How To See How Long You’ve Been Friends On Facebook?

Facebook has been one of the initiations of social media interaction and making online friends. Everyone made use of Facebook through any means possible, and the way Instagram and Twitter have received global popularity right now, Facebook’s popularity has been growing along as well. Now, if you have had your account for a very long time, then you might have surely forgotten how long you have been friends with some of the users or any particular user. So, if you want to know how to see how long you’ve been friends on Facebook, then this article is for you.

Generally, people start their Facebook accounts with the help of someone who already has it. That one friend who helped you open the account also sent you a friend request. So that is your very first Facebook friend who you will always have as long as you have your Facebook account.

If you are wondering how to see how long you’ve been friends on Facebook, then there are new features introduced by Facebook, where it shows your duration of friendship and celebrates its years. But, what do you want to have a look at personally? How long has it been? Or do you want to know how to see recently added friends on Facebook? In this article, we will be looking at some of the simple ways to see the duration of your friendship, finding out who you recently became friends with, pending requests, and many more.

How to see how long you’ve been friends on Facebook?

There are two ways if you are wondering how to see how long you’ve been friends on Facebook with someone:

  • You might be remembering the date or year when you received the friend request or sent it.
  • The other is to check your activity log, which will be the last time you celebrate an anniversary with your friend.

In both these ways, you need to check your activity log to be sure about the duration of your friendship on the website. Going into the activity log is a much easier way to know when you last celebrated your Anniversary. Also, as the anniversary feature on Facebook is the new way to remind your long-maintained online friendships, the date always comes around, and you will know for how many years the two of you have been friends. If you don’t know how to see recently added friends on Facebook? Going through your activity log is the only option where you’ll know your recently added friends.

How To Find Out When You Became Friends With Someone?

As we mentioned above, visiting your activity log can help you find out almost everything that happened while online. Everything that you do gets recorded with the timing and date of the month and year. So, when you want to go back in history to find out something or someone, you can easily tap into the activity log and get what you want.

How To Access The Activity Log From Your Website?

  • When you log in to Facebook from your browser, you will see a small arrow pointing downwards at the top right corner of your page. Click on that arrow, and you will see many options, out of which, click on Settings and Privacy.
How To See How Long You've Been Friends On Facebook
  • Once you are in Settings and Privacy, you’ll see the Activity Log. Click on that, and you will see everything you did for the past few days or even months on your Facebook account. It also maintains activity about who has tagged in a post, tagged you in a comment, and you can also download the activity log if you want a copy of it.
  • Filter your settings once you are in the Activity Log. If you have been using your Facebook for more than eight or nine years, you have the longest list of activity logs to search for. So filtering down the search to the particular year, month, or even by your friend’s name can help you find when the two of you became friends.
How To See How Long You've Been Friends On Facebook
  • When you are filtering, there are several activity types, from which are looking for your friend. So click on the Connections Activity Type, which will narrow down your search for activities of sent, received, and accepted friend requests. Connections Activity Type includes friends, relationship statuses, and page likes as well.
How To See How Long You've Been Friends On Facebook
  • Find the recent Anniversary. You don’t have to go back eight or nine years in the past and check each and every activity log to see when you made your first friend. You know the name of the friend already, so just look for the date when you celebrated your recent Anniversary. If the date is yet to come, then go back a year, and you’ll find it mentioned by Facebook itself that “You’ve completed eight years of friendship on Facebook” along with that, you will also find the date and month; now you can easily figure out the year.

Your Activity Log can show you everything if you are wondering how to find out when you became friends with someone on Facebook. Also, find out whom you have sent a friend request and whom you have accepted. When you become friends with a particular person, your postings, which page or post have you liked and commented on. Your sharing history and almost everything is recorded here to keep track of your activity.

How To See All Your Pending Requests

Tap on the Friends option on your mobile app and press See All next to the Friend Requests option. Then tap on the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner of your screen and tap on View sent requests. Once you are here, you will see all your pending friend requests.

How To See How Long You've Been Friends On Facebook

Now, if you want to know this in detail and then the Connections Activity Type in your Activity Log, can you provide more details. This is one way if you want to know how to see recently added friends on Facebook.

Knowing your pending requests is to know how many of them you are trying to befriend. It might be the same with your friend requests as well. When you tap on the Friend Requests options, you will likely see how many friend requests you have received over the past week or month.

Summing Up

If you are still wondering how to see how long you’ve been friends on Facebook, these are some ways of finding out. Not to forget, Facebook has several beneficial features and ways to notify you about how long you have been friends with a particular person. Checking your friend’s list is pretty easy. You can open your profile, and below your profile picture, there will be your details and right below that is the number of friends, so it is pretty easy to understand Facebook for those who are signing up for the first time.

Instagram and Snapchat have a feature that reminds you of a picture that you had taken on a particular day as a memory, the same way, and Facebook reminds you of your long-time friendship on the website by celebrating an anniversary. A globally popular social media interactive website for all. Interacting and exploring pictures, short videos, and even watching online shows are some of the key features of Facebook. Also, its chat app, The Messenger, makes chatting restricted to one app and browning and exploring to another.

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