What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat and Text?

From LOL to FTW, there are a lot of slang and abbreviations that are famous among youth and Gen Z. Being especially popular amongst teens, a new word, “kms,” has emerged on several social media platforms, which has perplexed many users about its meaning

Hence, if you are a millennial who is wondering what does kms mean on Snapchat and text, this article will be your savior. We will talk about what the acronym means, how to use it in a joke and how to reply to kms.

What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat and Text

What does kms mean on Snapchat?

Often said in a hyperbolic or melodramatic way, Kms is a funny way to say ‘Kill Myself.’ It’s slang to show a lot of emotions, such as frustration or irritation. Kms is highly used among youth to address excitement or sadness. As per the Urban Dictionary, kms is a short form for “kill myself.”

Hence, if you want to know what kms mean on Snapchat, let me also tell you that this is an expression of frustration, disgust, or even a strong emotion of discomfort or sadness.

Other than that, many people use it in a simple way to depict Kilometers, which is also represented by the acronym Kms. However, there’s a mentality among youth that Using kms makes them look cool and feel accepted by their friends, who often use slang words like this.

A few examples of Kms

While this slang is mostly used in a joking manner, this also can be a response to a negative event. Teens and the GenZ might indulge in using the slang in one of these ways:

  • I haven’t studied anything for the exam, kms!
  • Kms! You don’t know my IG followers.
  • Just while leaving home, I spilled coffee over my clothes, KMS!
  • My mom won’t let me attend the party. KMS!
  • I have failed the test. Kms!

How to know kms is a joke?

You can know kms is a joke if your friend is overreacting about a situation, causally expressing their dislike, being sarcastic about a silly situation, your friend is having a bad day, or your friend is impatient and vulnerable. You know he/she is joking about kms.

At the same time, it is very important for parents to know if kids are using this slang too much. In the rarest of rare cases, this could also mean self-harm or a call for help. Hence, having some parental control apps on your kids’ phones can help manifold. Furthermore, while most people, especially teens, use slang as a joke, it can often be a red flag, as some people might be using it to harm themselves.

Is someone using KMS too often? Know the signs of self-harm

If your friend is going through hard times and mentions kms, you should be concerned and make sure he/she is doing okay! Or someone who has a history of making suicidal attempts and is mentioning kms in the text can be a sign of self-harm.

Consider these expressions as a warning sign, as Studies say that those who make jokes about killing themselves are more likely to do so.

Last words

The best reply to kms is to laugh it off if it’s a funny situation or if there’s anything serious happening in your friend’s life, then be emphatic and tell them to cool down and take a break!
Now you know what kms mean on Snapchat and text. It’s a fun and cool way to interact with your friends to be on top of trends. But sometimes it can backfire because kms can really mean Kill Myself. Thus, you need to know when it’s a joke and when someone’s going through something! I hope this article helped you know what kms mean along with how to know kms is a joke, how to reply to kms, and what signs kms means self-harm.

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