How Long Does It Take For Google Drive To Process A Video?

Google drive is not an unknown application to the present generation. It is perhaps the best place to store videos. The primary advantage of google drive is that it will help you free up space on the device you are using.

Moreover, you will receive access to the uploaded videos on other devices as well. Just by one click, you can sign in to your Google account and watch the video that you have uploaded. It will not depend on the device where you uploaded the video. Therefore, to all the users who have used Google drive, undeniably, it is the best choice.

But there lies one of the most frequently asked questions: how long does it take for google drive to process a video? If this is the query you have been browsing for so long, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will give you the solution to the question of how long it takes for a recording to show up in Google Drive.

Whats are the factors on which the processing time of a video depends?

Though some people believe that it takes unlimited time to process a video on Google Drive, it is not true. To know the solution, you need to know the reasons behind the problem. Some people believe that it takes upto few hours. On the other hand, for some users, it can take upto only some minutes. However, you must know that it solely depends on some specific factors.

The primary factor is the size of the video. The bigger the size, the longer will be the time taken. It also depends on the system connectivity and the internet connection you are using. All these factors determine the processing time of a video.

How long does it take for google drive to process a video?

How Long Does It Take For Google Drive To Process A Video

As mentioned earlier, the time taken by Google Drive to process a video is completely dependent on some of the factors. If you desire to know how long it takes for Google drive to process a video, then here are the mentioned suggestions that might help you out.

Factors responsible for time taken by google drive to process a video

Size of the video

  • Primarily, the time required for a Google Drive to upload and process a video depends mainly on the size of the video being considered. For instance, let us assume that the video you are urging to upload is 2GB. Then the expected approximate time will be 1hour. An additional 20 minutes is necessary to ensure that the video will provide a clear picture clarity when you start watching it. The large size is the answer to how long it takes for a recording to show up in Google drive.

The speed of your internet

  • Secondly, another important factor ruling the processing time of a video by Google Drive is the speed of your internet. As we all know, the internet is the foremost thing that is needed in today’s world. The existence of the internet will bless every step you move. Therefore, the stability of the internet connection will increase or decrease the speed of the internet. The stability of the internet is directly proportional to the time taken by Google Drive to process the video. The better the stability, the faster the processing time will be.

The device processor

  • Finally, the device processor is a major factor responsible for the increase or decrease in the processing time taken by Google Drive. If you are processing a large file, you must stop multitasking or doing any other heavy work. A machine can’t take so much load. This will surely pull off the speed of the processing time hence, making it slow.

Thus, now you need not worry about the processing time as you know the solutions to how to increase the speed of the upload. Follow the criteria, and your video will be uploaded within a couple of minutes or hours in case it is large.


Now that you know everything about the processing of a video on google drive, we hope you will not need to browse the answer further. You now know that the size of video, speed of internet and device processor are responsible for the time taken by google drive to process a video.

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