How to see hidden information on Facebook Marketplace?

Being one of the most well-known social media networks, Facebook has a plethora of choices for achieving distraction in many ways, such as reading publications, speaking with friends no matter where they are, and playing games. One such amazing feature that this platform brings to us is the Facebook Marketplace. This peer-to-peer online selling platform helps Facebook users buy and sell products through this platform. While everything on Facebook Marketplace is out in the open, a lot of people wonder how to see hidden information on Facebook marketplace.

On the other hand, Marketplace has developed tremendously throughout the pandemic and now has a new user interface, theme, and more. On Facebook’s new section, people can explore and buy various things put up by merchants, resellers, and others. The left-hand categories are wide, including practically everything from autos, food, pet supplies, and more to real estate and more. Knowing how to access the Facebook marketplace is super easy.

How To See Hidden Information On The Facebook Marketplace

Many individuals take advantage of the Marketplace, which allows them to purchase and sell products on social media sites effortlessly. However, some information on the Facebook marketplace is concealed and can be challenging to grasp. In this article, I will tell you all about the hidden information facebook marketplace.

Why Can’t I See Facebook Marketplace? – Accessing The Hidden Information

How to see hidden information on the Facebook marketplace has become a common question because this Marketplace allows users to start a business. It features fantastic functions to help you develop and gain more customers; whether you’re promoting a product or selling personal stuff. You can use it from either your computer or your phone; all you have to do is activate it.

So if you are wondering about the Facebook hidden information, let me tell you that this serves as a security measure in product publishing, protecting the seller’s personal information by concealing phone numbers, identification cards, email addresses, and other critical information.

The disadvantage of facebook’s hidden information is that it may generate issues with consumers. They will want more information about the buyers and want to verify whether it is reliable; which may irritate some users of this program. Don’t worry, since this isn’t a problem; instead, it’s a security measure implemented by Facebook to secure your information if you don’t want to share it. We live in times where finding a solution for everything is no less than a cakewalk. And therefore, finding the answer to how to see hidden information on the Facebook marketplace is also super simple.

How To See the Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace?

Many consumers who use Facebook Marketplace on a PC or Mac find it challenging to find out how to see the hidden/secret information on the Facebook Marketplace interface, and that’s why they often question how to see confidential information on the Facebook marketplace?

For your information and clarity regarding this issue; it is imperative to know that since the web portal’s PC versions do not allow users to make calls. The secret information only appears when using the PC versions or the web portal.

To see the Facebook hidden information, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to Facebook, and check for the product’s publication where this statement appears.
  • Here, press “Share,” and then “Copy link,”
  • Next up, you need to go to “Google Chrome,” and paste this link.
  • After waiting for the page to load, you’ll notice that the Hidden Information statement has vanished, and the information you require will now appear.

This is an easy method if you wish to know how to see hidden information on the Facebook marketplace. Facebook marketplace confidential information occurs because Facebook aims to provide exceptional security of hiding your personal information; but, when you enter through your browser, this statement is gone, allowing you to view all of the seller’s information. If you get this warning as a seller when you publish an item, instantly update the description so that the message does not appear to your buyers.

How to see secret information while hiding FB marketplace’s phone number?

There is also another method to see the secret information; especially if you wish to hide the Facebook marketplace phone number. This can be done even if you don’t have the Facebook app installed. That means it works perfectly on the browser as well.
When you log in to Facebook, you’ll see that the URL begins with To reveal the information on Facebook Marketplace, remove “www.” and replace it with “m.”

This will launch the mobile version of the site on your laptop or PC, where you can view all of the details of the seller; including their phone number, which you can now use to contact them. This would answer your question of how you see hidden information on the Facebook marketplace perfectly. However, if you still can’t access the information, it’s always a good idea to send these sellers a direct message for the same. Your query will be available to them in their Facebook marketplace messages.

For Sellers – How To Prevent Hidden Information From Appearing?

If you are a seller and do not want your customers or other users to know how do you see hidden information on the Facebook marketplace, simply because you don’t want to make your information public, then here are some recommendations for you:

  • Do not publish a phone number; if you must include a phone number, do so without using any words (WhatsApp and phone).
  • Another option is to use a special character, such as a period; you can still enter the number in parts.
  • Should not make your emails public. You can also add it in pieces but avoid publishing addresses.
  • The best thing you can do is send this information to your clients privately, using Messenger.
  • You can also create a picture where you put in all of this information.
  • Can also look at the other Marketplace posts and use them as a guide to ensure that your publications are error-free.
  • You can update Facebook to the most recent version to see everything new; that this application offers and the progress of the publications you create.


As much as platforms like Facebook bring us the utmost convenience, they can also invade the privacy of a few users. Looking at the amazing ads on the Facebook marketplace, you might want to know how to see hidden information on the Facebook marketplace? If I didn’t see Facebook marketplace is what you are thinking, this article would have helped you immensely. Now you can shop with ease without seeing any Facebook hidden information.
Happy Shopping! 🙂

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