How To Get Better at Warzone: The Ultimate Guide To Winning

Have you been sick and tired of being on a bad run of form in Call of Duty: Warzone? Or you are feeling stagnant with your progress for quite some time. No matter how much you try, the game’s end result remains the same, resulting in you losing hope in your skills. Do not worry; you just need some guidance to get your groove back. Remember, form is temporary, but the skills you attain remain with you forever. And here we have a list of some of the best and safest Warzone hacks that will undoubtedly help you level up.

How To Get Better at Warzone:

How To Get Better at Warzone

Choose the mode you are comfortable with

Warzone is not a game where you can just push and push and hope for a victory. You first need to find the mode you are most comfortable playing at. You can choose to play as a solo, in a duo or trio, or finally as a part of a four-person squad. It is something that is true for all kinds of maps that are present in the game. You should play solo because it would be better in case you are a lone wolf-type person.

As one might assume, different modes have different strategies that they need to account for. So, you need first to find your niche and start your journey from there.

Prioritize on acquiring the loadout

Yes, we are going back to the basics. Whether you are a new player in this game or someone who has been stagnant for a while, it is wise to go back to the basics and start all over again. And what could be more fundamental than one prioritizing their loadout?

While there is nothing wrong with using the looted weapons, you will likely perform to the best of your ability if you use loadouts that you are experienced with. And to execute things, make sure to collect $10,000 ASAP. After doing that, you can go to your nearest Buy Station and get your custom weapon without any hassle.

Focus on your strengths and do not try to do too much

If you are in a bad run of form, then efforts to do a lot of things together may invite disaster. Warzone is a challenging game, with players often facing some difficult matches. But you should not be careless about things that have brought you so much success. Focus on your strength.

If sniping is what you are good at, keep doing what you do best. If you are facing some trouble aiming at the target, then maybe your sensitivity settings need some adjustment. But changing your whole playing style would not be helpful.

Only shoot if you are guaranteed to hit the target

It is a mistake that even veteran players make. You should only shoot at an enemy when you are confident that your first shot will land; otherwise, you are just making them aware of your location and inviting trouble. Do not start shooting as soon as you see the enemy. Find the perfect cover location, aim and then take the shot. And even after that, you should prepare yourself for retaliation.

A quick tip for beginner players – wait for the enemy to go into a more open position with no cover and then take a shot. This way, they would have no cover position and would be sitting ducks.

Complete your contracts

It is an extension of the money collection tip that we have already given you before. One of the quickest ways to get the all-important cash is by completing contracts in the game. There are many different contracts that you can opt for – recon, bounty, scavenger, supply run, and most wanted. You would not only receive fantastic rewards, but the experience from the contacts would also be helpful.

For newbies, it is advised that they focus on recon and scavenger contracts to collect the most cash without risking much.

Use plates

It is something that cannot be emphasized enough. If you have got plates, then don’t just keep them. You can at once use three plates to protect your character. But additionally, you can store eight more (if you have a satchel). Keep your plate during a firefight and see your chances of victory sore.

If you want to get better at warzone, you can follow this ultimate guide. Surely, you will transform yourself into a pro gamer and get the best gaming experience ever.

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