20 Fitness Apps Like Zombies Run in 2022: Best Ones

You enjoy running while listening to lively music since it keeps your mind and body busy and stimulated. For a while, this may be true, but the same-old melodies and beats soon grow tiresome and bothersome to your ears. Furthermore, the inconsistency of some tracks’ beats can hurt your running speed. In this article, we are going to find some excellent fitness Apps Like Zombies Run.

How about running with a gaming app that makes your jogging more interesting? Zombie run is a unique blend of fitness and video games. Being one of the best gaming fitness apps, Zombies Run has won many hearts. But, at some point, this game can become monotonous. If you are searching for apps like zombies run, you probably need to check out the following article.  

The app zombies run-what is it?

“Zombies, Run!” app.” This one-of-a-kind software employs gameplay to influence you for running. With over one million players, it is now the most popular smartphone fitness game today.

The app is tremendously popular. As you might have guessed from the title, the game’s purpose is to escape the hands of frightening zombies! Every run, you take turns into a mission where you play the lead role. 

How do the zombies run apps work?

The app may be used while walking, jogging, or running. You can access all the fantastic features of this app by simply downloading it on your smartphone. Choose one of the missions listed followed by the selection of your background music. Then it’s time to rule your fitness with the help of the zombies run app. 

Why do you need Alternatives of apps like zombie run?

There is no doubt that the Zombie run app is quite popular and enjoyable. But there is some loophole that can make you search for other apps like zombies run. It may be used as a fitness app, but at some point of time, users may get bored with the concept. There are multiple other running apps like zombies run. Hence, keeping the list of alternative apps is always a better idea. 

Best alternatives of running apps like zombies run

1. The Walk

This game is made by the same developer who developed zombies run. You can easily navigate the app on google play store. Both the android and apple users are able to enjoy it. The captivating stories are truly appreciable and will not let you get bored.

Fitness Apps Like Zombies Run


  • It contains an awesome activity tracker.
  • The motivating gameplay will let you enjoy your fitness session.
  • The app is well adaptive according to the running speed of every individual.


  • A subscription is needed to run this app.
  • Issues are likely to occur when you try to enter a new episode.

2. Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime isn’t technically a fitness app, but it can be listed in the list of alternative apps like zombies run. However, it is without any doubt, the most ambitious and downright entertaining software on this list. 


  • This is an augmented reality (AR) game. 
  • You will run with thousands of other real people. 
  • Extremely motivating app to keep up your exercise go on.


  • It’s a much more extensive app.
  • Ingress is far more complex than the other apps like zombies run. 

3. BattleSuit Runner

BattleSuit Runner adds a futuristic twist to things by virtually putting you in the battlesuit of a future space marine. That’d be a little more substantial than short-shorts and sweatbands. it can be considered as one of the best running apps like run zombies. In reality, the action here is more about tension. 


  • Extremely motivating app to keep up your exercise go on.
  • It contains an awesome activity tracker.


4. RunKeeper

RunKeeper is a fitness app that allows users to see extensive statistics about their pace, distance, and times each time they run or jog. It’s also simple to track your progress and collect data on your runs and races. It allows you to turn any activity into a route that you may complete later. RunKeeper is undoubtedly one of the best running apps like run zombies.


  • The app keeps track of your activities.
  • It notifies you when you accomplish new personal bests and milestones.
  • You can also add your indoor cardio activities.
  • The programs track your progress toward certain goals and objectives.
  • It assists you in developing training regimens to achieve your sporting aspirations.
  • Allows you to turn any activity into a route that you may complete later.


  • The subscription fee is comparatively much higher.

5. Strava

Of course, the fitness app uses a bike computer, GPS watch, or smartphone to log your rides. Those who do not want to share their information can keep it to themselves. Strava is one of the greatest apps like zombie run. 


  • Strava is a useful tool for comparing performance.
  • It also helps in engaging you with other riders, as it allows you to follow your friends and local crit competitors. 


  • The measurement is sometimes inaccurate.
  • It is highly expensive and does not work as per the cost.

6. SpotyPal

Before you start sweating, choose from a selection of routines, and SpotyPal will keep track of your workout history for each activity. However, most of its other features are the same as zombies run and are presented in a nicer UI.


  • SportyPal logs more exercises than running such as walking, cycling, and rollerblading falling into the “FreeStyle” category.
  • It also doesn’t act as a pedometer like CardioTrainer. 
  • The time of your activity is also tracked here.


  • Some users complained that it keeps closing after 3 seconds.
  • It also has issues with some of the features.

7. Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go can be considered as one of the best alternatives of apps like zombies runIf you utilize it correctly, you can get some excellent cardio out of it. It is extremely famous all over the world.


  • It is one of the most popular platforms for cardio exercise.
  • Pokemon GO tracks your location in real-time to give ongoing databases.


  • It is highly addictive.
  • This app sometimes lags and glitches.

8. BitGym

BitGym is another upsurging app on the list of alternative apps like zombies run. It is winning the hearts of many users. Place your phone on the machine you are running with the front camera turned on, and it will track your speed instantaneously.


  • This app is designed to make cardio activities more enjoyable while using a cardio machine, such as a treadmill. 
  • Walking/running on a machine can be tedious at times, but with BitGym, you can entirely modify your experience.
  • You can use it on any cardio machine, including cycles, in addition to the treadmill.


  • The updated version keeps on making the app freeze.

9. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club gives you everything you need to run better and more frequently. It is tremendously motivating and can truly help you to succeed in your regular goals of exercise.


