How To See Who Likes Your Videos on TikTok?

TikTok is an application where you can post and watch short videos ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes in length. If you’re a new TikTok user, you’ll notice that most of the people you follow or watch on TikTok have “likes” in the form of hearts on the right side of their video. You’ll find yourself liking, commenting on, and sharing TikToks after a while. And you might be wondering how to see who likes your videos on TikTok if you posted a video. But where can you find out who and how many people liked your TikTok? This article will walk you through determining how to see who likes your videos on TikTok and offer suggestions for increasing the number of likes.

How to see who likes your videos on TikTok

How to Find Out Who Liked Your TikTok Video?

Fortunately, you can see who liked a particular video you posted. Instead of glimpsing through endless notifications, you can go directly to the video and see who has liked your video.

Here’s how you can discover who liked one of your TikTok videos:

  • Step One: Tap on your profile icon in the down right-hand corner of TikTok.
  • Step Two: Tap anywhere on the video to see who liked it.
  • Step Three: To the right, tap the Comment icon.
  • Step Four: Select Likes. You will notice a list of users who liked that video here.

You can use the above steps to check which users liked each video you posted. However, if you want more information about likes to help you grow your TikTok profile, you can upgrade to a Creator account to access more useful analytics.

How to View Your TikTok Likes on Your iPhone?

TikTok has a segment that lets you glimpse who has liked your video on your iPhone. You can see how many individuals viewed and commented on your TikTok video. This is suitable if you want to see how your videos are received. You’ll understand what the public presumes of the videos and utilize their feedback to improve the content.

To glimpse who liked your video on an iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Step One: Launch the TikTok app.
  • Step Two: Tap the “Notification” button, which is located next to the “+” button.
  • Step Three: At the top, click All Activity.
  • Step Four: Tap the Likes button.

Filtering TikTok notifications to show only likes will allow you to see the users who liked your content without having to sift through them. If you want to see different types of activity, repeat the previous steps but choose the appropriate option.

It could take some time to go through all of those notifications. That is, however, the only way to see who liked your TikToks. By clicking on their name, you can access their profile. You can also reciprocate by liking some of their videos.

How to View All of Your Likes On Android?

The Android app functions similarly to the iPhone app. The following are the steps to view your TikTok likes on your Android app:

  • Step One: Navigate to the TikTok app.
  • Step Two: Next to the “+” button, tap the “Notification” button.
  • Step Three: At the top of the page, select All Activity.
  • Step Four: Select Likes. Examine the list to see what you like.

You can now see who liked each of your videos. Unfortunately, you can’t see who liked which videos. Select the corresponding option in the list to check for new followers, comments, or other types of notifications.

On a PC, how do you see who liked your TikTok videos?

You can use your web browser to access TikTok on your PC. Log in to see your notifications and likes, watch videos, like, comment, and share. Follow the steps below to see who liked your TikTok video on your PC:

  • Step One: Log in to your TikTik account using your web browser.
  • Step Two: In the top right corner, you’ll notice some icons next to your profile picture. Navigate to the notification icon.
  • Step Three: At the top of the notification pop-up, select Likes. After that, go through the notifications to see who liked your video.

FAQs Related to TikTok Likes

Somebody liked my TikTok, but I can’t see who it was, why?

You get a notification saying that a specific user liked your video. However, when you open the app, their name has vanished—and you can’t find their profile. Why is this the case? They most likely disliked your video. While TikTok lacks a dislike button like YouTube, users can still retract their likes by tapping the heart icon again.

You will be notified when a user likes your video. However, you will not be notified if they ‘unlike’ it. Their email will be removed from your Inbox. You will also be unable to locate their profile.
Keeping your favorite videos private

TikTok users can control who can see their favorite content. You have two choices: “Only Me” or “Everyone.” The former makes your favorite videos private, so no one can see what you like on the TT app. The latter functions similarly to Twitter’s Likes & Mentions feature. Anyone can use it to see which TikTok videos you’ve liked so far.

How to make your likes private on TikTok?

To make your likes private, follow these steps:

  • Step One: Navigate to the ‘Me’ section of the app.
  • Step Two: Tap the menu switch in the upper-right corner.
  • Step Three: Go to Settings and then Privacy.
  • Step Four: Scroll down to see a list of ‘Liked Videos.’ Change it to ‘Only Me.’

Can you see who has viewed your TikTok?

No, TikTok no longer shows who viewed your video. The app used to have a feature that informed creators/users about who watched their content. However, the feature was removed in early 2020, along with other similar options, due to privacy concerns.

There is currently no workaround for identifying your viewer list. The only option available to you is ‘Analytics.’ It does not reveal who watched your video but estimates how many people did.

TikTok Analytics is only available to Pro users. You must first switch to a Creator or Business profile to use it. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Step One: Navigate to your profile in the app.
  • Step Two: Tap the menu button in the upper-right corner.
  • Step Three: Choose Settings, then Account Management.
  • Step Four: Tap the “Switch to a Po Account” text in red.

The Analytics feature will be available in your Settings and your TikTok videos. It provides information on how many users interact with your content. It also provides information about your audience’s type, gender, age, country, etc.

To end with

That’s all you need to know about how to see who likes your videos on TikTok. The steps are very simple. If you ever get confused, check the guide. I hope this guide will answer all the questions regarding your viewership and likes on TikTok.

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