What Does STG Means on Snapchat, Texting, FB and More

You are here because you felt fish out of the water on Snapchat or other social media platforms as the term “STG” has just popped up on your screen, but you’re not sure what it means. What does this abbreviation mean, and why are you seeing it everywhere?

Continue reading to find out the answers to all of your questions – I’ve explained exactly what this acronym means and how to use and respond to it. I’ve even covered variations and alternate meanings, so you’re prepared for any situation.

Quick Answer: STG is Internet slang for “Swear to God” and is a popular social media and texting abbreviation.

What Does STG Means on Snapchat
What Does STG Means on Snapchat

Before we begin:

Snapchat is one of the numerous famous social media apps in the world. Users adore the Snapchat app’s impressive interface, which allows them to send selfies and videos to their friends and network.

What does stg mean on snapchat?

STG implies “Swear to God” when employed on Snapchat. People sometimes use “STG” to add frustrated emphasis or exaggeration to their social media posts.

STG isn’t limited to one social media platform; it also means “Swear to God” on Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and most other sites/apps.

Some uses of STG

  • “I STG! He’s getting on my last nerve.”
  • “It’s taken three years for this package to arrive, I stg!”

Some spell STG with all capital letters, while others spell it with lowercase letters. However, it means the same thing in both formats.

Other meanings of STG over various social media platforms

ISTG is an abbreviation for “I Swear to God.”

Some people leave a space between “I” and “STG,” while others combine all four letters. Both variations mean “I swear to God,” regardless of the spacing.

“I’m going to be so mad if someone steals my parking space, istg.”

“I STG, no one ever pays attention to what I say.”

STG is an abbreviation for “sterling,” the British currency.

Although “GBP” is the most commonly used abbreviation for the British currency, some people prefer “Stg” followed by a British pound sign (Stg£). This abbreviation is especially popular in the investment world.

For instance, “The Class B Shares are worth Stg£20,000,000.”

STG can represent the “Shoot Em Up” video game genre.

Rather than the phrase “Shoot Em Up,” the STG is based on the word “shooting.” This game genre is self-explanatory – you either play as a character armed with a weapon or as a massive weapon (such as a spaceship), and your primary goal is to shoot many enemies in your immediate vicinity with an insane amount of ammunition.

For example:

Person 1: “What is your favorite video game genre?”

Person 2: “Definitely STG games!”

“Metallic Slug would always hold a superior place in my heart.”

STG is an acronym for “SubTheGamer,” a prevalent YouTuber.

If you’re a great basketball fan, you’ve probably seen some of STG’s content. If you hear the phrase “STG video” or something similar, you’re probably referring to the YouTuber.

For example:

“Yooo, did you notice the STG video that just came out?”

Who uses the term “STG”?

Both children and adults commonly use the term STG. If someone says STG, they’re probably mumbling under their breath in an argument. When discussing business, people your age will typically say ‘STG’ instead of the name of the pound currency.

‘Shoot ‘Em Up’ is a timeless classic that appears to be here to stay. Recent genre stories have resurrected it on Xbox and PlayStation. Adults and teenagers who want to relive their youth through gaming are likely to use the term STG.

How to use STG on Snapchat, texting, FB, and other platforms

Use STG to express your annoyance

Maybe you’re stuck in a long line at the grocery store, or you’re stuck in a long line at the doctor’s office. Put an STG in your social media posts and/or texts to show everyone how irritated you are.

For example:

“STG, the DMV line is getting longer every time I come here.”

“I’m going to lose my mind if Jamie doesn’t show up. STG!”

Use STG to exaggerate whatever you’re saying

It’s always entertaining to stretch the truth a little, and STG provides the perfect opportunity to do so! Take your next post or text to the next level, including a small exaggeration.

For example:

“ISTG! Found 40 bananas in my parent’s kitchen.”

“I STG! My cousin is about 10 feet tall!! He could make a lot of money in the NBA, lol.”

How to reply to STG on Snapchat, texting, FB, and other platforms

Send a sympathetic message to STG

People who include STG in a text or social media post frequently look for support or validation. Feel free to respond with something reassuring and to encourage so the other person feels less alone.

For example:

“I stg nobody cares how I feel,” says Person 1.

Person 2: “I’m so sorry you’re having such a difficult time!”

“I’m always available if you need to vent.”

Person 1: “STG, this job is going to kill me. Customers are extremely rude.”

“That’s so frustrating!” says Person 2. “You deserve to be treated with dignity.”

Respond to STG by joining in on someone else’s exaggeration

People usually exaggerate for a reason, so you might as well accept it when you hear something outlandish. You can always make fun of them as well.

For example:

Person 1: “I stg it takes my BF a year to text me back.”

“That stinks,” says Person 2. “Have you taled to him about it?”

Person 1: “If I’m asked to present first, ISTG, I’m going to launch myself into the sun.”

Person 2: “But isn’t the sun 93 million miles away from the Earth?”

Concluding thoughts

I hope by now, you understood what STG stands for. Using it in text messages or on social media is generally interpreted as an expression of frustration or anger. That’s all you need to know.

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