Why is my laptop charger so hot?- Quick Solution

Why is my laptop charger so hot? It is a common question which we all come across while charging our laptops. It is usual for an electronic device to lose some heat while using an electric power supply during charging or operating. When you touch your laptop charger, and it feels hot, it is pretty normal.

But you should keep in mind that it is normal for the charger to get hot until it does not smell burning. If the charger feels burning hot to you while touching and offering some disgusting smell, then you need to worry. And it is when you need to worry about Why is your laptop charger so hot?

Why is my laptop charger so hot [Reasons]?

You need to know that all laptop chargers get considerably hot while charging. It is expected, so you do not need to panic when you feel your charger getting hot. When your charger transfers electric energy to your system for charging, it dissipates a part of the energy as heat energy. As we all know, energy can be transformed into one form from another easily. And our chargers, whether mobile chargers or laptop chargers, are not that much efficient. And due to these efficiencies, an amount of energy is lost in the form of heat energy. But if the charger feels like burning when you touch it, the probable reasons may be.

  • Defective switchboard
  • A faulty laptop battery
  • Wrong Laptop charger
  • Damaged Charger
  • Too hot surroundings

What to do when your laptop charger is so hot [Quick fixes]

There is a CPU Fan to cool down the CPU, but what about the solution of overheating symptoms of the laptop charger. Let us see what we can do when the laptop charger gets burning hot.

Check switchboard

The first thing you need to check electric circuits when your laptop charger gets overheated regularly. You should either check it by placing another charger like mobile into the socket or call an electrician. If you are not an expert on electric wirings, you should not do experiments on your own. Take the help of an electrician to check loose or wrong wirings inside the circuit board. Bad connections in the circuit board are the most straightforward answer to why your laptop charger gets so hot while charging.

Change the faulty/old laptop battery

What is the age of your battery? Is it too old? If so, this can be the most obvious reason for getting your laptop charger hot while charging. Are you aware of the fact that an old battery can be the cause of more heat loss during the electrical transfer? Yes, my dear friend, a charger has to work a lot harder to supply electricity to an older battery than a new one. So, if this is the reason why is your laptop charger so hot, you need to replace your battery.

Change the wrong Laptop Charger

It is known to all that a specific laptop charger is given with each new laptop. Have you wondered why is it so? I will explain it to you. Every charger is built up to maintain a particular voltage, which is needed to charge the laptop. You will be shocked to know; a wrong charger can heat your computer as well as itself. Wrong or lower-rated laptop chargers overheat themselves because of the more complicated work to charge the battery. So, always use the correct laptop charger if you don’t want your laptop to get damaged. There is no more need to uselessly bother about why is my laptop charger so hot when you are using a suitable charger.

Replace damaged Laptop Charger

As you now know that there is a specific charger for each laptop. And if you use the wrong laptop charger, your laptop and the charger will face heating issues. Even your system may get damaged if you continue using the faulty charger for a more extended period. The same is the case when you use the damaged charger to charge your laptop. So, when your charger gets heated, and you ask yourself why is my laptop charger so hot, you need to consult the service centre. Yes, you need to get your laptop charger checked to avoid any further damage to your laptop. Even you must be aware that sometimes people get hurt also. But you should be cautious only, no need to get panic. Only there is a dire need to replace the damaged charger and buy a new one quickly.

Change surroundings if too hot

Never keep your laptop in hot surroundings. And it is strictly prohibited to charge your laptop where there is a high temperature. You must be warned about your CPU getting hotter when using it in a hot environment or under a blanket. The same applies to overheating of the charger also. If you keep your charger plugged near h heat radiator or in a hot room, your charger will likely get overheated. So, always keep an eye on the temperature and ventilation of the surrounding where you have kept your laptop and charger.

How to quickly cool down a laptop Charger?

You are ready to know the quick fixes when you ask why is my laptop charger so hot. But you also need some tricks to cool down your laptop charger quickly. Below are some tips which you can use to cool down your charger quickly.

Unplug the charger 

Why is my laptop charger so hot?

When you unplug the laptop charger, the power supply ceases, and your charger gets time to cool down quickly. Continuous plugging has already heated your charger. You need to give a break to your laptop charger by unplugging it so that it does not get more heated.

Use ice cubes in a bowl

So here is a trick. Put some ice cubes in a metal bowl, and put that bowl over the adapter of the laptop charger. As metal is a good conductor of heat, the heat will be transferred from the adapter to the bowl. And again, from bowl to ice. It will help you to quickly solve overheating issues of the adapter of your laptop charger.

How to prevent the laptop charger from overheating

You have got all the probable answers regarding why your laptop charger is so hot? And you also know how you can quickly help your laptop charger to cool down. But now, you also need to understand how you can prevent overheating the charger in the future. Here are few points to keep in mind to save your charger from overheating.

Unplug the charger after use

Yes, you can get rid of the overheating problem of the laptop charger by following this easy trick only. You might not be aware, but it is true if you put your charger connected to an electric board for a long, there is the possibility of getting it overheated. Continuous power supply leads to ongoing heat loss, making the laptop charger heated. In the long run, your laptop charger will get faulty.

Never use a defective power board

You need to take care of the connection of electricity from where your laptop charger is connected. If there is any circuit problem, either make it corrected by an electrician or plug the charger in another switchboard. Sometimes you keep asking everyone why is my laptop charger so hot, and the solution lies in the switchboard.

Disconnect your laptop from the charger after fully charged

I don’t think there is any logic behind connecting your laptop with the charger even when it has fully charged. What it will do is only damage to your charger as well as your laptop. After 100 per cent, your battery is not going to charge for 200 per cent. It seems pretty funny to see some idle people around who cannot even unplug their system after fully charged. But they are those who always keep wondering- Why is my laptop charger so hot? I guess you are not one of them.


So, I hope you are aware of why is your laptop charger so hot during charging. And despite asking why is my laptop charger so hot, you should be careful while using a laptop charger. You already know quick fixes when your charger gets overheated. Also, you know how to prevent your charger from overheating. So, it is better to follow preventions than cures.

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