How To Bypass Steam shared library locked Error? [5 Fixes]

Are you searching for, “how to bypass Steam shared library locked error“? But, let us have some brief overview about Steam first. Steam is a PC game store that is convenient for those too lazy to go to the store only to buy a game from Gamestop. Steam is a Valve Corporation software platform that includes digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer gaming, video streaming, cloud computing, social networking, and community.

Game publishers delivered games to clients on physical media before Steam was founded (like CDs or DVDs). When Valve made Steam available to the general public in 2003, it brought a slew of new features for both players and game creators.

Steam’s goal is to make it easy for gamers to get their hands on the games they want. It also makes it easier for game producers to manage their consumer base and sell their products without dealing with retailers and distributors.

Steam has several advantages, the most notable of which allows you to share your Steam library with anyone. We use the term “share” to refer to the ability to lend and borrow games, therefore saving time and money. One of the most important features is that your progress and achievements will be stored in the Steam cloud and updated. However, just as every wonderful item has a disadvantage, Steam has one as well and you are here to know how to bypass Steam shared library locked error.

What do you mean by Shared library locked error, and what causes it?

When more than one person tries to access the library simultaneously, the Steam shared library locked error occurs. Steam allows us to share our collection with others; however, there are some restrictions. When more than one user accesses a shared account at the same time, it violates the Steam shared library locked rule, resulting in the Steam shared library locked error.

The root reasons for the Steam error are simultaneous use of numerous users, firewall blocking, technical difficulties on Steam’s end, and so on. Various facts may be included, although the ones below are mostly encountered.

  • The most typical source of this issue is because the person you shared your library with is also playing the same game as you. As a result, the Steam shared library may be locked because only one user can use it at a time. In this case, you can ask your friend to exit the game for the time being; otherwise, you’ll have to wait until your friend completes the game.
  • Almost every problem may be traced back to a network connectivity issue. Examine your internet connection to verify if it is reliable.
  • Antivirus/Firewall software installed on our system can sometimes introduce restrictions that prevent Steam from running to protect it from viruses or hazardous files. Change the settings of your networks manually to address this issue.

If none of the above factors are to blame for the error, Steam itself may be causing the issue. Check the forums to see if this is the issue; if it is, you’ll have to wait till they fix it.

You’re having the same issue and still can’t figure out what to do? Don’t worry; we’ll solve it and get it up and running again in no time.

What is the best way to get around a locked Steam shared library account?

Before moving on to some difficult procedures, there are small tweaks that you can make to resolve this issue via simpler means.

  • Although you are free to share the game with up to ten others, you must ensure that no one else is playing at the same time as you, i.e., their computers must be turned off fully.
  • No matter how easy it may seem, Restarting any application always solves problems quickly. Before restarting your system, sign out of your steam account and exit it from whatever platform you’re using. Log in to your Steam account and see if the problem has been addressed after rebooting.

How to bypass Steam shared library locked error in easy steps

Here are some quick fixes, you need to know to fix steam shared library locked or bypass this error. So, let’s begin without wasting your precious time.

Restrict Internet access

Your internet connection may be preventing Steam from functioning, in which case turning off your internet connection will help you address the problem. To do so, follow the instructions underlined below.

How To Bypass Steam shared library locked Error
  • Go to Advanced Settings on the Windows Defender firewall’s left side. When prompted for permission, select yes.

  • There will be a popup with an Advanced Setting menu on the screen.

  • From the list of options, pick Outbound Rules and then Actions on the right-hand side of the window.

  • Select Outbound Rules from the drop-down menu, then New Rule. A box titled New Outbound Wizard Rule will appear. Select the program option and press Enter; then click Next to move on to the next phase.
  • Look for “Steam” in the This program path option. You can go to the file steam.exe from its default location using the following command.
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam
  • Click Next after selecting the “Block the connection” option.
  • Check for the public, domain, and private options before pressing the Next button.
  • You can call the rule whatever you want and then hit Next.

If you can’t open the steam library without any errors, try one of the other methods listed below.

Close Steam from other systems

It’s just as vital to check if the game is currently signed into a Steam account and functioning in the background as it is to quit a Steam account. In this situation, the statement “An error occurred when updating shared library locked” will most likely appear on your screen.

As we’ve already mentioned, the Steam library can only be used by one person at a time. To check the locked bypass, follow the steps outlined below.

  • To begin, close the Steam client completely from on your device
  • Now, you must request another user to sign out of their device
  • Next, launch the Steam client on your device; the error should’ve been resolved by now.

This solution will not only assist you in resolving the library lockout issue, but it will also assist you in resolving technical issues, such as when the location of play choice displays buys. The technique outlined above will assist you in resolving the issue or bypass Steam shared library locked error.

Disable Sharing mode

Turning off the Steam family sharing function, according to many users, has helped them address the problem. This approach is best suited for you if you are the primary account holder; however, if you are not the primary account holder, you can perform this operation by following the procedures indicated below.

  • Open the Steam app on someone else’s computer.
  • Click the Steam icon in the upper left corner of the screen, select Settings, Family, and then untick the Authorize Library Sharing box on this computer. To save the changes, select OK.

How To Bypass Steam shared library locked Error
  • Restart your device and try to play again.

Check to see if this strategy worked; if not, continue to the next option.

Using BAT extension

There is no need for additional remedies in many circumstances because numerous users have reported that the methods listed above have addressed their difficulties. However, If your problem hasn’t been resolved yet, you can try utilizing a.BAT file.

The BAT extension file may be unfamiliar to some users. BAT extension is a batch-oriented file. It’s a simple file containing commands for performing repetitive operations or running sets of programs sequentially.

Here all you need to do is download the BAT file, which you can accomplish using any search engine. The downloaded BAT file must be extracted and saved safely on your device. The most important function of this file is to stop the app from accessing the internet, and now you are free to play the game without requesting any of your mates to exit their game.

Launch the game after downloading and extracting the file, and click on the Steam Off.bat file twice. After you’ve finished playing the game, click the Steam On.bat file to reactivate your internet connection.

If you cannot access the Steam shared library after trying the suggested options, you may need to use third-party software.

Using a Third-party tool

The use of third-party software is the absolute last resort. SFS-Select is a popular tool on Steam. It’s a straightforward tool that lets you manage Steam Family Sharing. Steam picks which game to play when you obtain the same game from multiple sources. You can remove any other individual currently accessing the game from SFS.

With SFS-Select, you may enjoy the game without interruptions, and once the game is finished, you can re-add the player who was previously removed. You’ll have to set up the sharing again if you don’t add the player.

If the problem persists, it’s conceivable that your device has a hardware flaw. You can try to fix it by going to a competent technical specialist.

These were the most effective, simple, and dependable options for getting your game back on track in no time and to bypass Steam shared library locked error. Any of the alternatives listed above may have worked for you when you experience steam shared library locked error; if it hasn’t, it’s probable that there is a technical issue on Stem’s end. You can validate the explanation by checking the user forums and waiting a while. However, you may always call customer service.

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