How to View a Private Instagram Account in 2024

You are scrolling through your Instagram (IG Account) and suddenly you find an old friend’s IG Account. You haven’t talked in years. You click on the profile, but it’s private. You want to see your friend’s posts and reconnect, So, you think about what to do. Maybe you should send him/her a follow request? But you’re a bit nervous about it. Why? Because this isn’t just about looking at someone’s private photos – it’s about being respectful.

Instagram’s privacy settings allow users to make their accounts private, restricting access to approved followers only. However various tactics claim to offer backdoor viewing of even private profiles. Apart from Instagram, you can view private Twitter account as well without following them.

How to View a Private-Instagram Account

Why does a person want to view a private Instagram account?

  • Curiosity about someone they know in real life but are not connected on social media. They may want to check out their photos, day-to-day activities, and posts.
  • Romantic interest in someone and want to find out more about their likes, dislikes, and personality through their Instagram posts.
  • Suspicion that a partner or spouse may be hiding something or interacting secretly with others on Instagram.
  • Competitive research in order to analyze a competitor, influencer, or business contact who is not following you back on Instagram.
  • Parents want to monitor their child’s Instagram activity and who they may be interacting with.
  • Boredom and seeking entertainment through viewing private/celebrity accounts and their glamorous photos.

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How to View Private Instagram Profiles

Now let’s examine various methods you can use to view private Instagram without human verification and their viability.

Simply send the follow request :

The most straightforward and respectful way to view a private Instagram account is by sending a follow request. If the account owner accepts your request, you will have access to their content.If it is ignored and you’re keen on following someone, try to build a connection first. The whole process is very simple as explained below:

  1. Find the Profile: First, you need to find the Instagram profile you’re interested in. Just type the person’s username in the Instagram search bar.
  2. Send the Follow Request: Once on their profile, if it’s set to private, you’ll see a button that says “Follow.” Clicking this sends a follow request to the account owner.
  3. Wait for Approval: After you send the request, they will receive a notification of your request and can choose to accept or deny it.
  4. Accessing the Content: If the account owner accepts your follow request, their profile will no longer appear as private to you. You’ll be able to see their posts, stories, and any future content they share.
  5. Respecting Privacy: If your follow request is ignored or declined, it’s important to respect the decision of the account owner. Please don’t send requests again and again, it will be irritating for the user and is not advisable.

Find Common Follower

Sometimes, people accept followers they don’t really know. Look at your own followers, friends, family, and other contacts, and compare them to the followers of the private account. If you find someone who follows both of you, you could ask them to secretly take screenshots of the private account’s photos or stories and share them with you.

Third Party Viewer Apps

Apps like eyeZy, Glassagram, Insta Stalker, Private Insta, Insta Looker, IGLookup, and many more provide easy access to private Instagram profiles. They are easy to install apps and almost all have limited versions available. So you can try them and compare their features, and select one that you find comfortable to operate, and then you can proceed with the paid plan.

Follow other Social Media accounts of a Private Instagram Account owner

If someone has a private Instagram account, you can sometimes learn about them by looking at their other social media pages. Many people use different sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn, and they often share similar things on these sites as they do on Instagram.

For example, if they have a private Instagram but a public Facebook, they might post the same kinds of pictures or thoughts on both. If you follow them on Facebook, you can get an idea of what they like to post on Instagram.

Also, if you talk to them nicely on these other websites, like by commenting on their posts or liking what they share, you might become friends online. This friendship could make them feel comfortable to let you follow them on Instagram later.

Why People Make Their Instagram Accounts Private?

First of all, it is totally their choice. People set their Instagram accounts to private for a few reasons like:

  • They might want to keep their photos and posts just for family and friends, so only people they know can see them. This helps them feel safe because they can avoid strangers or anyone who might bother them online.
  • They can stop people they don’t know from taking their pictures without asking. Some people like having a private account because it makes their page feel special, like a club where only certain people can see what they share.

Pros And Cons Of Having A Private Instagram Account

Good Things About Having a Private Instagram Account:

  1. More Privacy: Only people you approve can see your photos and posts. This keeps strangers from looking at your profile.
  2. Control Who Follows You: You can choose who can follow you and see your stuff.
  3. Less Spam: You’ll get fewer unwanted comments and messages from people you don’t know.
  4. Keep Your Photos Safe: It’s harder for others to share your photos without your permission.

Cons of Having a Private Instagram Account:

  1. Harder to Get Lots of Followers: If you want to be famous or have many followers, a private account makes this difficult.
  2. Less Interaction with Different People: You won’t get comments or likes from people outside your circle of followers.
  3. Your Posts Won’t Show Up on Instagram Explore or Hashtag Pages: Your posts won’t appear in public spaces like Explore pages or hashtag searches, limiting your content’s visibility to non-followers.
  4. Could Miss Out on Opportunities: If you’re looking to work with brands or other people, they might not notice you if your account is private.

At first, having a private account feels great. You share photos and stories just with family and friends, but after a while, you start to see a change. There are fewer likes and comments from people outside your close circle. You miss chatting with new people and sharing ideas. It’s a bit of a trade-off – you feel safer, but also a bit more alone in your little corner of the internet. Choose wisely!


How can I view a private Instagram account?

Send a follow request directly through Instagram.

Can I view a private Instagram account by following them on other social media?

Following them on other platforms can help build a connection, but doesn’t guarantee access to their private Instagram.

Can Iuse third-party apps to view private Instagram accounts?

Yes, you can use third-party apps eyeZy and Glassagram.

Why do people make their Instagram accounts private?

For privacy, safety, or to control who sees their content.

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