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Low cost smartphones and cheap internet packs make streaming sites like SolarMovie popular and provide an alternate way to those who don’t like to spend on multiple subscription services netflix hotstar as the cost of food, shelter, and other daily goods is rising faster than our salaries. For the unemployed and students of young age groups, free streaming provides entertainment during their challenging times when no source of income is present. This has led people of all age groups to explore free platforms like SolarMovie to watch free films online. Solarmovie like sites are not less than a heaven for the budget-conscious people.

Solarmovie is not difficult to operate; just go to the site, check its movie library or search, select a title, and instantly start watching your favorite movie in high quality. More than 65,000 titles are available, according to SolarMovie, which is huge, so what’s the problem?

SolarMovie promotes digital piracy on a mass scale. SolarMovie is not a legal site, and sometimes when you click on links, some malware and viruses will automatically install on your gadget and harm your device. But still, these threats haven’t stopped millions of movie lovers from watching movies on SolarMovie.

SolarMovie is not alone; there are many alternative streaming sites available online to watch and download movies. But it is you who needs to decide whether you want to save a few bucks and are okay with the risks associated with ads. If that is not a problem, then various similar sites are present online to satisfy your movie demands.

If you’ve ever been curious about sites offering free movies with no strings attached, then check out the below list of 9 sites like Solarmovie :

Top 9 Sites like Solarmovie

sites like solarmovie


123Movies launched in 2016 was hugely popular site for offering the latest films before being shut down in March 2018 amid piracy concerns. Operated from Vietnam, the site underwent numerous domain changes, initially known as, and later shifting to various other URLs including and provided movies in high definition quality but facilitated illegal distribution and did not pay intellectual property licenses. Despite criminal investigations and government pressure citing harms from this “world’s most popular illegal site,” 123Movies found ways to reappear and various clones site emerged to serve users accessing its vast bootlegged catalog.Find more about 123movies on wikipedia


Putlocker, launched in the UK in 2011, became a widely used file hosting website for streaming movies and TV shows for free. it attracted millions of daily visitors after the 2012 shutdown of Megaupload. UK High Court order in 2016 to block it due to piracy concerns. The site’s domain address originally was changed frequently with numerous mirror and proxy sites like,, Legal actions against Putlocker continued, but still as of 2023, many clones and copy sites still operating worldwide.


Like Solarmovie Vumoo is also a free streaming site launched in year 2013 that allows people to watch movies and TV shows without registration. You can watch the latest movies web series and lots more on Vumoo. You can also download them if you want to watch them later but be alert of virus and malware. Vumoo also provides the story plot and imdb rating so you can read the story before watching the full movie.


The best thing about yesmovies is its simple interface to browse movies. There is also a featured section on the site which will show the top performing movies at present. To watch a movie, steps are almost same as other sites. Just click on the flick and enter the play button. I also noticed that no ads before starting a movie or in middle and end so you need not to worry about ads.

Moonline TV

Moonline may not be as popular as other streamng sites lie 123moves or yesmoves but those who do not now about this hidden gem really missing a good ad-free platform for free movie streaming, hosting over 10,000 film titles categorized with different genres and release years. With its clean interface without any disruptive ads or clutter,you will be definitely attracted towards this platform offering films without any subscription fee.

Also, you can set the video quality to 240, 360, 40, and 720, so if speed is not a concern, watch 720 pixel quality, but if you have a slow internet connection, then select 240 or 360 in quality settings.

Also supports russian and ukranian language which you can change in left sidebar.You can check the whole cast and crew of a movie here with their image.

Yify movies

YIFY/YTS brand was launched in year 2010 and it remain active for 6 years before a shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in 2015. Despite this, you will find lots of copycat sites using the YIFY/YTS name on internet to attract a substantial number of visitors. The term “YIFY” originates from the founder’s name, Yiftach Swery.

You can not watch movies directly on yify, it will provide you links to stream or download to see later.


Fmovies is launched online in year 2016 and since then it is changing different domain extensions to survive because of its illegal nature.

Here you can select movies country wise like if you live in china and it will shows movies based on chinese language.Also on the movie poster, it is clearly mentioned about the picture quality whether the movie it is in HD or camera quality (CAM).

Provides information about release year, duration and director so no need to visit other sites.


On Lookmovie website you can watch all your favorite movies for free without signing up. You just go to the Lookmovie site, search or browse for something to watch, and click play. The movies then play instantly without any downloads. The only disadvantage is you can not watch old movies like titanic or Gone with the wind as movies released after year 2019 are available only. Now the next question is : Is Lookmovie Safe to Watch Movies ?


Omgflix is different from above mentioned sites like Fmovies or Yesmovies as it doesn’t host any content on its servers, but utilize peer-to-peer technology to serve content.

The availability of multiple hosting servers, typically ranging from 3 to 4, for each movie file make omgflix an awesome platform to watch movies . So your time will not waste to find another site, if you encounter an issue with one server, you have the option to switch to an alternate server for viewing. Also read Is Omgflix safe

Avoid these sites why ?

Lots of domain name extensions confuse the user, and if any fake domain is appearing at the top by beating the original in googler search, then you will have to struggle to find the actual authority official website.

They will make you a fool, as some sites will provide just information about the movie without an actual viewing or downloading option.

Lots of time is wasted in finding out the actual authority sites.


In conclusion, SolarMovie and its alternatives offer a budget-friendly solution especially for those who prefer not to spend on multiple OTT services netflix, zee, hotstar, hulu because of low income. These free streaming platforms, like SolarMovie, are particularly appealing to the unemployed and young students, providing entertainment in financially tough times. With over 65,000 titles available, SolarMovie is easy to navigate and offers high-quality viewing. However, it’s important to be aware of its legal and security risks, including potential malware. Despite these safety risks, millions continue to use SolarMovie and similar sites.

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