How To Find Facebook Friends On Spotify?

How can we stop ourselves from sharing our favourite Spotify music with our friends and family members? Evidently, we can share them via any platform with a link. But this may be taxing if you need to share multiple songs with many people. To facilitate the same, Spotify has offered its users to connect with friends in the app itself, making sharing songs and experience smoother. In this scenario, some users want to know how to connect with friends, thus asking queries like finding Facebook friends on Spotify. If you are one of those who is looking for the answer for the same, look no further. We will look into how to find a friend on Spotify (including Facebook) on multiple devices. 

How To Find Facebook Friends On Spotify In Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are often handy to use, especially when you need to listen to songs. You can plug in earphones and push the phone in your pocket and start relishing your favourite grooves. You can find and connect with your friends from the Spotify mobile phone app. Here’s how to find Facebook friends on Spotify on mobile phones:  

  • Step 1: Launch the Spotify app on your phone
  • Step 2: Click on the Settings icon (gear) on the top-right side of your screen

  • Step 4: In the account screen, find the three dots on the top-right side of the screen and tap on them.

  • Step 5: You will now see FInd Friends on the new screen. Tap on it.

  • Step 6: Tap on the Connect Facebook button now.

  • Step 7: The Facebook page will be loaded. Tap on Continue as <Your name> button.

  • Step 8: Now, your Facebook account is connected to a Spotify account. You can now see a list of friends ready to share your favourite music.

Note that the process of finding and connecting with Facebook friends is the same in both android and iOS devices. Thus, you can follow the above steps no matter what device you use. 

How to Find Facebook friends on Spotify on PC

If you are using Spotify on PC and want to connect with Facebook friends, you can follow the below steps to do so. Note that the process is the same as that of mobile phones; however, the steps may differ based on the interface. Here’s how to find Facebook friends on Spotify on PC:

  • Step 1:Launch the Spotify Desktop app on your PC.

  • Step 2: In the home screen, click on the profile to get a set of options to select. Click on Settings.

  • Step 3: In the settings screen, scroll down to find Facebook, click on Connect to the Facebook banner.

  • Step 4:You can enter your Facebook credentials to log in to the new page.

  • Step 5: Now, you have connected your Facebook account with a Spotify account on your PC. Now, you can navigate to the Find Friends button and click on it.

  • Step 6: You can see a list of your Facebook friends on the new screen; select any number for them to follow and connect. You can also select Follow All to follow all the friends at once. 

How To Find A Friend On Spotify On Spotify On PC- Directly

You may search Facebook friends from the step elucidated above. If you want to search for a friend who is not connected to Facebook but is available in Spotify, you may need to change your process apart from the above steps. Here’s how to Find a Friend on Spotify on Spotify in PC directly:

  • Step 1: Launch the Spotify application on your PC.

  • Step 2: Log into your account and navigate to the home page.

  • Step 3: Navigate to the Search Bar on the top of the screen and type “spotify:user:<username>” where the <username> is one of your friends. Remember that the username should be written in lower case only.

  • Step 4: Once you find the profile you are looking for, tap on the Follow button to connect with them. 

Not only to search for a friend, but you can also employ this process to search for a celebrity to follow in Spotify. Note that this process of searching friends on PC can also be applied in Iphone and Android applications as well. However, opting for this technique for a large number of users is time taking. 

Advantages of Connecting to Friends on Spotify

Some users want to listen to songs with loved ones. Spotify facilitates the same with the connect feature. By this, you can connect to your friends and listen to a song at the same time to get virtually together. Connecting your Facebook and Spotify accounts is an added advantage since you can connect and provide access to many friends at once. 

Summing up

We are sure you now know the answer to your query: how to find Facebook friends on Spotify. You may need to connect your Spotify account with your Facebook account for this. Fortunately, the process of connecting is effortless on all devices. All you need to know is the process to do so. If you want to search for a friend directly on Spotify or want to search for a celebrity to follow them, the procedure may turn different. The illustration of all these steps is depicted above, which would aid you in resolving your query. 

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