Is PS5 Backward Compatible With PS2,PS3 and PS4 Games?

Would you like to know if PS2,PS3 and PS4 games can be played on the PS5? If that’s the case, we should probably talk. Is it possible to play PS2, PS3, and PS4 games on the PS5?

PlayStation are all-time favorite  and each one of us eagerly wait for the new one. One such was PS5, but is it worth buying PS5? At a time, when rumors are all around regarding its compatibility, PS5 is out with its new features, but the major problem all PlayStation lovers are facing is losing the opportunity to play the games available on the prior one. So, let’s clear the doubt whether PS5 compatible with PS2,PS3 and PS4.

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Is backward compatibility present in PS5?

Yes, PS5 have backward compatibility, but it is not completely compatible. Being the latest version , Its difficult to run all the older games (especially the one belongs to PS2 or PS3) but many of PS4 games can be played on it.

Is PS5 incompatible For PS3 And PS2 games?

No, PS5 is not completely incompatible for older versions. Early versions of playstation used to exist in form of physical disc, especially PS2 and PS3. Yes, launch of new cloud based system is creating a difficulty for fans, making it difficult for them to play the conventional games. But it is still possible to play the older games on PS5,it’s through playstation plus premium subscription which will allow the user to access these games through a cloud based streaming service.

Another alternative to conventional physical disc is downloading the updated version of PS2 and PS3 through PlayStation store.

How to access the upgraded version?

It’s easy to access the updated version of PlayStation. You can easily find them on PlayStation store by following the given methods.


  • Either open playstation website or store
  • Now, go on the playstation store
  • search the PS2 or PS3 game that you want to play
  • Click on add to cart and make the payment as per procedure.


You can even access these updated version through PS5 console itself.

  • Go on the option ‘games’
  • find playstation store
  • search for the game you want to access
  • buy it through there

NOTE :-these upgraded version look similar to the original games but are not the original one. They are upgraded as per PS5 requirement.

Hence, you can play the older games but only the one whose upgraded versions are available.

Can you play PS4 games as well on PS5?

As PS4 was a recent launch version of playstation ,games available on it are widely suitable for PS5 . Many of the PS4 games can be easily played on the PS5. Even many of them are giving a higher and a improving frame rates to the gamers on PS5. They are enjoying the new experience. Most of them can be played but a few which are not accessible on PS5  are Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, Star Trek Bridge Crew, Werewolves Within,Afro Samurai 2 Revenge of Kuma Volume One, Robinson: The Journey , We Sing , Shadwen etc.


Playstation5 has its own unique features, pros and cons. It has a better performance and loading time but at the same time its partial backward compatiblity is the biggest inadequacy.This inadequacy of playstation will surely deprives the fans from enjoying the conventional games . The new features and premium subscription based access might be helpful in compensating this inadequacy.

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