  • It includes GPS tracking and audio guided running workouts.
  • Nike Run Club also has features like weekly and monthly distance challenges.
  • Personalised coaching programmes that meet your objectives are available here.


  • The downloaded runs either disappear or do not load.
  • The app keeps on crashing most of the time.

10. Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect is a social networking service for runners, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. This app is specially designed for those who use Garmin devices to track their activities. 


  • Uploading, storing, analysing, and mapping are made simple with Garmin Connect.
  • You can also share your activities with others through this app.


  • It keeps on sending constant notifications.
  • The latest update takes twice as long to sync.

11. Fit for Battle

If you were searching for running apps like run zombies, then fit for battle is the app you can opt for. Almost all of the games that you will find, such as adventure games, will make you want to walk even more than usual. This is the primary foundation for fun, and Fit for Battle is another game with a similar idea.


  • Other supporting individuals keep an eye on your speed in the game which ultimately enhances your speed.
  • With each jogging or training session acting as a quest, you’ll constantly be encouraged to accomplish a task as quickly as possible.
  • You will be provoked to prepare for the next task.
  • The users are also joined because of the amazing music and gaming effects, which adds to the overall liveliness and excitement of the setup.


  • The advanced features will cost you.
  • The site keeps on crashing.
  • It provides numerous inaccurate data.
  • This app is not safe to download as it contains viruses.

12. Fitocracy

Fitocracy is not as unique in its approach as other apps like Zombies Run. You can now leave your mundane work routines behind and pursue something that is both enjoyable and productive. There are a variety of quests, which raises the stakes and motivates you to complete them all. Every time your level rises, the mission-style system assists you in earning badges. 


  • It is far more technologically advanced. 
  • Surprisingly, the app focuses on running or jogging and on different types of activities.
  • It makes your activities quite enjoyable.


  • Fitocracy may not follow the same plot as the rest of the series.

13. SpecTrek

If you’ve ever played Pokemon GO, you’ll see that SpecTrek is very similar to that game. Users of Pokemon GO are supposed to look for Pokemons, but users of SpecTrek are supposed to hunt for ghosts. Like other alternative apps like zombies run, the game uses augmented reality. 


  • GPS is used to track your real-time location.
  • You will do exercise for hours without even realizing it in your effort. 
  • SpecTrek is a fun and simple game at first, but as the level progresses, it also challenges your fitness level.
  • This free-to-play game.
  • It is simple yet effective gameplay.


  • This game can make you truly addicted if played continuously for several hours.

14. Step Set Go

Step Set Go is another game that is only available for iOS users. Now, you may be wondering what kind of name it has, but it is a very precise and successful approach for achieving fitness while being smart.


  • Every action you perform in the real world benefits you in the gaming world.
  • The concept is unique and refreshing in comparison to other apps like zombies run. 


  • It provides a lot of inaccurate data.
  • The last version of the game was hated by its users.

15. Run an Empire

Run an Empire, which is only available for iOS users, is another software similar to Zombies Run. This is more of a real-world tactical running game.


  • It stimulates the cardiovascular system, but at a much slower rate.
  • You have to keep running, jogging, and walking. 
  • This app also allows you to participate in a race with your friends and other users. 
  • The app gives you the best chance to play a very exciting game and get back in shape. 
  • Its GPS tracker allows you to keep track of where you are at all times.


  • It provides a lot of inaccurate datas.
  • This app loads a bit slowly.

16. Runtastic

Although Runtastic is a popular fitness app, it is distinct from the other applications I’ve described, such as Zombies Run. 


  • Runtastic is a fitness-focused app with several features. 
  • It inspires you to take a step ahead towards your health. 
  • It includes GPS-based running and tracking. 
  • You can set a fitness goal and track your progress each day. 
  • The basic functions are free.


  • The advanced features will cost you.
  • It doesn’t have a plot or a reason for you to run around and do activities.

17. Stride

It connects you to other running services like Runkeeper and Strava to map every street you’ve run. 


  • Encourages you to run down every street in your town or city.
  • It helps you to compete with neighbours.
  • It tracks your walking, running and other activities.
  • Stride also provides you statistics for your performance.


  • This app loads a bit slowly.

18. MyFitnessPal

Because of its large food database, cross-platform compatibility, and vast list of compatible apps and devices, MyFitnessPal is the finest calorie counting app. It isn’t a weight-loss regimen, although it can be used in conjunction with one.


  • It tracks your walking, running and other activities.
  • It inspires you to take a step ahead towards your health. 
  • The new version includes a habit tracker and sleep timer.
  • My fitness pal also has various male and female workouts shown.


  • The app keeps freezing and crashing.

19. Jefit

The Jefit app takes you through a survey to customize your workout regimen and determine your BMI (Body Mass Index) to best track your progress. You’ll need to fill in your preferred location, aim, fitness level, and several days you’d like to train with Jefit. 


  • You can choose when and how often you want to complete your Jefit workouts.
  • You will receive your personalized results along with 3-4 fitness regimens to choose from.
  • It is easy to navigate and use.


  • In the updated version all the important features require a subscription.

20. Pact

Isn’t the concept of running apps interesting? Well, I think yes. Pact is one of the most beautifully organized running apps like run zombies. 


  • With each jogging or training session acting as a quest, you’ll constantly be encouraged to accomplish a task as quickly as possible.


  • Most of the users complained that there is no place for signup.


We have come up with all sorts of alternatives as technology advances, and apps like zombies run are the best when it comes to hour-long exercises. With more options, you may use a different app for each day of the week, giving you various reasons to get healthy.

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