How to see who likes your playlist on Spotify? (Truth Revealed)!

To see who likes your playlist on Spotify is one of the most searched features of Spotify app.

Some people say it is gone forever, some say it will surely come in the future and the rest say that you can do it right now!

But what’s the actual truth? Can you really see who has liked your playlist on Spotify?

Let’s find out in this article.

Can you see who likes your Spotify playlist? (In-short answer)

For all those who are in a hurry here is the quick answer to the question that can you see the people who like your Spotify playlist?

The answer is no you can’t see the people who have liked your Spotify playlist.

Yes, you can calculate it roughly by seeing who follows your Spotify account.

Most of the people who follow you on Spotify might like your playlist too.

(I am going to tell this process in this article so stay tuned)!

How to see who liked your playlist on Spotify?

As I have told you that you can just roughly estimate the number of likes on your Spotify playlist.

And this is what I am going to tell you in this section.

But before that here are some points you should know about Spotify.

  • If any playlist on Spotify has zero likes then you would only see its creator’s name.
  • The like count on your Spotify playlist show at different places on different devices.

Now let’s see how you can find who likes your Spotify playlist.

First, let’s see how you can do it on the Spotify web browser version.

  • First, go to Spotify and on the left sidebar, you would get your playlist lined up.

  • Or you can manually search for the playlist as well.
  • Click on it, you would get to the playlist page, and here you can see the total number of likes.

  • Next, you have to go to your profile page which you can directly do from here.

  • After that just click here to see who follows you and from it, you can estimate who likes your playlist as well.

Next here is how you can estimate the number of likes on your playlist from the Spotify desktop app.

  • Similar to the web browser version you would get your playlist lined up here in the desktop app.

  • After that just click on it and here you would get the number of likes of that playlist.

  • Next to see your profile just click here.

  • And to see who follows your profile just click on the followers tab.

At last here is how you can do this task on the Spotify Android application:

  • Download and install the Spotify app from play store if you haven’t done that yet.
  • Next at the bottom click on the library tab to see your playlists.

  • After that click the one which you want to know the likes of.

  • Here are the likes of that playlist in the mobile app. After that just click on the name of the creator to go to their profile.

  • And here is the followers count just click here to see who is following your profile.

Now as you have seen that you can’t find who likes your Spotify playlist just by comparing the number of followers on your account.

Especially when you are in the music niche because many people would like your playlist for future use but won’t follow you.

However, if your playlist is private then you can somehow calculate who has followed your playlist.

But I don’t think that most of you who are reading this article would have a private Spotify playlist.

Till 2013, this feature was available on Spotify but after that, they just scrapped it due to privacy reasons.

And you might not be surprised to hear that this feature is the most asked feature by Spotify users.

A bunch of users are demanding this feature on Spotify forums for a long time.

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How To Delete Liked Songs On Spotify 2022?

Will Spotify add the ability to see who likes my playlist in the future?

Now they won’t because in 2019 after the request of so many users Spotify replied on this issue and told that they have added this idea to the “Not right now” bin and have no plans to add this feature to their app soon.

What you can do now?

In this situation, you can either wait for this feature to come in the future (but it is not coming soon)

Or you can put the vote for this feature from here.

Over to you!

I am sure that Spotify would soon add the feature of seeing the likes of your playlist as a lot of its users are demanding it.

Till now you can just wait as you can’t do anything more than that.

Now tell me in the comments which type of content you make or listen to on Spotify?

I would love to hear that from you.

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