How to make keyboard bigger on Android

How to make keywords bigger on smartphone displays have always been offering you advanced options in terms of faster and more powerful displays that provide you with a highly flawless performance. If you are looking out for the top-of-the-notch media streaming experience. One of the advantages of the current day smartphones has been that the mobile screens are growing more extensive and more vibrant in nature.

However, you may be looking ahead to find how to make keyboard bigger on Android. Let us check out the best options to help you in terms of how to make keyboard bigger on Android.

How do I resize my Android keyboard?

The steps used in how to resize an Android keyboard would largely be based on the keyboard app that you are using on your Android device. We will focus on the Gboard app when working with the steps involved in how to resize your Android keyboard. If you are wondering to find an answer to the question – How do I make my keyboard bigger – the tips here should prove to be extremely handy in providing you with the best choices.

Gboard is one of the most popular keyboard apps on Google. The integrated floating keyboard, translator, and a wide range of other options that you stand to gain with the Gboard should prove to be extremely effective.

To resize the Gboard on Android, you can follow the steps here below –

  • Go to your Gboard app
  • Tap on the Preferences option.
  • In the Design tab, tap on the option Keyboard height.

  • You can choose the height of the keyboard that you would want to have.

You can even make a choice to make the key zoom on a keypress by clicking on the option Zoom in on keypress

In the keyboard height section, you can make a choice from among multiple options that include

  • Extra-short
  • Short
  • Mis-short
  • Normal
  • Mid-tall
  • Tall
  • Extra-tall

How do I get rid of the small keyboard on my Android?

Wondering why my keyboard so tiny on my Android? If you find that the keyboard is small and you find an arrow to the left or right side of the screen, it should mean that the one handed operation is turned on.

To turn off the one handed operation, you can follow the steps here below –

  • Go to Settings on your Android device.
  • Go to the option Preferences
  • Next, move on to the option of One-handed operation

  • Turn the One-handed input OFF.

How to make the keyboard bigger on Samsung Galaxy devices?

The Samsung Galaxy devices come with the Samsung keyboard options. Of course, you can even use the Gboard on the Samsung smartphone, but the Samsung keyboard should definitely prove to be one of the excellent options in the long run.

If you are looking to increase the keyboard size on Samsung Galaxy devices, you can follow the steps here below –

  • Launch the Samsung Settings app on your smartphone
  • Navigate to the option General Management
  • Tap on Samsung Keyboard settings
  • Move down to the option Style and layout and then select the option Size and Transparency

  • Drag the Blue handle upwards until you get the requisite height for the keyboard. You can even modify the width of the keyboard from here.

Tap on Done when done, and there you have it – the keyboard is resized as per your preferences.

How do I restore my keyboard to normal?

The steps involved in how to restore keyboard to normal can prove to be very handy in more ways than one. You can make use of the following options to help you in achieving the best solution to restore the keyboard.

Here are the steps that you would find it impressive in how to restore your keyboard to normal –

  • Go to Settings on your Android keyboard
  • Tap on the option Additional Settings
  • Select the languages and input option in the keyboard settings
  • Choose the option Current keyboard

Are there more ways to resize the Android keyboard?

The options and tips outlined in the above discussion should be helpful in providing you with an effective ability in how to resize the Google keyboard. The wide range of options that have been outlined in the above discussion should definitely prove to be quite effective in getting access to one of the excellent experiences.

The default options outlined in the above discussion should prove to be extremely useful in every Android device that you can think of. They are the quickest options for the straightforward options to help you resize the keyboard. The versatility that you have access to should definitely be a great option with each of these methods.

You can even make use of the third-party options for the purpose. SwiftKey has been one of the hot favorites in recent times. However, of late, the default keyboards such as Gboard and Samsung keyboard have been able to provide you with an excellent experience, thereby doing away with the need for the third-party keyboard apps.

The Closing Thoughts

It should be very nice to have a few great options to help you in how to resize Android keyboard. The tips and solutions offered above in how to make keyboards bigger on Android should definitely prove to be quite impressive in every sense of the word.

A few FAQs

How do I make my keyboard bigger?

You can simply tap on the gear icon at the top of the Android keyboard and open Preferences. Tap on the Keyboard height options and select the one that best meets your individual preferences.

What is the Best large keyboard app for Android?

There are plenty of best keyboard options that you would find much impressive. They can include Gboard, TouchPal, Fleksy, and SwiftKey.

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