Is Softonic Safe & Secure in 2024? Check latest analysis

Softonic is a Spain-based portal that is manly used to download free software, mods, apks and games for Windows 10, Mac OS, Android, and iOS, but is Softonic safe to use? to download any game or app. Let’s find out:

What Is Softonic?

Since its launch in 1997, all internet users have taken full advantage of this wonderful website, including me. On the Softonic platform, you can find the latest games like Roblox, Chrome extensions, PC video software like VLC media player, VPNs, mobile apps, and the latest AI-based software. As you browse Softonic and click on any software of your choice, you will find each software listing with detailed information like security status,free or paid, language, last update, developer, and the operating system it supports. Just name a category, and you have apps for that category like security, lifestyle, multimedia, productivity, travel, IT, WordPress, and entertainment. You can also check the Softonic news section for the latest updates in technology field.

Is Softonic Safe

Is It Safe to Use Softonic? Why is Softonic considered safe?

Using Softonic and downloading software from it is generally safe, but why take any risk? Use an antivirus program and scan the downloaded files. Each file is scanned for viruses by more than 50 of the world’s leading antivirus apps before being made available for download. Because more than 2 million pieces of software and games are stored in the Softonic repository, there’s a risk of occasionally encountering software with unwanted bundled applications or adware.

Softonic has mixed reputations when it comes to trustworthiness according to two major safety rating platforms – WOT (Web of Trust) and Google Safe Browsing. WOT gives Softonic a “good” reputation score of 81/100 based on levels of trust and user reviews. IMeanwhile, Google Safe Browsing does not rates Softonic’s it said “It’s hard to provide a simple safety status for sites like, which have a lot of content.” I also check the individual pages, then its show no informaton is available.

So overall it is a safe website.

Is Softonic Legal?

Yes, Softonic is a legal software download website. Softonic only distributes legally authorized software on its platform. It makes agreements with developers and pays royalties in order to legally offer both free and paid software downloads. All programs available on Softonic undergo testing and verification procedures, including malware scans, to protect users.

However, it’s always advisable to be cautious and ensure that the specific software you are downloading is free or shareware. For paid software, Softonic often redirects users to the official sites or authorized distributors to conduct transactions, further ensuring legal compliance.

How does Softonic work and steps to download any program from Softonic safely?

Softonic is a software hub for users to download a wide range of software programs. To download any app or game from Softonic is very simple just follow the steps below:

  1. Search : Go to website and search for a software you want to download in its internal search bar.
  2. Detailed Information with Reviews: When you click on the software you are looking for, Softonic has created an individual page that provides in-depth information, including descriptions, screenshots, licence free or paid, language, last update, developer, the operating system it supports, reviews and other technical details.
  3. Safe Downloading Process: When you decide to download a program, clicking the ‘Download’ button on its page redirects you to a secure download link. If a certain software is not free, you’ll be sent to the software’s developer site where you can buy the software.
  4. Mindful Installation: After the download is complete,next is installation. For safe downloads, Softonic recommends using the custom installation option it provides rather than typical or express installs. Custom allows deselecting any bundled software, ads, or toolbars you don’t want. Users should also make sure their antivirus software is active during installs for maximum protection.
  5. Regular Updates and Support: Softonic keep updating its software with the latest versions. Always update your downloaded programs for their security and performance.

Softonic alternatives

Below are top 7 alternatives to Softonic where you can download softwares safely :

  1. CNET Download ( Very famous and old sitte offers range of software for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  2. FileHippo: Known for its vast collection of softwares and offers an update checker tool that scans your device and suggests the latest updates for your software.
  3. Ninite: Superb platform for Windows users, Ninite allows you to select multiple software applications and download them all at once in a single installer generally used for setting up a new PC.
  4. SourceForge: Offers a wide range of applications and tools, especially for developers and technical users.
  5. MajorGeeks:  Famous for its retro website design, users trust MajorGeeks  for software downloads, particularly for utility software for Windows.
  6. Softpedia:Huge database of software for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices.
  7. Microsoft Store/Apple App Store: For those using Windows or macOS/iOS devices, the built-in Microsoft Store and Apple App Store are reliable sources for downloading a wide range of software and applications.

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Is it safe to download from Softonic?

Generally, downloading from Softonic is safe as they scan files for viruses and malware.

Is Softonic legal?

Yes, Softonic operates legally, offering software that is legitimately obtained and licensed for distribution.

How does Softonic make money?

Softonic generates revenue through various means, including advertising, sponsored software listings, and affiliate marketing.

Can I find mobile apps on Softonic?

Yes, Softonic offers a range of mobile apps for different platforms, including Android and iOS.

Does Softonic offer software in languages other than English?

Yes, Softonic provides software in multiple languages, catering to a global user base.

How can I submit my software to Softonic?

Developers can submit their software to Softonic through a submission process.

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