What is Announce Call on iPhone?

The Announce call feature on iPhone is a pretty useful one. If you are out for a run and someone calls you, your phone will read out the caller’s name for your convenience. This can be easily activated by going into the settings of the phone. Depending upon your settings, Siri will read out the caller’s name.

Our iPhones are multitasking masterpieces, capable of streaming high-definition video, shooting and managing our most cherished images, tracking our workouts, reading novels, staying up to date on the newest news, and so much more.

What is Announce Call on iPhone

Apple adds a handy feature in iOS where the iPhone will loudly announce your calls for you to help you remember the old-fashioned calling characteristics of the iPhone. When you enable this function, your iPhone will announce the contact’s name during incoming calls. However, people new to the iOS world might question what is announce call on iPhone is and how I make my iPhone say the caller’s name?

Well, in this article, I will tell you about this wonderful feature that Apple offers its users.

What Is Announce Call On iPhone?

A lot of you who are new to the iPhone is not aware of the call announce feature. You might question What does it mean to announce incoming calls? Well, this feature is an extremely useful one for all the users out there. When you receive a call, the iPhone’s Announce Call feature will announce the caller’s name. It will display the number as an unknown number if it is not on your contact list. When your phone is hidden or not easily accessible, it becomes useful.

This allows you to know who is calling you without having to look at your phone, which is useful if your phone isn’t immediately available or if you’re driving or doing important work. Depending on what the screen says, Siri will either read the number aloud or declare “Unknown Caller” if the number calling you is not in your contacts. If the contact is added to your list, then Siri would read out the contact’s name.

Additionally, if your phone is set to Vibrate or Do Not Disturb, Siri will not announce your caller’s identity so that you won’t be disturbed.

What Does It Mean By Announce Incoming Calls?

While enabling the announcing feature, there are several options that you can select according to your convenience and need. These options will determine the announcing feature working and tell you about your callers as per your selected option.

iOS offers these 4 options to choose from –

  • Always: If you select this option, your iPhone will announce all of your calls audibly. Only use this if you’re okay with that information being broadcast wherever you go.
  • Headphones & Car: When you’re in a car with a Bluetooth connection to your phone or wearing headphones, this setting will announce your calls.
  • Only use headphones: Removes the last option’s automobile component and only announces calls when using headphones with your iPhone.
  • Never: In iOS, this is the default setting; no calls will be announced in any situation.

You can then have one of your friends call you to test how it feels to have a caller’s name broadcast under your specific conditions. These features can be changed whenever you want within the list of options.

How do I make my iPhone say the caller’s name?

Now that you know what is announce call on iPhone is, it would be interesting enough to know How do I make my iPhone say the caller’s name?

If the caller happens to be on your Contact List, Siri will announce the Caller’s Name. If the caller is not on your Contact List, Siri will announce that you have received a call from an Unknown Caller. As you can imagine, enabling the ‘Announce Calls’ feature can be helpful while driving, doing important work, and while you are away from your phone and unable to see who is trying to call you.

Follow the steps below to make Siri Announce incoming calls on your iPhone by speaking the Name or Number of the Caller.

  • On your iPhone, open the Settings.
  • Go to Phone Settings by scrolling down.
  • Navigate to Announce calls.
  • When you enter Announce Calls, you’ll have four options to choose from.
    • Always.
    • Headphones and Car
    • Only use headphones
    • Never

Out of this, choose the option which best suits you.

You might also want to delete this feature and disable Siri from reading aloud the caller’s name. At such a time, you might wonder: How do I delete a call announcement on my iPhone?

How Do I Delete A Call Announcement On My iPhone?

Privacy is a vital issue in today’s world, and broadcasting the caller’s name over the speaker violates that guideline. Apple gives an option to turn it off if you wish to. To do so, you need to follow these steps –

  • On your iPhone, open Settings.
  • Go to Phone Settings by scrolling down.
  • Select Announce Calls from the drop-down menu.
  • When you enter Announce Calls, you’ll have four options to choose NEVER.
What is Announce Call on Iphone


What is announce call on iPhone is a common question that most of us are curious about, for the simple fact that it is unique. The iPhone’s announce call feature is a fantastic service that it provides to its consumers. It makes the user’s calling experience reliable and convenient. Users must comprehend that the iPhone will not read aloud the caller’s name while on DND mode. Other than that, this feature becomes pretty useful while driving, working out, or even when you are away from the phone.

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