How I Log Out of Amazon App from my android phone

I usually prefer shopping via Flipkart and Myntra as I find enough varieties in different categories in these apps but one of my friends insisted on trying Amazon. So last week, I installed an Amazon app for shopping as the festival diwali is coming next week. I ordered a new pair of denim pants via the Amazon app. After buying it, I wanted to log out as my habit is to log out from every app after usage. I looked around in the app, trying to find out how ? Check the steps I have followed :

Log Out of Amazon App

How I log Out of Amazon App (Andorid Phone)

  • First, I opened up the orange Amazon app icon on my home screen.
  • Once it loaded, I tapped the three line menu button at the very bottom right. This brought up a menu of options.
  • I scrolled down until I saw “Settings” and tapped it.
  • On the Settings screen, I saw my email and phone number listed under my name and account. Beside it was a “Sign Out” button so I tapped that next.
  • A pop-up showed up to confirm I wanted to sign out, so I hit the “Sign Out” button on that pop-up too.

Just like that, I was logged out of the Amazon app! Logging out only took me about 10 seconds.

Note: I tried all the same steps on my friends’s Iphone and to my surprise all the steps are same for iOS.

How to log Out of Amazon shopping website in pc browser :

Signing out from the amazon website is easier than app and will take less time.

  1. Just open your favorite web browser (mine is chrome) and type in address bar and click enter.
  2. Here you will find the ‘Accounts & Lists’ option in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  3. A dropdown menu will appear when you move your cursor over the ‘Accounts & Lists’.Scroll down to find the ‘Sign Out’ option at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Click on the ‘Sign Out’ option and you will log you out of your Amazon account.

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Log Out of Amazon App Pros:

  • If you don’t want anybody see your order history, payment method and other personal details.
  • In case your phone is lost or stolen. No one can order items on your account.

Log Out of Amazon App Cons:

  • Time Consuming and Irritating – You will have to sign in and out to every time.
  • Preferences, watch lists, recommendations etc tied to your account will be reset once logged out.
  • One-click ordering will get disabled once you log out and you might miss out on timely notifications for festive deals


After trying Amazon app for the first time for my Diwali shopping, I realized the importance of logging out as it hardly takes few seconds to log out both on the app and the website. Logging out keeps my orders and personal details private, which is great in case my phone gets lost or stolen. However, it can be a bit of a hassle to log in each time, and I noticed that my personalized settings reset after logging out. But overall, the peace of mind it offers makes the extra effort worth it. It’s a small step for security that I’m happy to take.

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