Top 7 Game Sites Not Blocked by School

Clever students who love games always look for new methods so that they can play their favorite games in school but school admin always want no distraction for their students therefor they block most of the game websites which they think their students can access but still some game sites are not blocked by school which are :

Top 7 Game Sites Not Blocked by School

The first website which should not be blocked by schools is hoodamath because if students play math based games it will sharp their minds and will enhance their problem solving skills.It is founded by a middle school math teacher Michael Edlavitch and it offers over 1000 Math Games for different age groups. Students can practice operations, number recognition, algebra, geometry, data analysis, and more through the site’s hundreds of games. With adjustable difficulty plus score and time tracking, HoodaMath lets students challenge themselves while making progress fun. Teachers also use the games to supplement lessons or identify student strengths and weaknesses via play-based assessments.

It is a simple yet entertaining website that provides users with random oddities and diversions when they’re feeling bored. Clicking the large red button generates a wide array of silly puzzles or quizzes just for amusement. With every click  a new surprise is awaiting for you to cure your boredom with quirky bites of digital stimulation. While it offers no practical value,‘s vast collection of odd humor serves as an absurdist diversion for anyone seeking some quick fun on the web.

Mills Eagles

Mills Eagles is built on google blogspot paltform and it is a platform for students to play games in school. The website,, has lots of Flash-based games that work even when the internet is restricted. Its interface is so simple that it may irritate you because there is no search option or category defined. Just 10 games mentioned and you have to browse 77 pages to find your favoret game to play. So total 770 (77×10) games that you can play without being noticed, especially during boring classes. Mills Eagles became famous among students who wanted to play games secretly during school, even though that might not have been its main purpose.No information on who developed this site (about us page) and if any problem arises whom to contact.

Unblocked Games 66

Unblocked Games 66 is a google site provides free access to hundreds of popular flash based games generally banned on school computers. By using proxy servers, the site can bypass security filters, allowing students to play their favorite action arcade, shooting, sports, and puzzle games. The website emerged around 2016 and became a phenomenon among distracted pupils in restricted classrooms who pass along the portal.On Unblocked Games contact us page you will find a form where you can request for a new game to add.

Unblocked Games 77

Unblocked Games 77 is almost similar to Unblocked Games 66, the only difference is that it offers html5 based games to students to secretly enjoy in strict learning environments. When you open it you will find Learn to Fly 3, Stickman Battle Ultimate Fight, Santa Gets A Shotgun 2, Darkness In Spaceship, SAS: Zombie Assault weebly, Bucketball, Fist Puncher,Dawn of the Celebs 2 and Moto Stuntman at the top. Since launching around 2018, Unblocked Games 77 became a viral word-of-mouth hit with kids seeking the latest backdoor to restricted Roblox, 8 Ball Pool, happy wheels and hundreds more games. While undeniably disruptive in class, its model fulfills a rebel desire among bored students. There is no about us and contact page mentioned.

Unblocked Games 24h

Unblocked Games 24h follows the same pattern as Unblocked Games 77 and Unblocked Games 66 and hosted on google sites like the previous two. Here games are arranged alphabetically in the left sidebar vertically. It allow students to access more than 500 popular games typically forbidden on school district internet connections. By circumventing firewall security measures, the website offer different games like 1 On 1 Basketball Unblocked, 1 on 1 Football, 1 on 1 Hockey and, 1 on 1 Soccer and other sports games. You can also play shooting, adventure, puzzles and various arcade titles. Since emerging in 2020, Unblocked Games 24h became a hit among technologically adept pupils seeking the secret to entertainment access within academia’s web constraints.


Unblocked Games Pod is run by Chris who also created a and believes that Kids should always put their school work ahead of everything else in life. Unblocked Games Pod allows youths limited online entertainment past draconian constraints – including Jetpack Joyride and Fireboy & Watergirl and many other tites. Games are well categorized into most popular, last played, fighting, defense, puzzle etc and they also have account at facebook and twitter.

Why do schools block game sites?

  • Schools strictly limit access to game platforms so that students can focus on their learning activities, career goals and productivity without disruption.
  • Students accessing gaming during classes can undermine lesson plans and direct attention away from intended educational subjects.
  • Many games involve violence, adult content, or communication with unknown players deemed inappropriate in a school setting. Excessive gaming also carries concerns around addiction and exposure to predators.

School administrators utilize use special tools called firewalls and they block certain websites to make sure students focus on learning, behave properly, and stay safe online. However, because of these internet blocks, a cat-and-mouse game starts where some students try to find sneaky ways to play online games, even when they’re not allowed to.

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How do students find ways to play games in school?

Some students use proxy workarounds or find unblocked game sites to play games during school hours, often as a way to entertain themselves during less engaging moments.

Are there educational games available on these unblocked sites?

Yes, some unblocked sites like offer educational games that help sharpen math skills and problem-solving abilities.

Is it okay to play games in school?

While playing games can offer a break, it’s important to prioritize school work and follow the rules set by the school regarding internet use.

Who runs these unblocked game sites?

Various individuals and groups run these sites. For example, Unblocked Games Pod is run by Chris, who also created

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