Is Deep Rock Galactic crossplay or cross platform?

Deep Rock Galactic developed by Ghost Ship Games launched 4 years back in 2020 and since then it has exploded in popularity as a co-op FPS mining adventure. But with the game available on multiple platforms, many players still don’t know about – does Deep Rock have crossplay? Can you play with friends on other systems? Here I will answer all your doubts on Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-Platform Between PC and Mobile?, Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-Platform Between PC and PS4/PS5?, Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-Platform Between PC and Xbox?,Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-Platform Between PS4/PS5 and Xbox?, Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-Platform Between PC and Nintendo Switch?, Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-Platform Between PS4 and PS5?, Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-Platform Between Xbox One and Xbox X/S? and future crossplay capabilities.

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The Appeal of Crossplay for Deep Rock Galactic

Crossplay allows different platforms to play together online. For co-op focused games like Deep Rock Galactic, crossplay has many benefits:

  • Play with friends who own the game on other systems.
  • Larger player base means more online games to join.
  • Cross progression carries your saves between platforms.
  • Wider variety of players to team up with.
  • Improved longevity as player base is not fragmented.

Crossplay would greatly enhance Deep Rock’s cooperative experience. But how much does the game currently support it?

is Deep Rock Galactic crossplay

Is Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay Between PC and Consoles?

Currently, Deep Rock Galactic does NOT support full crossplay between PC and consoles. The different versions have separate ecosystems.

PC players can only play with other PC and Xbox users, not with those on PlayStation, or Switch. This prevents friends on PC and consoles teaming up.So PlayStation can play with PlayStation and Steam can play with steam.

DRC at present support Cross Platform Play. This means that the Xbox One and Windows 10 Store Version (Microsoft Store) are able to play together. but you will have to buy the game from the Microsoft Store so that you can own it on both Xbox One and Windows 10 Store.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This also means that you are NOT able to play with people, who have bought the STEAM version

The developers have stated desires to enable full crossplay in future updates when feasible. But as of now, the versions are not interconnected.

Is Deep Rock Crossplay Between Consoles?

Unfortunately there is also no direct crossplay between the PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch versions of Deep Rock Galactic. They cannot play together.

Again, the developer hopes to bridge this gap in future patches to create a unified player base. But for now, each console version operates solo.

Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-Platform Between PC and Mobile?

Deep Rock Galactic does not currently support crossplay between the PC and mobile versions. The PC and mobile platforms have separate player bases that cannot play together.

This means if you are playing Deep Rock Galactic on PC, you cannot team up with or matchmake with friends who are playing the game on mobile devices like iOS or Android phones and tablets.

Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-Platform Between PC and Xbox?

Deep Rock Galactic has limited crossplay between the Xbox One and Windows 10/11 versions from the Microsoft Store. Players on those two platforms can play together online.

However, the Steam version available on PC does NOT have crossplay with the Microsoft Store editions on Xbox and PC. Steam players cannot interact with those on Xbox Live and the Microsoft Store.

Does Deep Rock Galactic Have Cross Progression?

Yes, Deep Rock Galactic currently support cross progression and cross saves between platforms. Your player data and progression is locked to the platform you play on.

This means you can take your PC save to playstation or continue where you left off on Switch by jumping to PS4.

Cross progression would make switching versions seamless.

Will Deep Rock Galactic Become Fully Crossplay?

The development team at Ghost Ship Games has confirmed desires to allow full crossplay between all versions of Deep Rock Galactic down the road.

We all now that for complete crossplay we have to cross huge technical challenges. But if successful, it would create a connected Deep Rock community across platforms and allow friends to play together regardless of their system.

The developers see crossplay benefits and are working to make it happen. But integrating the ecosystems will take time. Fully unified crossplay may still be far off.

Why Crossplay Matters for Deep Rock Galactic

Enabling full crossplay between PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and mobile would make Deep Rock even better by:

  • Allowing friends to play together regardless of platform
  • Making matchmaking faster with more available players
  • Supporting cross progression to continue saves between devices
  • Extending the lifespan by combining player bases
  • Introducing you to a wider variety of fellow miners

Crossplay would remove barriers and bring the Deep Rock community together for better cooperative experiences. There is hope that one day these features will fully arrive. Until then, miners will keep digging solo on their platform of choice. But the potential for unified play awaits.

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