Why Is My iPad Not Charging When Plugged in? : How To Make Your iPad Charge Faster?

Among various minor issues that users come up with on their iPads, charging issues form a noteworthy share. If you are looking for an answer as to why is my iPad not charging when plugged in, you may need to check out this post till the end. 

Ipad usually doesn’t have battery issues unless it is software or battery related. The most probable reasons can be external factors like the charging source, wire and another setup. Whatever may be the case, users come with common queries like why is my iPad charging so slow and how to make your iPad charge faster. We will look into all the relevant insights in the coming lines for finer comprehension. 

How to find out if your iPad is not holding Charge?

When you connect your iPad to a power supply, a thunderbolt symbol is shown beside the battery. This implies the device is presently taking up the Charge. This indication can be a clear indication of whether the device is actually detecting the power supply. 

You may need to wait for a few minutes or half an hour to precisely check the iPad is holding the Charge. If you don’t see an increase in battery or an increase in smaller numbers, you may then ask why my iPad is charging so slow. 

Why is my iPad charging so slow?

If your iPad is not charging or taking up Charge very slowly, users may ask queries like why is my iPad charging so slow. In these scenarios, you may need to check for the following troubleshoots to detect errors, if any:

Are you using an iPhone Adapter?

iPads and iPhones have distinct battery and power ratings. Ipads consume twice the wattage compared to iPhones. Therefore, if you are connecting an iPad to an iPhone charging block, you are basically offering half the Charge, which implies longer and inefficient charging time.

Is the charging Cord working fine?

If the charging block is not the issue, check out if the power chord is all working fine. Try connecting another device to the chord to see if the charging is fine. Otherwise, try connecting your iPad with another power chord to check if the device is holding Charge now.  

Are you charging the iPad using a PC?

Many users charge their iPads with their computers or laptop. This process may not be healthy all the time. When the Charge of the laptop is on the lower side, it may be adequate to charge a phone. Nonetheless, it may not be the right station to charge an iPad. Accordingly, try choosing a power socket to charge your device.  

Now on, if you come up with queries like why does my iPad charge so slow, check out the above troubleshoots to determine the reason behind the issue so that you can look forward to a fix. 

How to Make iPad Charge faster?

Here are a few working fixes to answer how to make your iPad charge faster. 

FIX 1: Restart the Device

If the increase in the battery is not reflected, there is every chance for the operating system bug. In most cases, restarting the device eliminated these minor glitches. Consequently, it can be a befitting idea to shut down all the apps and restart the device to see if the  iPad not charging when plugged in issue is resolved. Here is how you can do it:

  • Step 1: Swipe up the bottom bar to navigate to the app switcher if the device has a Face ID. Otherwise, double click on the home button to access the app switcher. 

why is my iPad not charging when plugged in
  • Step 2: remove all the tabs off so that every app is shut down.
  • Step 3: Now, you can power off the device by long-pressing the power button and sliding the power off.

  • Step 4: Wait for a minute or so and restart the device using the power button. 

FIX 2: Enure to Charge your Device with Ipad adapters only

As depicted in the previous lines, using an iPhone adapter is not a healthy practice for an Ipad. Use an iPad specific block to ensure better charging. If you don’t have one, you can purchase it from any online or offline store. Ipads come with a number of wattage versions. Be it a 10 W or a 14 W, option an iPad related block is an ultimate fix.  

Further, if you feel that the charging cable is damaged, I look forward to ensuring a proper one to check why does my iPad charge so slow issue is resolved. 

FIX 3: Check for any updates in Your Device

Apple often releases various updates to fix minor bugs, if any. Check if you can update your device to ensure better smoothness and to fix when your iPad is not charging when plugged in issue. Here is how you can check for updates on your iPad:

  • Step 2: Scroll and choose General settings.

  • Step 3: In the list of general settings, find and choose Software update.

fix why is my iPad not charging when plugged in
  • Step 4: Choose Download and Install to start the updating process.

  • Step 5: You may need to choose to Agree to update automatically after being downloaded.
  • Step 6: Choose Install Now to update the downloaded updates. 

Why is my phone charging slow and dying fast?

Just like an iPad, your phone may also have similar charging issues due to which users come up with questions like why is my phone charging slow and dying fast. Here are some common and probable reasons for the same, along with fixes.

  1. The poor Power cable can be the first area to address when there are charging issues. These wires can easily get weared out over time or due to occasional wear and tears. If the power cable issue is confirmed, procure a befitting wire for your device. 
  2. Check if the power source is appropriate. Sometimes, phones are charged from laptops and power banks. In such cases, efficient charging may not be ensured. Consequently, if you are charging your device from these sources, try shifting to a power socket and see why is my phone charging slow and dying fast issue is resolved. 
  3. Check for dust in the port and clean it with a dry needle or clothes.
  4. Older phones may show these complications. Try changing the battery to see why is my phone charging slow and dying fast issue is solved. Otherwise, you may need to consider a new phone. 

Concluding thoughts

By now, we hope you got your answer to your query: why is my iPad not charging when plugged in. These issues are often detectable and are minor; consequently, fixing them is also effortless. Check out all the details and probable steps to resolve in the above lines. Explore all of these to check what actually your issue is and find a relevant solution. And if not any of the above options work for you, then the best solution is to sell ipad pro for cash at good price and buy a more recent model for you.

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