QB Mode in Retro Bowl 2024: Does it exist or Can you play it?

One YouTuber made a video on QB Mode in Retro Bowl and gamers became crazy about this QB mode and searched it on Google and Quora it like “when it would come”, “how to get QB mode” and related questions. Let’s check the various doubts and how it all started.

About Retro Bowl

Launched in 2019, Retro Bowl is an addictively fun, retro-styled American football game created by New Star Games for mobile devices so it is available for download on Android, iOS, and  Nintendo Switch. If you don’t want to download it, play it straight at Poki on your browser. With its pixelated graphics and simple controls, Retro Bowl evokes classic football games of the 80s and 90s as it is inspired heavily by the Tecmo Bowl series. You will act as a coach/manager, selecting plays and making roster decisions to lead your team to win.

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QB Mode in Retro Bowl?

What is QB Mode in Retro Bowl? Does it exist?

QB Mode means quarterback, which is an important position in American football. The quarterback is the player who decides whether to throw the ball to another player or run with it themselves. In QB Mode, you can control the quarterback and make these decisions, just like in a real game of football.

But at present QB Mode does not exist in Retro Bowl. Many fans want to be able to play as the quarterback. But there is no QB Mode right now. In Retro Bowl you can only pick plays as the coach. You cannot control the quarterback directly. Fans hope the game makers might add a QB Mode later. This would let you play as the quarterback in a first-person view. But this has not been added to Retro Bowl yet. The game would need big changes to make a QB Mode work.

How does the QB mode discussion start and present status?

QB mode discussion started when a Youtuber I’m Grego posted the video with an interesting title “HOW TO PLAY QB MODE IN RETRO BOWL”. In this video, grego cleverly never reveals anything about how to play in QB mode but only discusses his conversation with Mark Baldwin, the community manager of New Star Games.


Mark clearly states that "There is a chance that a standalone QB career game could come out or something big by early next year"

"we really like the idea of a QB mode and  we really want to do something with college games at some point we've been working on prototypes for quite a while and we are not short of ideas but we are undecided on the best way to do it right now we might even release these as separate games if we feel they offer something new that's worth pursuing"

A tweet by Retro Bowl in November 2022 clearly states that it will not be released soon!

Hopes for a QB Mode in Future Updates

Many Retro Bowl fans request and hope for the developer to add a true QB mode in a future update. This hypothetical mode would allow you to:

  1. Play as your team’s quarterback on each offensive snap.
  2. Make precise pass-and-run decisions from a first-person perspective.
  3. Dictate all QB movement, throws, checkdowns, and scrambles.

Why QB Mode Would Be Challenging to Implement?

While the desire for a QB mode is understandable, it presents challenges for the developer. Some reasons it may be difficult to implement are:

  • It would require revamping offense mechanics from scratch.
  • Smooth, real-time first-person controls would be harder to implement given the game’s pixelated 2D style.
  • The defense would need improvements like maneuvering individual defensive players.
  • Balancing pass rush, pocket awareness, etc could be difficult.
  • More animations and assets would be needed for QB actions.

Because Retro Bowl was designed around the manager/playcalling concept, a radical shift to direct QB control requires changing core parts of the game. The small development team at New star games may lack the resources for this massive overhaul.


What is QB Mode in Retro Bowl?

QB Mode is a speculated game mode where you can play as the quarterback. It does not actually exist yet in Retro Bowl.

Can you control the QB in Retro Bowl?

No, currently you cannot directly control the quarterback. You play as the coach/manager picking plays.

Will QB Mode be added to Retro Bowl?

QB Mode has not been confirmed by the developers. It is something fans hope gets added in a future update.

What would QB Mode be like?

Fans imagine a first-person mode where you make each QB decision like passing and scrambling in real-time. But this is speculative and not an actual feature yet.

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