What does TTS mean? and top 5 text to speech converter?

TTS meaning or you can say full form is Text-to-speech – which is famous nowadays as companies using Ai technology and converting their big text data in audio form in a few seconds. You can easily convert your favorite language english,hindi,spanish to a audio voice. Imagine you have a story, or some cool facts written on your computer or tablet. Instead of reading it yourself, this technology makes your device talk to you and tell you the words. It’s super helpful for people who might have trouble reading or for those times when you want to listen instead of reading. It is just like your friend sharing all the exciting words and stories with you. These are the top 5 text-to-speech (TTS) converter present, which you can access on Internet.

What does TTS mean and Top 5 Text-to-Speech Converter

What does TTS mean ?

A text-to-speech converter, famously known as a TTS system in tech language, is a type of software or technology that can automatically translate written text into human-like speech.The core function of a TTS converter is to analyze input text data, process it, and generate audible verbal speech output that reads the text aloud.This synthetic speech is produced by the TTS system to mimic natural human voices and speech patterns as closely as possible. TTS technology uses  complex tech algorithms, linguistic rules, and large databases of speech samples to create voice output with customizable attributes like gender, tone, accent, speed, and other variables.

Applications of text-to-speech converters include reading text from books, webpages, documents, and convert to voice which is used in voice assistants, navigation systems, audio books, language learning tools, and any application where transforming text into natural human speech is required.The quality of the speech generated depends heavily on the sophistication of the TTS system’s underlying technologies.

Top 5 Text to Speech (TTS) Converter:


NaturalReader stands tall as the best Natural Text to Speech software for both, home and work. In addition to that, it has various file types of formats, extensive compatibility with file formats, and is provided in numerous languages. Nevertheless, it is a cloud computing tool, which may be a concern for some who are not fond of this deployment model. It is a gift in this regard, and it can literally do that for all the papers, eBooks or web pages which are searched by people out. 

The software can work anywhere and is accessible from any device such as smartphone, tablet and computer. Besides, one doesn’t need to upload documents to the cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. 

NaturalReader allows 56 voices in 9 languages and reads different formats, among which are PDF, TXT, DOC(X), ODT, PNG and JPG files without DRM protection and also MP3 audio streams. There are three product options: Limited to the online, software and commercial, but both the online and software have the free version. This is actually the best in our list of these top 5 Text-to-Speech (TTS) converter.

NaturalReader features:

1. Versatile File Support: Is versatile enough to adapt various files formats used in the text-to-speech conversion.

2. Multilingual Support: Provides 56 voices that have been softened from scratch in nine different languages.

3. Cloud-Based Accessibility: Globally available that can be accessed via device cloud technology from every place.

4. Cloud Storage Integration: The outcomes a capability of document uploads from common cloud storage services.

5. Broad File Format Compatibility: Fits most formats including, PDF, TXT, DOC (X), ODT, PNG, JPG, and NON-DRM EPUB and MP3.


Murf ranks among the best pick of voice actors who will make you believe you have a super-real human. By means of its competitive platform with the intuitive dashboard, it has over 120 AI voices in 20 languages. Though it may surpass many other AI bots in voice synthesis, the video editing functionality could be much more versatile.

AI-based voice synthesis is invented by Murf to range of applications comprising of e-learning and corporate presentations. The platform has a well-designed AI tool kit and one of the tools that you can use is the Voice Changer feature which will let you change your own recording into a AI-generated voice. It is useful if you want a specific like tone or drug before hiring a voice actor to do the job for you. Other aspects of the service can be improved with Voice Editing and Time Syncing and with a Grammar Assistant as an add-on increases also the convenience.

Murf offers three pricing plans: From the start, we envisioned offering three tiers: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Although the Enterprise plan might be a pricier option, it offers collaboration and account management functions – which can be an added advantage for bigger enterprises. 

The Basic plan is the lowest option and costs around $19 / £17 / AU$28 per month. However, by choosing an annual plan, you can get a hugely discount and pay only $13 / £12 / AU$20 a month. That acquaintances faced with the choice between Viber and Murf free trial, for which they can use the service up to 10 minutes without downloading, are learning is significant.

Features of Murf:

1. AI-Powered Voice Synthesis:
– Murf stands out from other competitors as it focuses on applying artificial intelligence in voice synthesis. AI is used to produce voices similar to humans which are commonly used in e-learning applications and presentations made for corporate entities.

2. User-Friendly Interface:
– Murf comes up with all of the essential AI solutions necessary, featuring an intuitive and simple experience that is easy to navigate. Users have no problem using features like Pitch Modifying, Audio Editing, Timer Controlling, and Grammarly assisting.

3. Voice Changer Feature:
– In addition to Murf, some tools like Voice Changer have the function of the voice recording and change the voice in AI-generated voice. This particular aspect of the technology is effective in replicating any voice tone or tune without hiring voice actor from outside.


Descript is an effective and comprehensive audio and video editing software with an integrated text-to-speech (TTS) feature, providing a streamlined process for content creators. What sets Descript apart is its unique approach compared to traditional TTS platforms. Instead of starting with text, descript begins by importing audio files and converting them into text.

This may sound straightforward, but the innovation lies in allowing users to edit this text in a Google Doc-like environment, simultaneously modifying the original audio file.

Features of Descript:

1. Effortlessly remove filler words from audio files and videos.

2. Utilize Overdub voice cloning technology for creating authentic TTS audio files.

3. Automatically transcribe your videos and audio.

4. Benefit from a full-featured audio and video editor, extending beyond TTS to assist creators in every format.


Listnr is an AI voice generator featuring a robust text-to-speech platform, designed to transform written content into engaging podcasts and audio files using high-quality AI-generated voices. The platform provides a text editor where users can input their desired text, customize elements such as voice, accent, speed, and incorporate pauses. 

Features of Listnr:

1. A wide range of realistic AI-generated voices, totaling over 600.

2. Support for multiple languages and accents, spanning more than 100 options.

3. Audio file export functionality and podcast hosting, complete with an embeddable audio widget.

Listnr’s distinctive capability lies in its podcast hosting feature, simplifying the process of creating, distributing, and managing audio content. This platform serves as an all-in-one solution for turning written material into engaging and accessible podcasts and audio files.


Speechelo is a cloud-based text-to-speech application offering lifelike human voices for converting written text into speech. Noteworthy for its one-time purchase pricing model, users can avail themselves of the application for all their voiceover and TTS requirements without recurring fees.

Features of Speechelo:

1. 30 realistic AI-generated voices.

2. Support for multiple languages and accents.

3. Low, one-time payment.

Speechelo is an excellent choice for those seeking entry-level TTS software.

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