the location or text to see a clipboard bubble popping up. Next, select the paste option to paste the text in that desired location.

The iPhone is perceived to have complex operations. However, it is not. Knowing tricks and ways to operate makes the iPhone an easy operating device. While you learn how to paste on an iPhone, you should also know that an iPhone clipboard can also copy and paste images.

iPhone Clipboard History

Clipboard is used to store the copied data to be pasted somewhere else in the device. It is essential to comprehend that the Clipboard in the iPhone stores one data at a time. Thus, the Clipboard will not store or have memories of previous data. Thus, accessing the history of a device’s Clipboard is not possible.

However, the data that is recently copied is stored in the Clipboard until any other text is copied. Therefore, this text can be considered as the history of the Clipboard.

How To Clear Clipboard on Android and iPhone

Android is one of the most popular and fluid OS on mobile phones. They offer the best features and customization options to the developers and the users. Right from the background to the operating speed, Android offers all possible ways for customization.

Despite all the features offered, Android doesn’t allow users to access the Clipboard. Of course, the Clipboard is not meant to be accessed. However, clearing the Clipboard sometimes turns to the need of the moment. There is no specified option where you can navigate the clear Clipboard directly. But, you can follow a trick to do so.

How To Clear iPhone Clipboard History

There is no option where you can directly go and clear the Clipboard of the iPhone. However, the trick shown below can help you:

  • Step 1: Open any app that allows you to enter text
  • Step 2: Tap on ‘Return’ a couple of times and then type the space bar for sometimes to ensure enough measure.
How To Find Clipboard On iPhone
  • Step 3: Highlight the space with ‘Return’ and copy that text
  • Step 4: Now select any text and long press on it to see the ‘paste’ option
  • Step 5: Ensure that the content in the Clipboard is blank or with just multiple spaces.

This is one great hack to clear history in a smart way!

How to clear the clipboard on android?

The process here is almost the same as that of the iPhone. However, if you are using a Gboard, you can access the latest text in the Clipboard and access it.

You can follow the following steps to clear your Android’s Clipboard:

  • Step 1: Go to any app that allows you to enter text
  • Step 2: Type some spaces and select copy. This way, you can replace the previous data with spaces.

If you are using a G board, look for more options on the keyboard. Find the ‘Clipboard’ icon and click on it. Now you can edit or delete the clipboard content.

How To Find Clipboard On iPhone

Uses of Clipboard

A clipboard is a small place in the memory that stores the copied data to be pasted in some other location. By now, you know how to open Clipboard; now it’s time to know some uses. It does not have a certain location to access. Thus editing it is not possible. Here are some uses of the Clipboard:

  • Facilitates copy-paste procedure of the device.
  • Can hold any size of the file for any time (till overwritten) to paste without any hassle.

The user can use software like Clipdairy to store more than one text in the Clipboard.

Does iPhone 12 have a clipboard?

If you are using an iPhone 12 and want to know how to find a clipboard on iPhone, let me be clear that iPhone 12 doesn’t have a clipboard. It can, however, perform copy-paste operations. You can only see the copied text when you paste it somewhere else. This feature is expected and continued to the further generations of the iPhone too.


That’s it! You know how to find a Clipboard on an iPhone. If you are trying to find how to access Clipboard on your iPhone, you will end up getting nothing. This is because the iPhone never offers an option to access the Clipboard directly to clear or edit its content. Probably this is a step towards increasing the security of the users. However, the trick stated can make you change the content of the Clipboard, thus removing secret text, if any. You can check the Clipboard by long-pressing a text to find the paste option with a bubble. This is the only way you can find and access the Clipboard on an iPhone.

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