Why Does My TikTok Keep Resetting? 7 Possible Fixes

TikTok users have reported issues with the app resetting their preferences and account settings. The reset impacts the users’ For You page, which generates the content they see when they log in. The For You Page (FYP) is tailored to the user. Their typical likes, shares, and so on generate the algorithm that displays content tailored to their specific interests.

TikTok, on the other hand, is known to frequently completely reset the settings, making the content appear as if the user had just downloaded the app. In other cases, the reset resulted in users having no followers or visible usernames, and video view counts were reset to zero. These occurrences appear to be app glitches and are not considered intentional. Let’s glimpse why TikTok keeps resetting and try to find some potential solutions.

Why does my TikTok keep resetting

Why does my TikTok keep resetting?

TikTok has an FYP (For You Page) that is personalized for each user. The app’s algorithms can tell which videos you’re watching, which ones you like, and which ones you don’t. TikTok will create a For You Page page with options it believes you will enjoy based on your previous views. This feature, however, has not been working well for some users, as it will reset as if showing for a brand new user. TikTok keeps resetting and restarting because it believes you want to see new videos on your FYP. Check your settings to ensure that TikTok does not keep resetting.

  • You don’t want the TikTok For You Page to keep resetting because you don’t want to lose the videos you were looking at. Some users have notified a frustrating experience with the app, claiming that it constantly resets and refreshes after leaving it for any time.
  • If you leave the app for an extended time, TikTok will assume that you aren’t curious about whatever is on the for you page because you left and haven’t been on the app in a while, and it will restart to give you a new one.
  • TikTok may also keep restarting if you have Background App Refresh enabled. This function refreshes an app while you are not using it.

To avoid this, we recommend not leaving TikTok frequently if you do not intend to leave the app for an extended period. TikTok will assume you are uninterested if you leave the app for an extended period. If you’re only to be gone for a few minutes, stay on the app and lock your phone until you’re finished with whatever you’re doing.

Glitches on TikTok

TikTok is prone to glitches. Because it is an application, issues may cause the app to keep restarting that we cannot decipher. If you understand that the TikTok app is malfunctioning, close it completely. Consider restarting your phone and reopening the app.

The TikTok app may also be unavailable for maintenance. Wait a few minutes and check it again. TikTok may continue to glitch or reset due to the amount of storage it consumes. If an app utilizes a lot of space, it will slow down.

This also applies when an excessive number of people use an app. Too many people use an app slows it down and can cause it to crash.

Tips to fix when TikTok keep resetting

Don’t leave the app for an extended period

If you are wondering, “why does my TikTok keep resetting” – a tip for resolving the issue of constant resetting is to avoid leaving the TikTok app for too long. Leaving the app may cause the app to refresh and begin again.

Keep in mind that if you are not on the app for a while, the for you page will be reset, and you will be able to see the video you were watching.

If you don’t want to lose the video you were just watching, save the last video you watched. Another thing is that if you stay on the app for too long, TikTok will reset, as there is only so much scrolling you can do before TikTok starts showing you things you don’t want to see. When you exit the app, the app has a chance to reset the For You Page.

Disable Background App Refresh

Another step in resolving this issue is to go into your phone’s settings and disable background app refresh.

First, on an iPhone or iPad, go to Settings. Select General. Tap Refresh Background App. This is where you can specify which apps should have background app refresh enabled.

Toggle the TikTok button to turn it off. If you have an Android phone, the procedure is also straightforward. Pull down the notification bar for Settings from the home page.

Tap the gear icon. Once in Settings, navigate to Connections and then Data Usage. In the Mobile section, select Mobile Data Usage.

To disable background data usage, select the TikTok app from the usage graph and tap Allow background data usage. This simple step may help solve your problem while also saving battery life.

TikTok Password Change

If the overhead solution does not resolve your TikTok refresh issue, the next step is to reset your TikTok account password.

Somebody else could be logged into your account, causing the constant resetting issue. You can ensure that no one else can access your TikTok profile and reset your last seen spot by changing your password.

You may be unaware that someone has logged into your TikTok account, and the only way to log them out is to change your password.

