What Does WTV Mean in Texting? {Meaning And Usage}

What Does WTV Mean in Texting? It is a common question that comes in our mind when someone sends us a text message. Our past era was only used to formal discussions such as messages, letters, and telegrams. During those times, abbreviations, though they were in existence, could not constrain their status in people’s hearts. They failed to make their position in texting language then. But today, the age has altered.

Since the communicative means have vastly modified, we had to amend ourselves to the altering age. Abbreviations are no longer unpopular and violated as a component of text terminology. Also, the practice of abbreviations bestows largely to protecting time that is a crucial facet in this engaged world.

What Does WTV Mean in Texting
What Does WTV Mean in Texting?

In this article, we are preparing to discuss one of the most commonly used abbreviations, WTV. We will know what does WTV means in texting and the meaning of whatever in a text message.

What does WTV mean in texting

‘Whatever’ – the most often meant word when somebody texts you WTV. Many people, relatively teenagers, are just not used to the use of WTV even today. Do you know what does WTV means in texting? Though there are several other WTV meanings, whatever is the most uttered meaning in the recent era.

Some of the most popular instances of the use of WTV are cited as follows:

  • WTV, you guess, is not correct. Maybe you are just confused.
  • WTV you want to put on, you can put on. Both of them suit you.
  • WTV, you want me to do, I will. I just need to rectify this.
  • Be organized. Don’t let yourself be worried about WTV.

‘Whatever’ in a text message

Now that you know the answer to the query, what is the meaning of WTV? When you text somebody, many users might ask questions related to whatever is in a text message? Primarily, WTV means “Whatever.” Has anybody ever told you this? If yes, they must have indicated something they actually don’t care for, are not worried about, or don’t speculate about. Maybe they are just being motivated by some feeling when they answered back with a WTV.

Nowadays, it is seen that young adults are also sometimes utilizing the abbreviation WTV. To diminish the effort needed in texting and to cope with the advancing world, you must practice abbreviations like WTV.

Moreover, every public site has provided some specific individuality thresholds to put forward your beliefs. It is exceptionally useful if you are utilizing abbreviations since you can transmit better in restricted identities. Youths and grown-ups use abbreviations like WTV when they are in a hurry to do something else.

We have first acknowledged your concern on what does WTV mean in texting. The subsequent interest that is often faced in respect to WTV is what does whatever mean in text? Are you one of those who have been surveying for the explanation to this problem? So here we go with your justification.

Meaning of WTV in urban dictionary

In WTV urban dictionary, WTV typically stands for something one is not at all worried about or is not looking after. This is an abbreviation commonly used to cite something that you don’t guess even a bit. It is utilized for information transition objectives and impels the other person to realize something you are not interested in. WTV is reasonably familiar with text messages. Teenagers are more inclined to utilize this abbreviation while talking to texts. Social media continually witnesses the usage of WTV.

How is WTV used?

Just like the word whatever is used, WTV is used in an exactly similar way. The difference is that WTV is used while texting, and the word whatever is more frequently used during face-to-face conversations.

Following are some of the most excellent and prominent ways to use this abbreviation:

  • Conveys indifference when someone is about to reply to any question.
  • Refers to something indefinable.
  • Affirms something that comes with zero restrictions, barriers, or limitations.

When should you and when should you not use WTV?

WTV usage, like other abbreviations, is incredibly crucial. You must know the proper places of its usage. Or else, it won’t be in your favor. Here we go with the information regarding where and where not to use WTV.

  • You can use WTV while having any simple talks.
  • Use it when you want to let the other person realize that you are not bothered about something.
  • You should never bor it if you feel that it can humiliate someone or they are not used to it.
  • Never use it with elderly individuals.
  • It should never be used in places where grammar and spellings are significant.

What does WTC, WTM, WTP mean in text?

Let us talk about some common abbreviations like WTV, used frequently in chats and text messages.

What does WTC mean in text?

WTC is a very commonly used abbreviation that is known to almost everyone on the internet. It is chiefly slang. Yet, many of you might not know the answer to the query about what WTC means in the text. WTC stands for ‘what the crap,’ used when something has happened that someone was completely unaware of.

What does WTM mean in text?

WTM is another famous abbreviation used to show concern about a person’s upcoming movement and schedule. The true meaning of this abbreviation is ‘what’s the move.’ So, here is your answer for those who have constantly been browsing the answer to what WTM means in the text.

What does WTP mean?

What does WTP means is a very frequently browsed question. WTP stands for what’s the play or what’s the plan.


You are now used to the suspicion of what does WTV mean. The abbreviations and the acronyms are mostly used to regain time and create a lineup. Likewise, some people think it easier to convey their emotions through abbreviations.

It has unquestionably earned its path into the vitality of most users. But it will confiscate more time for these abbreviations and acronyms to get accepted socially and as an extensive form of conversing. What we should conserve in our understanding is how to use it and where to use it.

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