Nvidia 5000 series release date rumors and truth

It looks like that Nvidia has planning to launch the GeForce RTX 5000 series graphics card as people are discussing its release date on various forums but don’t know when it will be actually came out and available for purchase . Lets check it out :

nvidia-5000 release date

Nvidia 5000 series release date rumors

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 5000 series release date not yet clear, but rumors point to a launch sometime in 2025 according to a youtube channel Moore law is dead. Some reports claimed Nvidia was targeting late 2024, but this seems unlikely given the recent RTX 4000 launch and ongoing supply constraints. A 2025 release would match the roughly 2-year cadence of past generations.

An alleged internal Nvidia roadmap leaked points to the 5000 series “Ada Lovelace Next” and ‘Blackwell’ architecture arriving in 2025. Nvidia may also refresh the 4000 series with “Super” models in 2023-2024 before introducing the fully next-gen 5000 parts. But no official 5000 series announcement has been made.

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Nvidia 5000 series pricing Speculation

Specific pricing for the RTX 5000 cards is unknown, but the flagship RTX 5090 will almost certainly exceed $1600. The RTX 4090 raised MSRP to $1599, a $100 increase over the previous generation. Rising manufacturing costs could push pricing even higher.However, the RTX 4000 series saw lower demand partly due to very high pricing. Nvidia may try to lower costs on the 5000 series to improve sales – but major price cuts are unlikely.

Nvidia 5000 series Specs and Features Rumors

Rumors indicate the RTX 5000 series will utilize TSMC’s advanced 3nm fabrication process as well as upgraded GDDR7 memory technology. More advanced Tensor and RT cores are also expected.

The high-end cards may shift to using different GPU dies than lower-end models. Memory bandwidth should see increases through faster GDDR7. And Nvidia may incorporate DisplayPort 2.1 for enhanced monitor connectivity.

While specs not unconfirmed, the rumors point to the RTX 5000 series bringing architectural advancements for better gaming power. The RTX 5090 may deliver up to 70% higher frame rates versus the already powerful RTX 4090.

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Ray Tracing, Enhanced AI and Super Resolution

With AMD also accelerating ray tracing performance, Nvidia will want to maintain their edge in this area. So RT core upgrades are very likely in the 5000 series to push ray tracing fidelity and frame rates further.

DLSS 3 also strongly relies on ray tracing to boost performance through frame generation. More advanced ray tracing support enables DLSS to synthesize frames more accurately. Nvidia is sure to highlight ray tracing improvements as a core strength.

The RTX 5000 parts will leverage improved AI capabilities to potentially enhance image quality and FPS unlocking even more.

Nvidia may also expand DLSS 3’s frame generation to work in tandem with a wider range of games.

Next Generation of GPU Leadership

While specs are unconfirmed until an official announcement, the rumors and trajectory suggest Nvidia is gearing up for another major graphics leap with the GeForce RTX 5000 series. Nvidia is pushing to maintain their dominance by maximizing advances in manufacturing, memory, architecture, AI, and ray tracing which will position the 5000 series as the new benchmark in GPU power, efficiency, and features.


When will Nvidia likely release the RTX 5000 series GPUs?

Rumors point to a launch in 2025, around 2 years after the 4000 series.

How much could the new RTX 5090 flagship cost?

It will likely exceed $1600 based on the high RTX 4090 pricing.

What manufacturing process will the 5000 series use?

Leaks indicate the GPUs will use an advanced 3nm process for better efficiency.

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