Urlebird for Tiktok: Everything you need to know

A few days back, I discovered a site called Urlebird, and it is a gift for viewers like me in India as TikTok is banned in India due to security concerns. With Urlebird, you can watch and save TikTok videos without having to make an account. I like watching all the fun stuff there but don’t really want to sign up for TikTok or put my own stuff out there.

I know it’s kind of tricky because the videos are supposed to be on TikTok, and here they are on another site. So while I use Urlebird to catch up on the latest videos, I’m also thinking about how all this works. Let’s find out.

What is Urlebird?

Urlebird is a website that allows people to view and download TikTok videos without needing to create an account.For example, users can go to Urlebird.com and search for videos by username, hashtag or any word. They can then watch, save, and share anything public on TikTok while remaining anonymous. People in countries like India, UK, and Pakistan where TikTok is banned can use Urlebird to bypass restrictions. Basically, it offers a backdoor into viewing TikTok away from the main app. However, Urlebird is not authorized by TikTok and faces murky legal status given it enables downloading videos without permission.

Urlebird surfing Guide

On the Urlebird website homepage – you will find a total of 8 options in the top panel starting with Urlebird, Home, Trending, Videos, Users, Hashtags, Music, and Downloader.

  • Urlebird, Home – They are the same to access the home page.
  • Trending – On clicking here you will find the trending videos.
  • Videos – For popular videos
  • Users – search popular users here
  • Hashtags – find popular hashtags here
  • Music – For popular music
  • Downloader – For download TikTok videos

In the middle, 15-20 thumbnails of trending videos are shown and at the bottom 60-70 trending hashtags are shown on the leftside and 5-6 trending users are displayed.

When Urlebird was launched?

TikTok launched in year 2016 so when I searched on Google about the Urlebird launch, not enough information was found then I went to the Wayback machine and found that Urlebird went live in the year 2020.

Key features of Urlebird.com:

  • Allows browsing and searching TikTok videos without needing an account. Users can search by usernames and hashtags.
  • Download TikTok videos to view offline.
  • Features trending hashtag searches so users can see what’s currently popular on TikTok.
  • Shows view counts, likes, comments, and shares for each video.
  • Displays related and suggested videos along with each video watched.
  • Has account profiles for popular TikTok creators that aggregate their videos.
  • Works on both desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Updated in real-time as new videos are posted on TikTok.
  • Free to use and does not require any login or account creation. Browsing and downloading is anonymous.

Is the Urlebird App available in the Google Play Store or iOS Store?

No, the Urlebird App is not available on the Google Play Store or iOS Store. You can search for APK files on Google.

Urlebird apk file

  • Find a good authority website that offers the Urlebird APK.
  • Enable Installation from Unknown Sources:
  • Download and Install the APK: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Safety Check: After installation, Run an antivirus scan on your device to check for any issues.
  • For security purposes, revert the permission to install from unknown sources to its original setting.

How to Download TikTok Videos from Urlebird

  • Go to the Urlebird website on your web browser.
  • Search for the TikTok video you want to download. You may be able to search by user name, or hashtag, or simply browse through the available content.
  • Copy the Link from the official TikTok app or website and then paste it.
  • Once you’ve found the video, there should be a download button or link. Click on it.

Why Urlebird is a hot topic among people?

Urlebird is popular because it lets people watch and download TikTok videos without having to sign up for TikTok. Some people including me, use it to check out what’s hot on TikTok without getting lost in the app. Plus, folks who worry about their privacy like that don’t have to make a TikTok account to see videos.

Can I safely access Urlebird?

Accessing third-party services like Urlebird can come with risks. Such sites may not have strong security, potentially exposing your device to malware. They also might not follow the same privacy and data protection standards as official apps. They also might handle my personal info differently than the official TikTok app would. Even though I’d like the convenience, you have to be careful. Make sure your antivirus is up to date before you consider visiting. Honestly, I will recommend to just using the official apps, where I know my privacy is better protected.

Is the Urlebrid website illegal?

Whether it’s legal isn’t clear-cut—it depends on where you are and the local copyright laws.

Best 5 Alternatives to Urlebird

  • uMobix.
  • Snapdownloader.
  • Vidnice.
  • Tktoktube.
  • Onlinetik.


When was Urlebird launched?

Urlebird seems to have launched in 2020 based on internet archives. TikTok itself launched in 2016.

Is there an Urlebird app?

No, there is no official Urlebird app. The website must be accessed through a mobile or web browser. Some APK files exist but with security risks.

Is using Urlebird safe?

Urlebird likely lacks the privacy protections and moderation of TikTok’s official app. Users should be cautious downloading content or entering personal info.

Is Urlebird legal?

Its legal status is unclear. Enabling TikTok video downloads without permission could violate copyright laws depending on the jurisdiction.

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