Go Roku low power / Insufficient Power : 7 Fixes

Roku has several connected TVs and over-the-top (OTT) services. A Roku TV is a Smart TV with all of the functionality of a Roku Streaming Stick or Box built-in, which means you don’t need to put in a Roku streaming stick, box, or other types of media streaming into the TV to experience all of Roku’s streaming channels.

Roku has acquired a greater user base in a shorter period since it offers more channels than any other streaming device. To put it another way, it’s a smart TV with a built-in Roku player. Although Roku provides a unique platform for all movie buffs, it has several power-related concerns that have been a big drawback. One of these is go roku low power issue.

Many users have reported seeing a Roku low power / insufficient power warning on their screens while streaming, along with an error message suggesting that your present USB port should be replaced with the Roku USB power supply provided.

Roku devices, for example, necessitate a substantial amount of power supply to function properly. They can, however, begin with low power and progress to power-related faults that the user is unable to detect. Are you one of the users that can’t seem to figure out what’s going on? Don’t be concerned! When your Roku TV faces such issues, it gives us some indicators.

When you turn on your Roku TV, it usually has a white light that flashes as an indicator. When your Roku meets such an error, the light illuminates for a longer period to alert the user that the device is running low on power. This indicator becomes red when your device’s functionality is hampered by overheating.

go roku low power fix

What does the Go Roku low power error mean, and why does it happen?

As stated above, your Roku requires an ample amount of power supply to run properly, and if it does not receive it, it displays an error message titled Insufficient power. There are various reasons why this error occurs; however, some of the most prevalent ones are listed below.

Power Cord- may be causing Roku low power error

The first problem could be your USB port; each port has a distinct power rating. It’s conceivable that the one you’re using isn’t meeting your device’s power requirements and so isn’t getting enough power.

Although, on average, Roku does not consume a lot of energy. For example, when streaming 4K HDR video quality on your Roku ultra, the necessary power is close to 4.5 Watts.

To understand it better, let’s say your Roku uses 4 watts for streaming, but your USB port can only offer 2 watts. If you’re getting a low power error, it’s possible that your USB port is to blame. As a result, we recommend that you use the Roku adapter/power cord that came with it in this situation.

The Cable used- probable reason for low power of Roku

If you’re using the same Roku adapter and still getting this error, it’s possible that the problem is with the USB cable you’re using. Using an old cable can cause this error since the quality of these cables degrades over time, and they are unable to meet the standards. Also, make sure your USB cord isn’t defective, as this could cause Roku to run out of power. However, to resolve this issue, you should use the Roku-supplied cable or try replacing the cable with a new one.

Improper device maintenance can also contribute to this problem, resulting in low power voltage. You should clean your device on a regular basis to ensure that dust does not collect between the USB ports, in which case you should clean the ports.

How to Deal With Go Roku Low Power Problem?

Now that we know the reasons behind this issue, we’ll look at several remedies to tackle this problem so that you can enjoy your binge-watching sessions without any hindrance.

Unplug the USB cable and see if that helps

Before moving on to more advanced solutions, you should try unplugging the USB cable. Although it may appear to be a simple solution, it has been found to be more effective than others, and many people have profited from simply turning off their device, removing the USB cable, and plugging it back in. To do so, go through the steps listed below one by one.

  1. Start by switching off your device; you should unplug the power supply to do that.
  2. Now take out the USB cable.
  3. Wait for a few minutes before plugging the USB cable back.
  4. Plug in the USB cable and turn on your device.
  5. Check to see if the red light on your device is still on.

If the error message continues to appear on your screens, then you can move on to the following fixes and try them out.

Swap the USB cable with a new one

This problem can also be caused by using an old or low-quality cable. Due to wear and tear caused by continuous unplugging and plugging, your USB cable may be malfunctioning or defective. Because older or low-quality cables cannot offer enough power for your Roku to function correctly, you should replace them with the Roku cable.

If you’re using the Roku cable and still facing this issue, then you might want to try a different one. However, while purchasing a new cable, keep in mind that it must deliver the necessary voltage for your Roku TV to function properly. If you’re unsure about something, consult your Roku Power Supply Guide.

Change the USB port

As previously stated, the USB port you use is critical to the effective operation of your device. On the other hand, changing the USB port can help you resolve the Roku low power issue right away. It’s best if you utilize the power cable that comes with your streaming device.

If your power cord becomes damaged or is missing for any reason, you should replace it. However, before purchasing a new adapter, always make sure to check the voltage rating. Refer to the user manual given by Roku if you have any questions.

  1. Turn off your device and unplug your device from the USB port.
  2. Now wait for a few minutes, plug your device into the power supply adapter provided by Roku.
  3. Plug the power cord back into the wall outlet as the last step.
  4. Turn your device back on to see if the insufficient power issue has been resolved.

Changing the cable and USB port are two simple modifications that most users are aware of; however, the fixes listed below are ones that most people aren’t aware of and that you should attempt all of them.

Try using a direct wall socket

Instead of using the TV, you can connect your Roku device directly to a wall socket using the Roku charger. Using the Roku charger will give you the correct voltage, preventing the low power error and allowing your device to function normally.

Check to see if the power cord is connected properly

Ensure that the adapter is securely linked to your Roku device, as well as that it is correctly connected to the socket. Make sure it’s not loosely connected, as this will result in insufficient voltage and a low power error.

Extensions must be disconnected

Are you among many people who utilize HDMI cables and extensions to connect their TV to Roku? Extensions and HDMI are useful in various ways, but they can occasionally fail and overheat, causing the low power issue. Therefore, it is recommended that you disconnect all the HDMI and extensions connected to your system.

Roku’s cache data must be cleared

Have you tried connecting your device directly to a wall outlet using the power cord provided? Is Roku still acting up?

Then you might need to clear up your Roku’s cache data.

Many people believe that their Roku is crashing due to a lack of power supply, but this may not be the case; instead, the main issue may be the accumulated cache. Buffering, crashing, screen slowing, and other difficulties can all be caused by your Roku’s cache data. As a result, it’s time to clear the cache, which you may accomplish by following the steps below.

  1. Press the Home button to get to the main screen.
  2. Before moving forward, wait for 3-4 minutes.
  3. Now press these keys on your remote according to the order mentioned, one by one, continuously.
  4. Hit the Home button five times, then the Up button once, the Rewind button twice, and finally the Fast forward button twice.
  5. Now your device will restart on its own; you will see the home screen on your Roku; wait for at least 10-15 seconds before doing anything on your device.

Now your cache data must be cleared, and your device will function smoothly.

Over to you

If you followed each and every one of the remedies listed above, the go roku low power issue might have been resolved. However, if your device is still acting up, you can try contacting customer care service, or there could be a problem with your device’s hardware, which any trained expert can rectify. Hope that these fixes will allow you to quickly resume streaming your favorite episodes, series, and movies. Happy Binge-watching!

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