How To Fix HDMI Port on Xbox One

Xboxes are legendary. Developed by Microsoft, the Xboxes refer to a line of home-based video game consoles. Announced in May 2013, it is the successor to Xbox 360 and the third base console in the Xbox series of video game consoles.

And just when you are getting warmed up, your chores finished, the lights set, the game inserted, and everyone warned to stay away for the next several hours, your Xbox One shows you its true colors by breaking down.

On closer inspection, the HDMI port seems to be malfunctioning.

Fear not, we’re here to serve. Or at least guide you through the process. It isn’t that difficult. You’ll get it done.

What does a HDMI port do?

Just like every other device, the Xbox requires certain connections needed in order to run. It is entirely possible that your HDMI port could be broken or malfunctioning after a certain amount of use. The HMDI port is essential in connecting the Xbox to your television. Therefore, a fault in this crucial element will leave you with your entire evening plans discarded in an eighth of a second.

The cable attached to this port would be the communication tool between the television and the Xbox.

5 Common Reasons Why HDMI port is not working with Xbox One

So, when your HDMI acts up, what could be the reason? Let’s have a look at five common causes:

  1. Faulty HDMI Cable Just like any piece of tech, HDMI cables can wear out over time or even arrive defective. Regular wear and tear, bends, or kinks can disrupt the cable’s ability to transmit signals.
  2. Incorrect Xbox Settings Accidentally changed some settings? Your Xbox might be outputting a video resolution not supported by your TV or monitor.
  3. HDMI Port Issues Both the port on your Xbox and the one on your TV/monitor can accumulate dust or suffer damage, preventing a secure connection.
  4. Software Glitches Sometimes, it’s not a hardware problem. Software updates or certain applications can mess with the HDMI output.
  5. TV or Monitor Compatibility Issues Not all screens are created equal. Some older TVs or monitors might struggle to communicate effectively with your Xbox via HDMI.

Quick Fixes HDMI Port on Xbox One

Check Out the Connection

If you are blessed, then maybe the cable connecting the HDMI port to the television isn’t secure. So plugin the cable more securely.

Also, check whether the HDMI cable is connected the port marked as “Out to TV”.

After doing the above-mentioned step, power cycle the Xbox. By pressing and holding the Xbox button for a handful of seconds, you turn off the console.

Now, turn it back on.

Go to settings and click on the display options to reset it.

And, maybe it would work. If this step doesn’t work, its time to get out the big guns.

Use HDMI Splitter

Technical stuff at times could get too technical for plebians to grasp. You need a lot of hand skills and mastery of soldering minute connections. Most televisions are equipped with multiple HDMI ports. Therefore, you could try using a HDMI splitter. This would help connect multiple inputs in a single port.

Check the HDMI Cable and Connections

There is a possibiltiyt that you HDMI cable might have been disconnected from the rear of your Xbox One console or the TV. users are advised to check if the cable is plugged in currently and try plugging them inside their respective port in a secure and a firm manner.

Maybe you got the Wrong Port

Televisions nowadays come with an array of ports for everything ranging from Blu-ray players, video game consoles, and other media devices. And with those tiny letterings, it is entirely possible to have gotten them mixed up. So, look a little closer and make sure the HDMI cable is in the right port.

Claim Warranty

Most products come with a warranty slip attached to them. If your Xbox is well within the warranty period, then it is best to have it claimed as soon as possible. The company would either get the Xbox fixed or even replace it with a brand new one. Isn’t that convenient? So, dig out the receipt and the warranty card you shoved in at the back of a cardboard box and call the helpline number given to you.

Get it Repaired

If your Xbox has gone past its warranty period, there is nothing to do but get it repaired. There exist several shops that would get your HDMI port back to new in no time at all. However, it is advised to get the device repaired at the source point.


HDMI port problems are a common problem faced by many. Try employing the methods mentioned above to revive your Xbox. And if all fails, it is maybe time to get the latest Xbox gaming console that you’ve been eyeing for the past six months.

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