Mygroundbizaccount – How to create Fedex Login account

FedEx Ground uses independent contractors in local areas to help with lots of deliveries every day. To help these important delivery partners, FedEx Ground added special features to its mygroundbizaccount contractor portal.

Mygroundbizaccount portal help the local contractors to manage their day to day operations,agreement terms, settlement/charge statements, track packages, access key metrics, and connect with FedEx Ground teams directly. Mygroundbiz contractor accounts make things easier by doing a lot of the admin work. This helps make the final step of delivering packages better.


How to Create MyGroundBizaccount ?

  1. Visit the website by operated by FedEx Ground.
  2. Create an Account: Fill in the required details, which include first name, last name, email, and password, and you will receive a FedEx contractor ID.
  3. Visit the website : Just enter your FedEx contractor ID and sign in or
  4. Contact the support team if you face any error or problem at

MyGroundBizaccount Portal features

The MyGroundBizaccount portal is rich with features designed to support contractors in their business journey:

Delivery Management and Tracking – : You can keep real time updates of your deliveries and schedules with up-to-date information. Mygroundbiz contractor accounts contain interactive data metrics like on-time delivery, successful first-attempt rates, seasonal volume fluctuations and per-route spending. All these metrics help you to make a better strategy.

Billing and Invoicing: You can manage your financial transactions easily within the portal.Also help you to keep an eye on your expenditures.

Stay Informed: Regular updates keep you aligned with FedEx Ground’s latest policies, upcoming events and news.

Access to Support: Get help with any issues or queries through the portal’s support resources.

These features definitely help local contractors to optimize their FedEx Ground operations.

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Two types of services as contractor

When you contract with FedEx Ground, you have the opportunity to provide two types of services: Pickup and Delivery (P&D) and Linehaul.

In P&D, you will be responsible for the daily collection and delivery of packages within a territory you have applied to. In our daily lives, we usually see these services, e.g., when we order something on Amazon. FedEx Ground timely hand over packages with the help of local contractors to their residential and commercial clients. As a P&D contractor, you typically manage a fleet of vehicles like pick up and a team of drivers, ensuring that all packages reach their destinations promptly.

In Linehaul, your responsibility shifts to the long-distance transportation of freight between FedEx Ground hubs and stations. This service includes connecting different parts of the FedEx Ground network e.g. hubs and station spanning across different states. Here you wll manage larger vehicles like loading trucks, tractor-trailers and trained drivers capable of long-haul journeys. As a Linehaul contractor, your role becomes important for the undisrupted shipments across the country linking various FedEx Ground stations. 

Your role as P&D or Linehaul is very important to the overall success of FedEx Ground’s delivery network.


What is MyGroundBizaccount?

A specialized account system from FedEx Ground to support local contractors who handle deliveries.

How do I create a MyGroundBiz account?

Visit, fill in your details to receive a FedEx contractor ID, then go to and sign in.

What are the types of services I can provide as a FedEx Ground contractor?

Pickup & Delivery (P&D) for last-mile residential/commercial packages and Linehaul for long-distance transportation between hubs.

What support is available if I face issues with MyGroundBizaccount?

For any problems, you can contact the MyGroundBiz support team at

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