What is Instagram Story Views Order and how does it work?

Since the release of Instagram Stories in 2016, it has only got bigger. At the time of writing, more than one billion people daily use Instagram Stories to post about their lives and share what they like or dislike. Instagram Stories has already passed its biggest competitor, Snapchat. Snapchat used to be the biggest player in social media before Instagram. With just a tap, Instagram Stories makes it easy for you to let your followers know where you are, what are you doing, share some parts of your day reel, etc. As for this feature, while users like it very much there are a lot of things to learn about. One of them is What Instagram Story views order. and how does it work? Instagram respects users’ privacy but still discloses some statistics. An interesting find is the list of Story viewers.

Instagram Story Views Order

How does Instagram Story Views Work?

When you share a story on Instagram, viewers see who they watched it in the order that they did so like timeline. But once your story has been viewed by more than 50 users, Instagram switches the order. It subsequently applies a secret algorithm that takes into account variables such as profile visits, likes and comments to reorder the list. The people who are more active on your account, like visiting the profile regularly get ranked higher. Therefore, the order is built.

What does the Instagram story views order mean?

Instagram users can see who viewed their stories and the order of viewers is an insightful thing. While Instagram does not reveal the specific parameters for viewer order, it is affected by user engagements on the platform.

You interaction with followers like profile visits, liking posts comment and viewing stories affect the story view order. In order to alter the sequence, think about interacting with diverse individuals on the platform.

For business and marketers using Instagram for engagement, the story view order is essential. It provides information that can be used to enhance relationships towards the right audience hence enabling marketers to maximize their strategies for higher conversion rates on Instagram.

Who is at the top of my Instagram Story views order?

The order is determined by who you interact with the most, for example liking their posts or checking out their profile. Therefore, if one is at the top then both of you are interacting with each other. It is as if you have a best friend, partner or relative in the limelight. There is no need to ask the followers, “Why are you so obsessed with me?” — it’s more of a mutual thing.

Factors Affecting Instagram Story Views

1. Profile Interaction: If you often interact with someone’s profile, for example commenting, reposting or direct messaging they are likely to be in your views list.

2. Posting Time: The order is slightly dependent on when you post. There could be an algorithm here as well, so ask your friends to stay tuned with notifications in case they want to remain at the top especially before hitting 50 views.

3. Content Relevance: Instagram wants to present you with people who intrigue you. The first five viewers are the most important for engagement, and Instagram fills those places with people you interacted with in the past.

4. User-Viewer Relationship: Instagram analyses your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp. If you are friends elsewhere it affects your story viewers list. Regular engagement on other platforms may increase someone’s position in your list.

5. Other Factors: Those who appreciate your story are promoted on the list for better identification. Moreover, if someone interacts with your content even though you don’t follow them back, they slowly move up in the algorithm of story viewers. Instagram wants you to see those who are really interested in.

All the Instagram’s Recent Upgrades

The Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri claims that the Stories feature on Instagram is getting a significant upgrade. Your experience will improve while using the app.

3D Avatars for Stories & DMs.

Today, you can have 3D avatars not only on Instagram but also in the US, Canada and Mexico Facebook and Messenger. To ensure smooth user experience, Instagram has added many personalization options such as facial characteristics, emotions, and skin colors. This allows you to create an avatar which is a true reflection of yourself!

In the spirit of Super Bowl, Instagram has added some new NFL outfits as well. Meta will be releasing these avatars worldwide to Facebook, Instagram and Messenger users within the next few months. Prepare for a more intimate and entertaining social media life!

Instagram Stories Private Likes

This is a great new function on Instagram. Now, when you like someone’s Story it will not take up their direct messages. On the contrary, your like remains private.

When you are viewing a Story, simply look for the heart icon at the bottom between message field and paper airplane symbol. The heart is tapped, and the like will go privately. The creator of the Story can still view likes as heart symbols but will not receive direct messages that get cluttered.

As per Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, they want to allow people to show their support without filling up other’s DMs. Instagram is trying to keep the direct messages more on conversations. Like Stories without the inbox mess!

 Instagram Tests New Layout for Stories

As per social media expert Matt Navarra, Instagram is experimenting with a new way to display Stories. The intention is to display only three Stories per user initially, and if someone wants to see more of them – they will have a tap on “show all.”

Although this change is still in the testing stage and Instagram has not yet officially announced it, some users are worried about its consequences for engagement. If this format becomes the standard, social media marketers will have to be more inventive and make sure their message stands out in those three Stories a day otherwise they may get lost.

Convert Your Instagram Highlights into Reels

Exciting news! Now, if you have a Story highlight on Instagram then it can be converted into Reel. Simply click on “Create” and select some audio that will be synced with your images, voila! You can also adjust it by changing the number of images in your camera roll.

Instagram is very into video content, trying to make Reels the most preferred option for videos that compete with TikTok. The most popular content format is Reels, which has grown the fastest of all and people spend more than half their time on Instagram and Facebook watching videos.

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