How to Stop Skype From Muting Other Sounds?

Skype is a famous telecommunication service that has been used for important overseas meetings even before we got into the trend of online meetings before the pandemic hit us. It can also call landlines and mobiles.

One of the features of this Skype is that when you are in a call on Skype from your Windows 10, it may mute all the other sounds. The fact is that skype lowers the volume of windows 10. Not only that but also skype lowers the volume of everything else.

If you check your volume settings, you may find that nothing is a miss, but you won’t be able to hear any sound generated by the other apps. Thus, one of the most frequently asked questions is how to stop skype from muting other sounds.

Why does Skype mute other sounds?

As mentioned earlier, stopping skype from muting other programs is one of the most browsed questions on the internet. Before you proceed to know how to prevent skype from lowering the volume, you must know the solution of the query why does skype lower my volume.

Are you playing something on your computer, and the person you are on a Skype call with cannot hear what you are playing? This may be because Skype does have a policy of not playing the media sounds and just registering the sounds that it can detect from your microphone.

The microphone is not designed to access your media sounds. In that case, it is a must to know the answer to the question of how to stop skype from adjusting volume.

Another reason may be that the computer you are using has sound hardware that does not have a path that allows the audio output to be routed back to the input. This is so not a useful feature. On the other hand, the computer sound hardware often has a way to directly route the audio input to the output for monitoring purposes.

How to stop skype from muting other sounds
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You may also have to consider why this may be because the developers of the teleconferencing software have built a way to cancel out the echo of the sounds. This is useful when there are two microphones turned on and two people speaking at the same time. Now, here arises the question of how to stop skype from muting other sounds. Follow the article for guidance.

How to stop skype from muting other sounds?

Since skype lowers the volume of everything else, thus there is a need to prevent it. But how to keep skype from lowering the volume of other programs?

  • First of all, go to Settings and then select the System option.
  • Now click on the sound option.
  • A list will appear. From there, find the option named Device properties and select it.
  • The next step is to find and go to additional device settings.
  • Now click on the tab that says advanced.
  • Uncheck the box of Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device.
  • Now you have done it. Restart your computer and check if the problem still persists.

Check System Sound Settings

You are almost on the verge of knowing how to fix skype lowering volume. If the system sound volume of your computer is not set to the maximum volume that is 100 and then you manually lower the volume of the sound coming out through your speakers or headphones, certain system sounds may be hampered; that is, they may become inaudible.

  • Go to Settings. Then go to System and select sound.
  • Then you have to go to Advanced sound options.
  • Select App volume and device preferences from the list of options you get.
  • Ensure the volume for the system sounds is set to 100.

If You’re Using Skype for Business

You may be using Skype for Business. In that case, playing sounds during meetings is quite important. And a failure to play the sounds might work as a disadvantage in greater spheres too. It may so happen that you’re trying to play a record during a meeting, and the other attendees cannot hear the sound from that record.

Therefore, you can now stop skype from lowering the volume to windows 10. So, we provided you with the solution of how to keep skype from lowering the volume of other programs.

The design of Skype is a downside that is- not to play the sounds from records. You have to keep in mind that Skype for Business can only transfer the audio signal that it gets from the mic you are using. The app cannot capture and transfer the System sounds from your PC. Here you go with another reason why it is crucial to know how to get skype to not lower volume.

As a way of working around the problem, you can do something. You can add the recording, the sound you want to play into a PowerPoint presentation file, and then you can share the presentation with the other people in the meeting.

Final take on how to stop skype from muting other sounds

Being stuck when you are in a meeting and trying to present something, especially if the audio doesn’t come out right, won’t work out well. So being savvy with your sound settings is a must. In this article, we have tried to cover the ground related to the sound settings that might help you solve your problem. We hope you are satisfied with the answer to how to stop skype from muting other sounds, how to make skype stop muting other programs, or how to prevent skype from lowering volume.

If working with the sound settings does not work out for you even after restarting your computer, find another way to present your sound like the PowerPoint idea we suggested. Choosing PowerPoint as an option might prevent you from getting into all these hassles and help you move on with your work smoothly.

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