To change your TikTok account, launch the TikTok app and navigate to your profile. From here, navigate to settings and then to security. Choose a password that you have never used before. You should now be able to ensure that no one has logged into your account. If the app continues to restart, proceed to the next solution: restarting the app.

TikTok should be restarted

When TikTok resets, the first thought that comes to mind is to close the app, which is what a force start is.

Force restarting TikTok will remove any temporary software glitches. The same is true for malfunctions.

Double-tap the home button to force close an app on your iPhone until you see apps appear. If your iPhone lacks a home button, swipe up from the bottom and follow the steps above. If you have a newer iPhone model, swipe up from the bottom.

If you have an Android phone, such as a Samsung, go into settings and search for the app, then find TikTok and force close it. You can also do this fast by pressing the left button on the bottom of your android phone. This will display all of the apps. When you’re finished, return to the app and see if TikTok keeps restarting. If not, proceed to the next solution.

Restart Your Device

If you have an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, or any other Android device, you should restart it. You are preventing any temporary software issues on your device by restarting it.

After restarting your device, the resetting issue should be resolved. Wait a few hours and keep going on and off TikTok to see if it stays on the same video.

If you have an iOS phone, hold down the power button, which is located on the top or right-hand side of your device.

Hold this until you see a slider with the words ‘Slide to Turn Off.’ In this case, you should slide the slider to the right to disable it. Hold on to the power switch to restart it. Hold the volume up and power buttons for three seconds on newer Apple devices.

If you’re using an Android device, press the power button repeatedly until your device turns off. Once turned Off, you will like to turn it back on. When you turn your device back on, go to the TikTok app and see if you can stay on the same video when you leave the app.

TikTok should be reinstalled

Some users have discovered that deleting and reinstalling the app is a good way to stop TikTok from resetting, but this does not work for everyone. But it’s worth a shot because reinstalling the TikTok app won’t cost you anything.

You can try uninstalling the TikTok app and seeing if that affects your TikTok For You Page. Many temporary issues can be resolved by deleting and reinstalling an app. This is because it occasionally clears the app’s cache.

The main reason to delete it is to get any bugs out of the app. You can clear the cache without uninstalling the app, but deleting it would allow you to do more troubleshooting.

Keep in mind that doing so does not delete anything from your account. As a result, no videos will be deleted. To delete an app on the iPhone, simply hold it down for 2 seconds until all of your apps begin to shake. When your apps begin to shake, press the cross and then click on delete to confirm.

If you have an Android phone, go into settings, scroll down to apps, and delete the TikTok app. After you’ve deleted it, simply go back into your app or play store and reinstall TikTok.

Examine Your Internet Connection

Your internet connection could be the primary cause of the For You Page resetting. If you know your internet connection is unstable, you must take action.

TikTok restarts due to a bad internet connection because the software and algorithm will temporarily shut down the TikTok app when the internet connection is bad and then restart it once it is good. So, if it is stable, you will no longer have the problem. Begin by ensuring that the Wi-Fi icon remains at the top of your screen. Otherwise, your Wi-Fi connection led to the restarting of the app.

After Refreshing, How to Find a TikTok Video?

Thinking, “why does my TikTok keep resetting?” Don’t worry! Here’s how to return to a TikTok video after the app refreshes. Few people know this is possible, but I will explain how to find a video after it has refreshed.

To find a TikTok video you lost after it was refreshed, open the app and navigate to the search panel. Put the asterisks into the search bar once you’re there.

After that, click on the filter to bring up a menu. Swipe up on the watched videos and select apply. The videos you just watched will be displayed here.

They may not be in chronological order, so you may need to scroll down to find the video you were watching.

Remember that if you are interested in a video and do not want to lose it, you must save it so that if the app is reset, you will not lose the video.

Concluding thoughts

Do your best to resolve this issue independently because it is usually a simple fix. Turning off Background App Refresh is a very simple solution. If it is an account issue, you should contact TikTok, but you won’t know for sure unless they tell you, so try everything before jumping to other conclusions. Remember that you should not leave the TikTok app for an extended period unless TikTok decides to restart the app.

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